Gold Armor

Level by Zooltar (January, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start in a dark street and a long flyby showing you many guards and sentry guns. When it stops, go east and north to kill two guards that approach you. Notice the motorcycle in the south-east corner for later. Use the binoculars and look for a crawl space in the west wall. Get in and crawl to the end. First go east to pull up onto a balcony to pick up a Nitrous Oxide Feeder. Then return and go north into another crawl space. At the end drop behind a sentry gun. Look east for a crawl space in the east wall. Take the sentry gun hits and pull up into the crawl space to pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Drop down the other side and enter a warehouse area. Pick up eight grenade normal ammo, grenade gun, six crossbow normal ammo, crossbow, two blue shotgun shells, two red shotgun shells, shotgun, six Uzi ammo, Uzi's, six revolver ammo, revolver and a laser sight. Go back to the crawl space but do not get in. Look up to the east to see another crawl space. Pull up and pick up a Guardian Key. Get down and shoot out the fences in front of the warehouse door. Sprint south out of the door and take the sentry gun hits.

Back at the starting area, get into the first crawl space again and drop behind the sentry gun. This time you are armed so destroy it. Turn north and destroy four sentry guns. Go up the north street a little but do not go beyond the edge of the east building. Take aim with pistols and shoot up the street. This gets the attention of six guards that can be killed from here. Go to the west wall and then north until you see the sentry guns at the east side at the edge of the water canal. Destroy the six sentry guns although you may have to get some of them from the north side. Go north and enter the warehouse. Go to north-west corner and get a Guardian Key. Go east to shoot some barricades. Shoot the fences in the doorway on the opposite side of the water canal. Dive into the canal and swim south and look at the east wall opposite the place where the sentry guns were located. You should see a hole so swim in and surface to pick up a Guardian Key. Exit and pull up the west side. Run back to the starting area and drive the motorcycle into the warehouse near the ramp.

Install the Nitrous Oxide Feeder before you drive up the ramp and over the water in the far doorway. Once there drive right and loop around to the left and over a hole. Stop the motorcycle and get off. Turn around and drop in the hole to pick up a Guardian Key. Get back to the motorcycle and climb the boxes to the west. Jump into a hole in the south wall. Drop down the other side and kill a guard. Use the floor lever and get out. Do not use the motorcycle yet. On foot, go north to a junction. Go east and then south down a long corridor. At the end, look up to the left to destroy a sentry gun on a high box. Climb the boxes to the left side and launch grenades at two guards on the floor. Go north and find receptacles for three Guardians Keys. Get back to the long corridor. This time continue east to climb boxes and destroy another sentry gun. Get to the ground floor and go north to climb some boxes at the north wall. Go west to kill another guard. Continue west to the water canal and see an open door on the other side. Go back and drive the motorcycle over the water and through the door.

On the other side, give yourself full health and just drive past the sentry guns. Kill three guards and drive up to a garden area with fountains. Use the Guardian Key in the west wall and two black doors open. The north door is a death trap. Go to the south door and enter the building. Go north to enter the central room and get a long flyby focusing on the armor in the middle if the room. You can go to the north-east room to destroy the sentry gun at the door. Enter the south-west room and climb the block in the south-west corner. Pull up onto the second floor. Go east and follow the corridor to a room of bookshelves. Go north to find a doorway and enter onto the roof area. Drop into the hole in the center to get the armor and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.