Castle of Jives

Level by The Give

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin with unusual way the level. Lara is climbing half ladder, I guess she's trying to escape from the castle, but she falls down a second later, well, never mind.

You are in court yard, run forward over the next yard and kill dog and ninja. Proceed around the small building with the double blue door and pull the jumpswitch, the double doors are open now. Get inside and take from the pedestals Uzis and clips. Head north over the yard with the fountain and climb onto it, stand face to east where you can see the jumpswitch. Run and jump, grab and pull it, the gate from left will open, take care of two ninjas running outside.

Get inside the big room and then turn to left corner, take the Revolver from the pedestal, now go to other side and take the Revolver Ammo also from the pedestal. Proceed forward over the stairs, get down, look around the stage with the harps, nothing much to do here and no way to proceed. Light flare and look for hidden block in the west corner, pull it back and then enter the next room.

Drop down and pick up the flares, light one to see better in this dim room, take care for ninjas, hwo come out behind the column. Go over the next room and kill two more ninjas, light flare, you'll see in each corner an empty alcove. Leave it and head to the crawlspace from left, pass to next room.

Pick up everything around the block, then climb on and jump into the water, swim along the canal to the pool and get the Crossbow Explosive Ammo from the buttom. Get out of the pool and head forward to the passage, turn left past near the closed gate and keep over the big vase. Climb into the high crawlspace and press the button, it opens door in the next room you go to later. Back to the passage and proceed to other side, near the big vase light flare. Climb into the high crawlspace and press the button, it will open the gate at the passage.

Go through the open gate and run forward up the stairs, you come to the main room, in front of you two star receptacles and from left the door you opened earlier. Before you can do anything you have to get rid of two fire ghosts, run faster back to the pool you came from and then come back here again.

Go through the open door and turn left behind it, jump grab the opening, crawl, turn and drop down into the room. Shoot the vase and pick up medipack, now pull the block from the wall one step back, then to the left and get the Crossbow gun. Get out of the room and run downstairs, you come to the room with the first star. As you can see there're two blocks, the first is with fire and the floor is burning too. Jump grab the ceiling and monkeyswing around the room over the second block, drop onto it and get the Crowbar. Now the fire on the first block turns off, take running jump over there and get the Star from the wall. Jump back to the second block and from there forward into the opening room, pick up the Crossbow Ammo. Grab the pole and pull Lara up, near the ceiling do backflip into the opening and press the button.

Jump through the hole and back to the main room, head over the door you just opened and get some Crossbow Ammo. Run downstairs, pass the gate, it will close behind you, light flare and run down the slope, you'll see from both side of the place two double doors. Head over the stage, climb the few stairs and get Star from the wall, light again flare and then pull the jumpswitch from your right. The two double doors are open now and you have to deal with two demigods, well not really the one from the left side is sleeping and wakes up only when you kill the first demigod. Okay after you get rid of them, climb up the ladder into the passage above, get the Lasrsight on your way and drop down through the hole back to the main room.

Place the two Stars in each receptacle and go through the door, short flyby shows you skeleton is running after you, well use your Crossbow gun and send him back to the grave he was crawling from. Now run jump and grab the rope, swing to other side of the deep pit and press the button, jump into the water and take a swim through the open gate then get out of the pool. Look over the ceiling, there's high hole that you can't reach, go to the left side, follow the short passage, climb up into the room above. Light flare and go the corner, pull out the block from the wall, throw the switch to raise low block in the place you came from. Now head to the passage at north, kill the dog and throw the switch in the end, second block little higher from the first is raised up.

Back the place where you raised the blocks and climb up to the room above, light flare then go to the high opening and pass to next room with three closed gates. First you can find the Torch right under Lara feet Note: I didn't find any use for this Torch. Okay, now pull/push the block and place it onto the tile with the fire, it opens the left gate. Climb up stairs and come to deep pit, use the three ropes to cross to other side and throw the switch. Back to the room the gate from right is open now.

Follow the passage to next room, from both sides you can climb up the ladder, kill the ninia who came out from the right and get the medipack. Head forward over the room and turn left side of the statue face, pull out the block and get the Star from the wall. Now pull/push the block and place it under the half column at the left side corner, this will open the middle gate at room you came from.

Go up the slope and place the star in the receptacle, pass the open gate nearby and slide down. From both sides there're closed double doors, kill the ninja then turn left or right and climb up stairs over the stage, shoot those vases and pick up Crossbow Ammo and Medipack. As you can see there're small cage, draw the revolver with the lasersight and shoot on the ball that hanging at the middle room, this will open the gate and you can get the Gem. Again I didn't find any use for this Gem.

Meantime the double doors are open too and two ninjas come, kill them and head over the next room. Throw the switch on the wall, it will raise two blocks so you can pass the burning floor. Jump from the first block to next one, try to avoid from the poison darts and light flare, you can see better the jumpswitch, pull it and line blocks from your left side raise up. Jump grab the edge and shimmy left, then pull Lara into the crawlspace above, crawl and get to the next room. Take care for ninja attacking, then get the Medipack from the fountain. Go over the gate and pull the jumpswitch from left side of the half column, enter the room. Head left and get the Ammo from the pedestal, turn back and get some flares between the column.

Go through the passage and climb onto the half block around the pool, jump into the canal, at the north side a closed gate so turn south and swim into the underwater place. There're three openings, first take the right swim up the canal and get out of the water into a Secret Room, pick ups Uzis and Ammo. Back to the canal and swim to underwater place, keep swimming to opposite opening (from left), swim up and get out of the water. Press on the button, it opens the gate in the middle room, swim back to the underwater place and now proceed into the middle opening, get out of the water and go over to the next room. Turn right to the corner and press there on the button, the underwater place and the canal become empty.

Back down the place and from there run along the canal over the open gate and climb into the mirror room, if you look carefuly through the mirror you can see hidden opening in a corner. Climb into the passage and run over the gate, throw the switch and get out from the castle, few steps forward you'll get flyby that brings the level to the END.