Strange Place

Level by Cool King

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: You can get all the necessary Library wad files by clicking

Start with Lara standing on a ledge between a fence. Pick up the Broken Glasses in front of you, then go to the right side. Watch the swinging chain and pick up the Lasersight. Turn around and go to the left side again, watch the chain and pick up the Crossbow. Go past the sipke tile and look for a closed gate in front of you and another one down at the bottom of the pool stairs. Climb up the next stairs and pull the snake lever, a screenie shows you a gate opening. Run down the stairs and
turn over the opening gate, pull/push the goblet over the spike tile. Now go back to the top of the stairs and climb up the wall, crawl into a crawlspace, then stand up and push the doors. Enter a place with two cogwheels. Combine the lasersight with the crossbow and head forward, see two brown balls to shoot and to turn on the cogwheels.

Get back to the pool stairs and swim through the opening gate into a simple maze. Just turn right twice and into the niche, get a screenie of an opening gate, also get the shotgun and swim outside. Go back to the place where the goblet was and enter a new room. Grab the pole and climb up, watch the circling plate and reach the room above with two snake lever. First pull the left one to open the door nearby and pick up the Crowbar (just for the record, I didn't find any use for it). By pulling
the right lever you open a gate in the passage and also release a fire ghost. Head into the passage and run forward directly into a pool to get rid of the ghost. Climb out of the water and deal with a horseman who comes from nowhere. Anyway, jump and grab the north block, when you stand onto it another block will rise in a pool. Jump to the next block and raise another block. By running and jumping to next block you end this level, after all this is a strange place.