The Old Library

Level by CoolKing

Walkthrough by DJ Full


Go left to find the lever in front of the door. Pull the switch and the door opens, letting you climb the following bookcases. Throw a jumpswitch to open the exit, but not this one next to you, in the dark. So go back and through the gate you started the game in front of, to fight the first enemy, which is a SAS. Dying baddie drops a revolver - it will be useful in this adventure. Go into the dark hall and realise the action takes its place in Venice. Pull the lever near the S door to open the door - but again, not the one you expected to open. Get to the SE corner to find another lever, raising the trapdoor on the N of you. Jump into the water the trapdoor was covering and swim out of the underwater chamber through the SW passage. Resurface, exit and throw another 2 jumpswitches. The left of them reveals an alcove next to you, containing another revolver with a laser sight to combine with it. The right switch seems to close the door on the top of the first bookcase you climbed, but in fact the portal remains open.

So return to the water and keep close to the bottom to SAVE right under the hole leading to the previous dry room. Now try to get on the bank as close to the SW corner as possible, to be able to jump between the two sentries as soon as you stand up. Sprint away, passing by a SAS to lure him away of the guns range and kill him in some safe place. He drops nothing.

Don't throw the right jumpswitch but just stand on its tile to open the door on the top of the first bookcase. Get through this portal safely, as the sentries won't activate nor will do the SAS.

Now get on the top of that bookcase I mentioned, go through the door and, behind the short passage, drop on the stone above the lava line. Grab the opposite ledge, pull up and press a switch. Go back to the starting place to enter the alcove revealed on the S and throw a lever located there to open the far gate on the NW. Go through the portal, throw a jumpswitch to open the next door and watch out for unmarked burning floor next to the metal fence. Jump over these death squares and throw the RIGHT jumpswitch (the left one spawns a sentry you can't avoid). On the closest tile on the S of the right jumpswitch, there is another unmarked piece of burning floor. Jump N over it to fall into the hidden pit with a laser sight at the bottom (it's probably SECRET #1). Get out (but not on the burning floor!) and enter the next gate. Press the switch to open the door in the next corridor, ignore the bike and use the ramp in the revealed room to get on the shelf. Throw another lever up there. Go back to the corridor. Still, ignore the bike and get to the far door to face another sentry. A crawlspace hidden on the right of the block with Bartoli's organisation sign allows you to bypass the gun and blow its napalm tank with your revolver in sniper mode (combined with laser sight). Pull the lever in the dark and take some revolver bullets and two big medis (you may find them very useful if you didn't take the shortcut) from the place the sentry was once standing. Go back across the pool and enter the left door at the end of the corridor. There is a jumpswitch under the monkey swing, but you don't need to grab the bars at all to throw the lever. I think this room was supposed to be much higher. Anyway, the switch opens the last door in the corridor... and lets 5 SASes out of the passage behind them. So automatic targeting and the revolver advised. Kill the thugs and before you see what's behind them, switch to manual and the pistols.

Now wait in front of the gate, on the right of it, to rapidly shoot 4 more baddies, one by one coming out from the following passage. When you save your life, enter that corridor and climb the ladder at its end to get to a narrow red corridor. Sprint through it and pull the lever behind the corner. Now watch out not to fall into the unmarked pit under the jumpswitch at the end. Hit it and fall back into the first sentries room (if you didn't use the shortcut, hide behind a column to avoid their bullets). The door on your right is finally open, so get through it. After passing another corridor, go upstairs. On the top, take a look at the room behind the slope and assume the builder gotta be kidding. Either use the rapid fire method, or just ignore all the opponents, throw two side jumpswitches in front of the exit door, then the last ground lever in the following corridor to reveal the final slope and slide down to finish the game. The second method is much easier, much faster and much less annoying.