Valley of Hell 1

Level by Harley Wuson.

Walkthrough by Tombini.

Slide down the dark the dark passage and along to Lava Room No. 1. Run jump to the slope, jump to the 2nd slope and then to the block on the East wall. Jump to the crack, shimmy left and pull up. Over to the next block. If you want the Uzis, jump down to the block South, and then redo the slope/block/crack and return here. You now need to jump to the ledge down at lava-level in the N/W corner. So do a run-jump but you MUST hit <control> after the jump to make sure Lara misses the overhang. Now do 2 jumps South and then into an alcove East and see the rope. Swing, slide & jump to Lava Room No. 2. Make your way down to the the low block in the S/E corner (you can pick up the shotgun from an adjacent block). A new red pillar rises North, jump to it and follow the other red pillars as they rise. Pick up half an Eyepiece, and follow the 3 new pillars around to the ladder. Climb and go clockwise to the rope. Swing over and continue to do the switch. Quickly turn and hop backwards and grab as the boulder goes by. Go North thru the open gate and into the Dark Pit Room. Go East along the wall side and get the other half of the Eyepiece. Retrace to the gate, killing a horde of scorpions on the way. Over to the grey block, shimmy right and pull up. Jump over, kill the hounds, combine the two Eyepieces and place the Eye of Horus in the receptacle.

Enter the 4-Statues Room. Kill more dingos and take the Timeless Sands and place it in the hands on the third statue on the left. Enter the opposite gate, do the switch and leave by the end door and into the Twenty-Boulder Room. Sprint straight East and the longshot shows a row of spiked boulders chasing Lara. Do a back-twist just before Lara gets to the slope, slide down backwards, shimmy right and backflip. Need to get to the top of this slope and to the N/E corner by jumping between blocks and cutouts (not too difficult to see the right route). Up the ladder and monkey swing to the switch. Operate it to disable nearby spikes and blades. Down and around to pick up the Guardian Key. Slide down and thru the spike corridor and up the slope, dodging three slow-moving boulders. Slide down West, keeping ahead of the spikes to a small new area with a few columns, some spike pits and a couple of hounds. Kill the hounds and have a look around and find the receptacle for the Guardian Key (won't take long). Place it and turn around. An exit route has now opened due South.

End of a good but short level. An excellent taster for VOH2.