Valley of the Lava

Level by Canan

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Pick up normal shells from the block in front of you. Continue through the canyon, drop to the cornice and go along it to the end. Jump over the gap and runjump/grab/pull up on the nearest platform. Two more runjumps SE should allow you to go across the lava river and find some more normal shells on the opposite rocks. Runjump on the slope to slide backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy right and pull up onto the flat. In the next area, go downstairs and jump onto the 2nd tile (counting from the N). Now jump: W, S, S, S, W, W, N, N, N, W, W, W, S, S, S and runjump into the W passage. Follow it into the cave. Climb the W blocks for the shotgun, and the N rocks for the switch opening the door on the ground, behind you. Go through the portal and press the central switch. It spawns some enemies, but you don't know what are they, as they are launched beyond the graphics. Go behind the raised S grate to pull another lever behind it.

Exit... and the mummy falls from the sky, so now you know what is after you. The N door is open, and the next switch is revealed, so move it to open the W door and watch out for the next mummy falling from the ceiling behind you. Pass by it and go through the exit to fall into the pit containing some normal shells. Get out and continue to the end of the corridor to find the room full of levers. 2nd opens the entrance. 1st raises the grate on the optional right path leading to the exit door. 7th and 8th raise the two grates on the optional left path leading to the exit door. 5th raises the exit grate. So pull either 1, 2, 5 or 1, 7, 8. Go through all the raised grates, fall down and go around the place counterclockwise to open the grate in the SW corner. Follow the crawlspace. On the other side, slide backwards down the slope and grab the ledge. Shimmy left, pull up and drop to the safe tile. Hop on the bridge, go across it and platform to the switch. Pull it to open the door in the NW corner. Backtrack through the bridge, jump back on the first tile and climb the familiar rock, appearing to be a ladder. Jump over the slope, drop to the other side and go through the door.

After the next passage, use the marked tiles to jump across the next room, to the exit. Behind it, pick up some normal shells and go upstairs, to the outside. Runjump/grab/pull up on the S rock for some more normal ammo. Go back and runjump/grab/pull up on the E rock. Repeat the last instruction. Jump on the S slope or the rock next to it. Runjump/grab/pull up on the E rock. Runjump/grab/pull up on the S rocks. Hah, You already know I was copying/pasting the text, don't You? Go downstairs. After 8 more runjumps go upstairs, climb the rocks and, from them, runjump/grab/pull up. Jump over the next gap, watch out for the lava pit and follow the cornice to exit this part. From the stairs, pick up some flares. Continue upstairs and into the dark to find the Ba Cartouche near the S wall. It may seem there is nothing more to do in here, but don't believe your eyes. Climb the unmarked ladder on the E to hear the title music. You can clearly see the slot and the door, so place the key and exit the room to jump across the next chamber (ignore the mummies and all the pushables).

Follow the passage and SAVE before entering the next room. In there, use the marked tiles to approach the final door, but keep in mind some of them start to burn in seconds after you land on them, so BE QUICK. Go through another corridor and enter the last platforming area. Jump N and five times over the flames. Do some standing jumps W and SW and climb the nearest block. Runjump/grab the ledge of the N rock, shimmy around to bypass the burning floor, pull up and jump N. Repeat the last instruction. Runjump/grab the ledge of the N rock and shimmy right to bypass the burning floor. Again, I was copying/pasting text here. Pull up and go through the corridor to find the crossbow with a laser sight and 40 explosive arrows for it. Go around the place and optionally kill all the mummies walking around on the top of the central pillars. Get into the next passage.

You can jump over the burning floor, but the much less tiring way is to sprint through the corridor, setting Lara on fire, and hide in the unmarked pool at the end. Pick up a large and a small medi from the bottom, swim through the underwater passage, resurface on the other side and exit the water to enter the large vestibule. Pass it to watch the flyby showing you your destination. After 6 runjumps with grabbing the ledges, safety drop to the piece of floor. Jump on the next one, and on the central walkway. Go right to hop on the platform containing the Cartouche Piece 1. Get back on the walkway, stand on the marked tile of extinguishing function and platform to the other side of the lower pit to find one more such tile. Return to the ladder and climb back to the top. Runjump/grab/pull up on the S rock. Do it again, and the same for the E rocks. Platform S to fall down and go downstairs for the Cartouche Piece 2.

Combine both pieces and get back on the last rock. Runjump/grab/pull up on the N rock. Do it again and runjump on the cornice. Follow it and get into the place with the slot for the Cartouche. Place the puzzle item and backtrack 10 jumps. Kill 4 mummies on the N platforms. Continue around the pit, runjumping/grabbing/pulling up 3 times, runjumping once and repeating runjumping/grabbing/pulling up 7 times to find and stand on the last extinguisher tile. Backtrack 3 jumps and enter the last passage, leading through the extinguished flames to the final door. Enter the portal to finish the game.