Surrey Public Library

Level by Scorpion89

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Enter the passage on the W. Kill a ninja jumping on you from the left. Grab the buttkey he drops. Check the room which the ninja was hiding in and pick up wideshot ammo from there. Return to the corridor and climb the raised floor fragment at its end. Insert the key into the butt closest to the invisible door (you need to touch the wall to do it). The passage is now accessible and you can go downstairs, and then shatter two vases blocking the way into and out of the crawlspace. Go through it. Kill another ninja on the other side. There is a trapdoor in the middle of the room. You can pull it up, but you can't enter the room below. Collect Ba Cartouche from the window frame and find a large medikit in the pit behind it. Get to the other side of the room and pull the 2nd butt to the left of the door. It is supposed to open it. But it does not.


You were supposed to enter the double doors and collect the shotgun, some normal shells, a laser sight and a big medi from behind it. Then, you would've descended into the room beneath the trapdoor and stood on the carpet to unlock next door. There would've been the slot for Ba Cartouche, and placing it would've opened the door to the next location, with a ninja to kill and some puzzle item to collect, but not useful at all. In the end, you were supposed to use the switch and go through the exit door. End.

Walkthru dedicated to Scottie as from his review on "Lara's home at Red Alert." I've finally learnt the conditional type 2. Thank You, fella. If I wrote something wrong, please tell me.