By Yasin Topcu.

Walkthrough written by Elvis t. aka eTux (with lots of help by the author).

This walkthrough might not mention all pickups, enemies and secrets, despite that it serves its purpose and gets you through the adventure.

At parts where the level gets a bit non-linear you’ll be provided by the most efficient way to go through (if there will be one); the choice will always be yours, though.

Designations: Level’s name, Specific Area, Enemy, Pickup, Secret, Cardinal points.


Temple’s Courtyard

You start near a gate and a small lake. Go to the north. and spot a small crack in the slope, get there, and jump on a higher part of the rock from there. Go to the left and crawl in the small crawlspace for the only secret of the level – crossbow poison ammo (1). Now go back down to the lake. Near the place where you started, wade into water between some rock mounds, till Lara can dive in. Do so and swim in the underwater passage till Lara stands up waist deep. Climb out of the water, and continue further till the small room with the 2nd tree you see and pick up a small medipack (2). You will also meet a monkey (1) on your way, but he’s peaceful and doesn’t have to be killed, as all the other monkeys too.

Enter the courtyard of the temple now. Step into the swamp – it’s not a deadly one, it even rewards you with a large medipack. (3) in the middle of it if you search for it. There’re 3 more monkeys (2, 3, 4) here, but as I’ve said you don’t have to kill them as they don’t harm Lara. You probably noticed the temple already, but all doors are closed so you have to explore a different path now. You probably have noticed the cliffs in the north too by now; so go there and in the middle look for a triangular spot to jump to.

From there you also have to jump to the next level of flat squares of the cliff. A simple jump will do. Move along the west till you see some steps made by nature, if you could say so. Climb on the lowest one and then just on the higher one. Now move along east and enter the cave at the top, go to the end of it and drop into a cave. Now go lower to another opening. You have to face it with Lara’s back and enter the same way, as you would get out of a crawlspace. Now look down to your right, that’s the opening you have to sprint to now, as 4 boulders will burst down on Lara.

The River

A tiger (5) attacks you in this area as you enter it. Don’t let the calm water of the river fool you, it has a pretty strong current, and even though the ride is not so rough as in the original river gangs, and doesn’t end lethal always be careful! If you continue your way on the rivers bank another tiger (6) will charge at you. There is a way to get on the other side of the river and there’s an alternative entrance to a later room. No matter what I said about the river you have no choice but to get in and enjoy the ride now, as it is the only way to move on. The spikes at the end of the river will take some of your health away, but you just have to press the jump button and Lara will soon be thrown out of the river.

There are 2 crocodiles (7,8) swimming down in the lake. If you decide to go there for a swim, you will notice a passage behind the waterfall. There’s no use going there before getting an item, but if you wish I can’t keep you from doing it. If you want to get out of the lake, there’s a ledge in the east of the lake. To get out you have to shimmy till the opening, from there jump on the ledge, and from there do a curved running jump to get back on the top of the waterfall. Now you have 2 ways to go – the west route and the east route.

West route.

Jump here from the waterfall and go through the passage till the way seems to be blocked. The thing blocking the path is a movable block. Push it twice so the way would be free. As you continue your path in the ruins a scorpion (9) appears. Now the next room is filled with small timed runs. Start with the only available switch. Then roll and then go to the pre-last door on our right and activate the switch inside. Then go to the middle door of the other side and activate the switch there. Then face the 1st switch you activated and go into the pre-last door on your left to activate the last switch.

When this switch is activated return to the previous room and find out that another passage is revealed. Go straight and pick up the revolver ammo (4) and activate the switch between the 2 earth symbols. Now go to the other passage. Find yourself outside in the bridge. Go to where it leads and activate the switch at the end of it – this opens the doors to the temple in the main area. Now either return to the main area if you’re done with both routes or take a ride in the river again and take the east route.

East route.

Get in the crawlspace and crawl in the leafy passage. As you move along the next passage try to avoid the rolling ball coming out of nowhere and take not of the tiger (10) appearing when the camera appears. Jump over the fire pit facing the wall and find yourself in a different room. Now jump over the next pit too to get in the next room, and now the pre-last fake wall in the south. In the corner face the southern wall and jump in the wall over a pit in the next room to a ledge with a large medipack (5). Check out the other corners for a crawlspace, which you’ll use to get to place where you have to shimmy. Shimmy here till you can climb up in an opening. At the end of this small cave lies some shotgun normal ammo (6), return the same way you came here.

Now go up the passage. There will be point where there are no cameras and then, when the next one disables your control over the view, try to go into the right walls and go to the end of this hidden passage. Then get out in the main room and jump on the ledge. Pick up the corridor door gem (7) at the end of this walkway and return to where you entered the last false wall. The way you see below includes a spike and boulder gauntlet; it was another way to get here, I just provided the most painless and stress free way. Return the same way you got here.

The River revisited.

Now drop down in the lake. Get behind the waterfall and go to the end of the passage. Place the corridor door gem and enter the next room – a tiger (11) will charge at Lara. Going straight will lead you to the final area of this level, but you need some puzzle items to finish the level. But another tiger (12) attacks you while you’re here. From where you entered the area after placing the corridor room gem go to the other passage. Now comes a tricky and at the same time a fun part. Go up the slope, but continue running when on the flat spot, till you run off the edge, since you’ll notice that stepping on a flat square will trigger a boulder. The same happens on the 3rd flat spot so be aware – the rest of the way is safe though. At the top you’ll find out you’re back at the temple’s courtyard.

Temple’s Courtyard revisited.

Outside go to left and find an opening in the wall. Jump and grab the ladder and climb to the bottom, exit through the now open door and go towards the temple to whom you already opened the door. Enter it now.

The Temple.]

Go to the end of the passage and drop in the water. Swim to the pillar in the SW corner and look for an underwater lever on it – and activate it. Climb out on the steps and go into the next room to find out that by activating the lever you spared yourself avoiding a trap. Jump over the fallen rolling ball and activate the 2 switches here. The one on the left creates a bridge outside; the one on the right drains the water in the previous room. Return there and find a lever near the west wall. Activating it opens a door and raises a trapdoor in the room through which you returned back here – you’ll recognize it once the camera shows it. But for now go to the south to enter the catacombs. Go to the place where the water comes from – an ahmet (13) will escape a cave and attack Lara – remember the door in the cave from which the ahmet came from – you’ll obviously have to return there. Now go into the nearest southern passage, and then turn right to go down. Another ahmet (14) will charge at you. At the bottom of the passage there’s a switch. It’s a timed one and opens the door to the door you was before – so go there and activate the switch behind that door.

Now return where the slope down to the switch branched out and continue further. The next passage to your right will make another ahmet (15) appear, but it holds nothing more. Go up the slope and then to your left where another ahmet (16) will attack poor Lara. Exiting to the main tunnel to your left and going up will lead you to the destination point of the catacombs, climb up and jump in the water. The north wall near the opening has an underwater level that opens the double door nearby. Enter the waterfall room and pick up the solar star (8) on the ledge. Now exit the catacombs by going down the slopes and looking for the exit in the north. Return to the room with 2 levers and flood the room now again. Exit the temple the same way you entered it.

Temple’s Courtyard revisited again.

Return to the ladder and climb to the top – return to the room with the slopes and boulders. Go down till the trapdoor and opened door – activate the switch here and see how spikes are lowered and fire is turned off for the 2nd solar star. Return to the ladder and this time get on the 2nd floor instead of the bottom again. Cross the bridge and enter the room to get the 2nd solar star (9) – climb up to the 3rd level again and go down the slope and boulder room. Remember the part, which I mentioned, is the final area of the level? Return there now and place the 2 solar stars. Enter the double gate and the level ends.

Completed level’s Summary:

Possible kills: 16
Possible pickups: 8
Secrets: 1 of 1


Jungle and cave areas

As you start the level a tiger (1) charges at you. Pass the diagonal rocky platform to enter an area with a rock in the middle. Drop on the lower step and move to the left and face the left wall. Jump in the opening in the leaves. Go through this passage and kill the scorpion (2) at the end of it. Drop to the lower rock platform and jump from there towards the rock in the middle. Climb down to the ground. Go in the dark room in the east and kill a scorpion (3) and a tiger (4) there. You can find a shotgun (1) in the SE corner and a large health-kit (2) in the NW corner. There isn’t anything else here, though.

Now leave to the outside room again and go in the other hallway. In middle of the suspicious-looking alley spot and pick up a small health-kit (3), as you enter the next rather dark cave a tiger (5) will try to take you out by surprise. Move along this cave with keeping Lara to the right wall and you should reach an exit from this cave to an outside area with a gate like structure. In the side of the gate like structure there is a dark passage, which leads to a ladder, climb it up and find yourself on the roof of the thing. Go east and get down to get familiar with what puzzle you’ll have to face now and get back on the roof. Go to the west and find an entrance to see the solution to the puzzle. Place 4 movable blocks on the according squares in the real puzzle’s room, and go to the door that opened. Activate the switch, it’ll show you another area, don’t worry about it for now, leave this area, and go back to the cave.

Return to the nearest point where you can jump up to a rock. Then face east and jump up here. Move along till there is another slope to jump up. A running jump with a little shifting to the left in the air will do here well. Then face the flat rock platform and with a simple jump + grab, get on top of it. Then get up on the flat triangular spot, and jump on the slope on the north. Then go as high as you can in the east direction, jump and grab the vines above and swing to the end of them. Then pass the rock platforms with a few jumps and find yourself in another cave with a hole in the middle and some strange floating water above. Go down and find yourself on a rooftop. Go to the opposite side of it and hang down to find a ladder. Climb down and go to the opposite corner of this place to find a ladder. Climb up and end up near a small jump sequence. Align yourself to the edge of the pit, and to the slope to your right. Jump sideways to the left and keep holding the jump button while you’re on the next 2 slopes, after getting on the 3rd slope you’ll have to grab the brown wall and climb to the left, so you could lower yourself to the flat platform.

From there get in the dark tunnel and move along to find yourself in a large outdoors area. The ledges are only a way, which you use to get out of this area, once you get out of the water. So jump in the water now, but be aware of the 2 crocodiles (6, 7) swimming around. Pick up the solar star (4) under the structure, in the water, in the south. In the [coor=purple]north[/color] underwater opening you can find some revolver ammo (5) and another way out of this small cave. Also there’s the ledge on which you climb out and get on the rocky way back in the north, near this opening. There are also other openings in the water to explore, but I didn’t find anything of use in them. There is one cave in the east, but you can’t do much there now – you’ll return there later, though.

Now go back all the way to the big, dark area with the temple. Enter it and go till the path branches out in 3 directions. The one on the right will be sealed for now, but take note of the symbol above it, the one leading outside will start a fly-by (which is shown every time you enter or leave this are, so avoid it if this bugs you) that shows the whole area, which somehow reminds me of one area in Sanus 1. You’ll need 2 solar stars here, and you’ll already have one if you followed the walkthrough. The darker way to your left is the way to go now. Jump across the pit and move towards the lighter spots of the cave. A bat (8) will attack you. Align yourself so, so that you could jump on the first slope (you can jump on a flat platform nearby and do the jump to the slope from there). Master this small jump sequence and after a few jumps on the rocks find yourself in the room, which was shown after the movable block puzzle back then.

The Mausoleum

A tiger (9) will attack you here. Go there, where the tiger came from and you’ll find out what you did by activating a switch back then – opened the door here. I recommend not going there yet, but go outside the other way and completing everything there. When outside on the other side go to your right and get up on the huge staircase. Get to the top and take note of the 2 globes here. There seem to be no marked squares that show where to put them, so you have to move them in the obvious place – in front of the 2 lions. A camera will confirm that you’ve done that right by showing a door open after pushing the 2 globes there. The door is near where you started the level, and that’s a rather long way to go, so let’s just finish what we have to here.

Return to where the closed door was. Inside you will be attacked by 4 scorpions (10, 11, 12, 13). It’s dark here so light a flare and spot a torch near one of the unlitten wall torches. Go near the burning torch, near the door and light it. The torch is not required for any puzzles, but the next part will be extremely dark so this torch will give you at least some light. Now spot a ladder on the wall. Get down and find yourself on top of a leafy path. Be extremely careful here and better walk instead of running, since you can fall through some of the leaves, and there’s no real clue through which. When Lara refuses to walk further, do a normal standing jump, and continue so, till the coast is clear. Also this part will be extremely dark, so I hope you brought the torch with you.

In the SE corner you can find a passage to a secret. In there you’ll find a large health kit and some normal grenade gun ammo (6,7). Also near this corner you’ll find some blocks, which will lead you to the 2nd floor. But first you must find the entrance to a maze on this level. The entrance is somewhere in the north wall. There are also 3 other chambers with 2 mummies and a skeleton (14, 15, 16) somewhere around, but you don’t have to go there. When you reach the maze, be aware of some mummies (17, 18, maybe more?) lurking around the corner. Your quest in the maze is to find a bright pad which disables a trap on level 2 of the mausoleum, but you can also find at least one set of Uzi ammo (8) here. There may be more of those, but that’s the only one I managed to find. Anyway, as you enter the maze turn right and go till you can turn left. You might see 2 ways to the left in the distance, but don’t bother – they’re dead ends.

At the end of this hallway turn to your right again, but now ignore the hallways on your right – at the end of this hallway turn left, and go to the end of it again – ignoring any hallways branching out of this one. Now turn left again, and with ignoring all hallways branching out of this one go to the end of the hallway, where you have 2 choices to go. The one in the right is a dead end, so go left again all the way till you see more hallways branching out on your left – of course ignore them and go till you have to turn left – go here till you have to turn right, but see another way branching out on your left – ignore it, enter the next room. To your left should be the bright pad I was talking about. When you step on the brighter pad you see a room with an eye of Horus. That’s where you go now, exit the maze the same way you entered it or by any other favored way of yours.

Now find the blocks in the SE corner again and get to the 2nd floor. Once there go to the west wall where you’ll see some openings. At the end of one of the doors in a bit brighter room you’ll find a lever. It is a timed one, so when you flip it exit to the main area of the 2nd floor again and keeping to the west wall sprint to till the 2nd door on your right (you’ll see a lifted door) and enter here. Here you see the eye (9) on a pedestal in a distance, go and get it (if the floor is red and is burning Lara, you’re here too fast and have to reload an earlier savegame and go to the maze below) Now you can leave the mausoleum the same way you got in and return to the dark cave, from which you got here. On the flat platform light a flare if it is too dark and drop on the left slope. Complete this small jump sequence and exit this cave. Now you’re back at the part with the 3 ways. But you have to return to the start of the level, with the big rock in the middle to progress further (remember the door which opened when you pushed the 2 globes in front of the lions? That’s the place to go now).

Back at the Jungle and cave areas

Climb the rock up with the help of the ladder. Jump on the green leaf ledge. As you move up, a rolling ball comes down towards Lara. Either roll and run back to the rock in the middle again, or just duck and hope the ball bounces over you, both ways work just fine. Now go up where the boulder was and through the leaf passage get to an area with a yellow structure above the water. If you fall in the water climb out on the flat yellow platform with the funny corners, and from there up on the yellow structure, cause even if you notice the lowered ledge in some other place, there’s no way of getting on it, because of the underwater slope – so this is the only way out of the water. Jump on the yellow structure and note where it branches with the rock ledges. Go there and find yourself next to the open door. In this room step on the pad to see how water is flowing and has filled the hole in a place you were earlier. This also floods the cave in the secret underwater passage.

Now here you have some backtracking to do again. Return the way you came here to the area with the rock in the middle. Go into the caves through the small alley again, and do all the necessary things to get back to the passage that lead you to the place above the temple again. Drop in the water and swim till you’re in a room with 2 crocodiles (19, 20) and a floating structure in the middle. Its ledge is rather high, but there’s one low enough for you to climb out on the right as you swim pass the island. Climb out there and take the crocodiles out if they bother you. Find an opening in this structure and climb up the ladder in the middle of it. A skeleton (21) awakes once you’ve climbed out, but he doesn’t really do much harm if you’re fast enough to avoid him. Don’t worry about the door and the 2 receptacles for the stars for now.

Exit the inside part of this structure and find yourself in the area where you found the solar star again, just on the other side of the hedge now. Get on the other side of this platform and enter the room there to push a lever there. Note the symbol on the lever, where have you seen that before? Exit to the outside again and jump over the fence to slide in the water. Now you have to visit the secret underwater passage in the east, now that it is flooded you can swim through the clefts and get the 2nd solar star (10) awaiting for you in the NW corner, you may also wish to get some air – there’s an alcove in the middle of the room for that. Now leave this are the same way, you’ve done it before and return to the temple.

When you climb down in the area where the temple’s entrance is, a crocodile (22) will attack. It was here before too, when leaving the mausoleum too, but you could escape from him earlier. Once he’s down go to the place where the ways were branching in different directions. The door, which was closed before, should be open now. You can see the star amulet in the distance already, but the leafy floor and the hallway you see on the other side already hint that this wont be that simple. As you walk forward Lara falls through the leaves and slides down. At the end of the slope you must jump over a pit. As you approach the double door it will open, but don’t stay thinking here a lot, because if you don’t enter the door, it could lower and have Lara trapped within it. Don’t worry about the floor being textured like some deadly squares before – it doesn’t kill you, not instantly anyway. This is another timed sequence, but not a hard one – step on the 3 differently colored pads nearest to the door, and it will open, get out of this room, before the floor starts burning!

Now climb up this way and find yourself on the other side of the leafy passage. Climb on the block and collect the Star Amulet (11) and monkey swing back. Now enter the area with the 2 receptacles for the solar stars and place them there. Enter the now open door and move along till you enter an area with red deadly floor and 2 closed doors. For now find an up-leading stairway, go up and see receptacles for 2 tablets – but go up through another stairway again and find yourself at the top floor of this area. Enter the side room and activate the lever there – the 2 doors will open. Now you basically how to choose between these 2 side rooms, each will lead you to a different adventure in search for the tablets. Lets start with the left side switch adventure first. (Of course you can start with the other one first. Just ignore the next paragraph now and read the walkthrough for the other one, then return to this one.)

Left hand switch adventure

As you activate the switch, the other door in this room closes and you have a camera hint to a door opening on the 1st floor. Go to it and find out that there’s a multi-leveled maze to master here. Climb up to the 2nd level of the maze, then go to the left, turn right, ignore the hole on your left, turn right again, but drop down in this hole now. Turn to the right and go till the end of this hallway and then climb in the next opening. Up here climb up on the block and from here to the 3rd level of the maze; pick up the tablet (12) you see there lying on the floor. And now exit the maze the same way you got here, you may try finding the 2nd exit out of here too, but that’s optional. Now you’re done here – return back to the 3rd floor of the tower.

Right hand switch adventure

Activate the same switch you activated before, to close the door to the maze and open the one to the right hand switch. Go in the right hand side room and activate the switch there, go down to the 1st floor where the door opened. Now here comes a fun timed sequence with fires and switches. Go to the only switch not burning and flip it. Then jump to your left and activate the next switch while the fire is turned off, side jump to your left and activate the next switch. Now get off this square, roll and run as fast as you can to the other end of the other row of burning switches. Activate it and side-jump to your left to activate the next switch in time again, and then jump to your left once more to activate the next one, now you have to run to the opposite end of the other side of fires again, to activate that switch. Now a fire is turned off for the 1st switch on the other side of the pit again. When you activate that one, the 3rd one on the other side is deactivated. When you flip that one jump to your left and activate that one. Now the 2nd one on the other side is no longer on fire – hold on, it’s the last one!

When you activate that one, a door, near where you entered this room will be open now. Go there, and jump on the slope you see above the dark pit, from there jump on the other slope, then immediately jump to the next one and then jump to the climbing wall and grab it, either shimmy or climb all the way to the right and at the point before jumping to the slope I suggest you to save in a different slot, to save you the long way here. Backflip and land on the slope, from there jump to the other slope and then jump between the 2 slopes with turning a bit to the left (or right, depends how you face the camera) every time you jump forwards, till you land on the flat platform. From here, jump on the walkway and go to the ladder. Climb up in the next room and go around the big pillar-like thing in the middle. Get up on the block to pick up the 2nd tablet (13). This awakes the skeleton (23) lying nearby. Escape through the hallway nearby, but be aware of the rolling ball, which could burst down on Lara if you’re not fast enough. At the end of the hallway jump over the pit and avoid another rolling ball, which wants to smash Lara to be safe at last. Lower yourself in the hole and return to the tower area again. Go and collect the other tablet too if you haven’t already.

After getting the tablets

Go to the 2nd floor of the tower and place the tablets. The closed door on the 2nd floor opened now, enter that room, and at the end of a dark hallway pick up the 2nd Star amulet (14), now leave this tower and return to the temple again.

Back at the jungle and temple areas again

Return to the hole that is filled with water again, jump in it and swim till the floating thing again. Climb out of the water and using the ladder climb up to the room with the 2 star receptacles again. Place the 2 star amulets and the door will open. Go inside, combine the eye pieces you got and place it to open the door. Slide down in the darkness and the level ends.

Completed level’s Summary:

Possible kills: 23
Possible pickups: 14
Secrets: 1 of 2


Note: This level is non-linear and you have a choice in what order to complete the 4 quests, but the description of the quest starts after the heading – if you want to know how to get at that part of the level read the few last sentences of the previous paragraphs.

The City.

As you start – go to the right and at the end of the stream drop in the water. Pick up the flares (1) but don’t go any further or the current will take Lara to her death. As you cross the stream and approach the structure, 2 tigers (1,2), which were hiding behind the pillars, will charge at you. Now there is a variety of ways to go. Of course they all are inter-connected, so don’t wonder if you can get to the same places from different points. Go up the stairs that were on your left when you started the level first, here you must drop down till you end up in a hallway with narrow windows (well, you cant go lower than that anyway) and go to the end here. Some darts will appear but they are higher than Lara and will not cause damage, unless you jump. At the end activate the switch in this room.

Going round the corner and continuing where the narrow windows are will eventually bring you to a closed door, which is the entrance to here from a different area. But you can’t continue your adventure here, so continue to the staircase next to the lever. You’ll find yourself on the second floor of a structure. Go to your right till another walkway branches out. Go there and turn left to reach a switch, which is on a differently colored path. Activate it and a camera will show a block raise - so allowing you to activate a switch. This part is in another route which branches from the start. Now back to where we are. When branching out to go here and activate the switch you might have noticed 2 more doors and a monkey (3). Since all of them are closed now, there’s no real point going there so just get down on the floor with a safety drop.

Find an entrance in the west of the main building in the middle. Drop down in the hole and find yourself in the sewers. Here swim in the only allowed direction till there’s an opening in the wall and the floor – take the floor opening now, as the wall opening will be needed later. Climb out at the end and climb up as much as needed. Activate the switch to open the door and find yourself in the area with the narrow windows again. Return to the starting point now. From here go into the west opening now and kill the 2 scorpions (4,5) that will appear. Continue going west where the orange hallway is. Enter to the area you also see in the load screen of the level. There is a monkey (5) roaming around here. A jump in the river is lethal so don’t try one.

Run for your life!

Go into the temple’s part. Activate the 2 switches to open the door – go inside and climb up the ladder. Go up the slope and stop before going down the slope – as the first step downwards will trigger a rolling ball. Step a little bit on that square but immediately get back so that the rolling ball would roll away from you. Now go down the slope and with a running jump get over the pit – as a standard one will make another rolling ball crash Lara. And now the fun part begins as you jump past the pit and start running spikes start to pop out from the floor so run as fast as you can – run around the corners and either wait for the fires to calm down or use the save and reload trick After avoiding the 2 fire steams jump on the ledge. Do you think you’re safe now? No! Jump on the next ledge as fast as possible and then into the next opening as the spike inferno doesn’t end yet! Sprint down the slope and activate a switch then jump on the slope to your right end exit through the door opposite the one you entered to avoid a rolling ball – NOW you’re safe. When the boulder has calmed down – return to the ramp it rolled down and just before the boulder, pick up a solar star (2). Get out of here and place the solar star in this room to raise a block. Activate the switch that you now can activate after the block is raised. A block in this levels final room will rise.

Back at the City.

Now go south and jump on the block. From here jump on the tree branch and then get on another branch where you can pick up the small medipack (3). From here jump to the other tree’s branch you see in some distance. From there maneuver over the branch and get on the first flat rock platform. From there face the higher branches of the trees and with a running jump get on them. There’s a monkey (6) playing here, but you can ignore him of course. Get from the branches to the brown ledge of the temple.

Now get inside the opening at the top. Go left first where the ways branch out. Pickup some shotgun normal ammo (4) and activate the switch in this room. This will lead you to the 2nd level of the starting area, but you don’t have to go there yet, it’s just more efficient to open shortcuts to other areas sooner. Return where you branched out on the left and go straight now. LIGHT A FLARE! Sprint down all the time as a bunch of boulders will chase you. There’s a hole after the 2nd set of openings from which the boulders come out, which will stop some of the boulders chasing, you but can also be a deathtrap for Lara if you don’t jump over it – I could use get past it using the sprint + roll too, if someone wants to try it this way. After the pit in a while more boulders will start chasing Lara, but there’s also a dark pit ahead, which you just can’t pass the same way you did with the previous one. You have to jump and grab a pole in the middle of it.

Now the only danger is that you will smash Lara’s head while backflipping and fall into the pit, so find a good spot to backflip (what is not so hard to do) and do it. Go to the big room with the cartouche’s receptacle and find some shotgun normal ammo (5) here. Seems like a dead end now, doesn’t it? Go to the wall pillar nearest to the receptacle and move it (if you’re confused, light a flare to spot which block is movable). Also find another block like this one near where you entered the room (the 2nd one on your left when entering) and flip the switch it hides to open a door opposite the cartouche’s receptacle. Enter the door and part 2 of the level.

Part 2.

Element puzzle.

Now that you’ve entered this room activate the only thing you can – the lever. It’ll open the 3 doors nearby. The switch by the fire symbol will raise the block near the red square; the one by the earth symbol will raise the block by the green square and the one with the water symbol – the block by the blue square. But the switches automatically close the other doors too and you have to deactivate them to activate the switches. First you have to raise the block by the green square to move the movable block nearby at all. Then it’s your choice on which of the colored pads to move. When you move the block to a pad a door for the corresponding element opens in the room nearby.

Earth puzzle.

After activating the corresponding switch move the block on the green pad to open the middle door in the room nearby. Go there and find yourself in a room with a lake. Go to the NW of this room and light a flare to spot a movable block – pull it out twice. Then enter the room and activate a switch – this raises a block in the middle of the lake. With a running jump + grab get on it (start the run outside of the lake as you can’t do it once in water) and climb out in the small outside area above it. In a bush near the NE corner lies the star amulet (5). Pick it up and exit to the main room.

Water Puzzle.

After getting the movable block on the favored square, lower the block near the green pad and raise the one near the blue one – move the block on the blue pad to open the left door in the room nearby. Enter the room and go to your right. Jump pas the slope and drop into the water – a current will take you towards some spiked walls – swim to your right to escape the first wall and then to the left- and the rest is easy. Swim in to the next room, and climb out on the platform. 5 crocodiles (7, 8, 9, 10, 11) are swimming in the water, so get rid off them if they annoy you. Climb up with the help of the ladder and pick up the star amulet (6) – some small fires will appear so step off this platform fast – before they start steaming fire. Still on top of this platform notice an exit from this area in the NW corner of this room. Get there and return to the main room.

Fire Puzzle.

If you followed the walkthrough this is what you do to open the fire puzzle. Move the block on the flat square between the holes/raising blocks – lower the block near the blue pad – raise the block near the green block – push the block so it would be between the holes/raising blocks again – lower the block near the green pad and raise the one near the red pad. Push the block on the red pad to open the right door in the room nearby – go there. Go down the steps into the green cave and from there into the area with the tower. Go to the NE corner and enter the passage here. Here’s a beautiful river. First take note of the nearby waterfall – it has a secret passage behind it in the water. Swim to the end of it and find yourself on the other side of the fallen hallway you might have seen from the main tower’s room. Pick up the triangle key (7) here.

Return to the river the same way you got here. Now go at the end of it and climb up the ladder in SW in here. Backflip when you can’t climb any higher and grab the ledge in the dark. Hang down on the other side and shimmy to the right to climb up on the other ledge. From there perform a running jump to the next ledge, and then with a standard jump get on the diagonal branch. From there you can get to the next branch with a running jump. Get on the higher branch with a standard jump – and if needed with a grab too. From here perform a running jump + grab to get on a higher branch, and from this branch get on an even higher one to pick up the triangle key (8). Get back down on the lower branch and with a running jump + grab, get on the other branch you see in a distance. Light a flare and hang down the branch – shimmy to the left till you can crawl in a leafy passage. At the end of it is a secretlarge medipack (9) and uzi ammo (10) (not completely sure about the last one, though).

Now get down in the river and back to the tower area. Now find the door on the tower and place the 2 triangle keys at each side of it. Enter the door and go up the tower till the ledge. This is the only part which has any fire in the fire puzzle – funny, isn’t it? Step on the gray circle first. Then take 2 step forwards to the next 2 squares. Turn left and now go straight to enter the small room with a switch. Activate it and a fly-by will show that a door has opened nearby. Don’t worry about the other switch you don’t have to activate it. Getting back is easier; just go till you reach the 2nd square from safe ground (without stepping on it) and then go diagonally to get in the same row as the gray circle.

Now go to the door that opened and climb up the ladder. Here when you approach the opening in the tower (after stepping on the gray circles) a double door will open and release a tiger (12) and an ahmet (13). If you can flee from them to the top of the tower, then there’s no need to kill them. Enter the next room and pick up the small medipack (11) and star amulet (12). When you exit the room you’ll notice that the tower has collapsed now. This makes escaping this room a bit more complicated but not too hard anyway. You might notice a sand ledge a bit lower – got down on it and from there use the various slopes and the safety drop to get down on ground floor. Escape the same way you entered now.

After the puzzles.

Go to where you see the tall door and the 3 symbols on the floor. Place the 3 star amulets on the right of the door. Enter the next room and pick up the tablet (13) on the block. Exit this part of the level the same way you entered it.

Part 1.

Back at the City.

Place the tablet in its receptacle and see how another block is raised in the final area. Now return to the deep pit with the pole. You’ll find out it is flooded now and you can safely get on the other side. Go up the ramp and use the previously opened shortcut to get back at the main area. Use the southern opening in the wall on the ground level to get back at the main city area. In here return to the opening in the lone standing building through which you got to the sewers. Get back down and swim to where you could choose between the opening in the floor and the opening in the wall. Swim in the wall’s opening now. Climb out by the first chance and activate a switch nearby – this will flood the city.

Return back to the flooded sewers first. Swim north till you spot an underwater lever on the west wall. Activate it to open a door in the lone standing house in the city area. Return to the wall opening and now swim a bit further and climb out to the waterfalls, which flooded the city. Go up the ramp, wad through the water and go up another waterfall again. Atop – either get in the water and climb out on dry land, or just jump on the dry land with a simple jump. Go up the ramp – at the top of it a door will open and you’ll find yourself on the bridges of the main city area again. Go to the lone standing building and enter it now. Now comes a simple moveable block puzzle. Push the block that blocks the doorway once straight. And then push it to your right to get it in an opening. Now face the 2 left blocks push the one nearest to the wall deeper in this house, and then from here face the other one and push it (it must be in the same direction you pushed the first block.) Now go to the right and pull the block that is nearest to the wall outside twice. Activate the switch it was hiding.

Now return to the bridge and go like you would want to get back on the 2nd floor of the city (the way you got here the first time) and look on your left. 2 blocks that were at the bottom have now risen and you can use them to get on the top of the city. Go along this ledge till you see an opening (it would be closed if you hadn’t activated the switch you just did). Enter and activate a switch to see the last block raising in the final area of the level. Now dive in the water from above and return to the sewers through the opening in the house. Return to the switch, which flooded the whole area and deactivate it to drain it. You wont be able to leave otherwise. When draining the area exit through the opening in the floor to the hallways with narrow windows. Return to the starting area and from there head to the opening in the west. In here go where you haven’t yet been (north) and look for a small medipack (14) in the west. Go further into the next room and a tiger (14) will attack Lara. Now activate the 4 switches. Fly-bys will show the torches igniting. After all 4 are burning the double door will open. Enter it and the level ends.

Completed level’s Summary:

Possible kills: 14
Possible pickups: 14
Secrets: 1 of 1


Temple’s courtyard.

In the part you start you may notice the double door – it was a route to an important room in this level but due to bugs it has no purpose anymore, so ignore it and go through the only available way further. Enter the temple’s courtyard. Let’s get the last secret in Sanus 2 first! Pass the fountain with the Neptune’s statue and face the southern wall, look for a darker wall go and climb it up to get the last secretsmall medipack (1). Get down and enter the nearby opening to get to a room with cogs. You will have to get them moving. So enter another room nearby – behind the 2nd cog. In here activate the lever and 2 switches. Now look for 2 pads in the west of this room. Step on both of them and see how a door high up in the previous room will open. Return there and see that the cogs are now moving too.

In the middle of this room there’s a sort of a blue slope, which allows you to get hang of the yellow ledge nearby. Go there and do so, but don’t climb up yet as the result will be lethal if you do! Now shimmy either left or right till you get on the square, which doesn’t kill you. From there perform a running jump and grab to get grab of the slope. Shimmy all the way to your right till you can climb up. Here the brown wall is climbable – use it to your advantage and get to the next flat spot. From there jump on the blue ledge and then go to the end of it and jump on the nearest slope! Bounce from it and Lara will land on an invisible ledge. From here you’ll have to perform a jump to get in the alcove with the next lever. But first position yourself in the SW corner of the invisible ledge. Then face the slope so, so that the compass would show ESE (east-south east – between SE and E) and jump towards the slope – but in the air curve the jump a little to the left so that Lara would end up sliding down the slope backwards – at the end of the slope jump – roll in the air and press grab – and Lara will grab the edge. Might not work the first time you try, but I found out this to be the most efficient way to perform this tricky jump.

Now here activate the lever – it opens a door somewhere later in the level. Now it seems that getting down could be a problem – right? Nothing difficult actually – perform a running jump to the slope through which you just got here and now hang down on the edge when Lara slides it down. Climb up and backflip with pressing the action button. There’s no way Lara will get back in the alcove with the lever – but if you keep pressing the action button she’ll safely land on the lower slope and from there without any damage done will land on the ground – now exit back to the main area. Now here look near the middle of the northern wall for a torch. When you pick it up a door opens somewhere. Now go up the partially broken steps near the temple’s entrance and light your torch there. If you jump around with the torch near the statue of Neptune you’ll spot another invisible ledge – but you’ll get there later. But now back on the north wall – near the opening through which you entered this area was another door, which is open now. So enter it.

The Dark Forest.

After a few steps in this forest a tiger (1) will attack Lara, so either drop your torch and defeat him here or lure him outside the forest and kill there. If you have the torch or lots of flares the forest wont be the toughest part of the level – otherwise you will get lost for sure. In the forest you just have to maneuver from one room to the other by searching for the opening to the next room. In the first room the opening is in the north. The next room – SW. A tiger (2) may attack if you’re near the wrong opening. In the next room the way further is in NW. Another tiger (3) will attack if you chose the right path. And now the exit from the forest can be clearly seen – it’s in the NW.

Now go on the bridge and to the end of it. You’ll see a switch and a bunch of doors raised around it – that’s what you did when activating the lever in the cog room. Now activate the switch and current in the river below will become weaker. Dive into the river and swim to the SE corner to find an opening in which the tablet (2) lies. Nearby this opening there’s also a ledge on which you can climb out. From here you can climb out to the top of the cliffs from where you can get back on the bridge that connects the dark forest and the big bridge with a running jump and grab. Now pick up your torch again and exit the dark forest.

Temple’s courtyard.

Now you may drop the torch and look for another southern opening (the first one lead to the cogs if you forgot). In here you will see a stream and a door and a receptacle for the tablet you just got on the other side of the stream. Go there and place the tablet. In the next room activate a switch to get all the cogs in here working and stop the current in the water nearby. Now return to this room and drop into the water to pick up the trident (3) near the now closed doors and get out of the water. Now exit to the main area and go up the partially broken steps again. In the SW direction is a lever, which raises a block near the invisible ledge. Go there and climb up on it. You may throw flares in the NE direction to spot the ledge to which you have to jump to – once you know its location get there with a running jump. From there with a standard jump get on the pedestal with the Neptune statue and place the trident there. A fly-by will show the doors of the temple opening. So lets go there.

The Temple.

After some wading in water and climbing out you’ll find yourself near a huge trident statue. Pass the trident for now and find yourself near an area, which reminds me of one of the final rooms of Sanus 1 again. Here you need 2 solar stars to open the double door, but go near the south wall behind the pyramid alike structure and activate the lever there to open some doors for later on. Now return before the huge trident. In the north wall is an opening, which is the way further, so go there. When turning right be careful – as when you reach the top of this ramp a rolling ball will come down to smash poor Lara. Escaping this one is easy – just sprint down the slopes out of its way and return back up. Now turn right where you hear the spikes. Time your runs past them and then go up the staircase. There will be a hallway with more ways branching out but they hold nothing of interest as far as I’ve explored so ignore them.

At the end you should get out back in the trident room with blue ledges. Climb in the alcove to your right and pick up the large medipack (3). Now go to the other side of the room and activate a switch in there. Now the fastest way to get where you want is to jump in the shallow water below – strange but even swan diving didn’t kill Lara there. But you can of course return through the platform + hallway + staircase way to our destination now. Return where the ways branched out and you turned right to pass a few spikes. Now go straight ignoring the other passageways till you get in a cave alike environment. Till some point this will be just a run through the nice valleys and caves, so a walkthrough wont be needed much. When the camera pops in try to understand what it wants to tell you. It tries to tell you of the existence of a secret passageway here – look where the leafy wall is a bit different from the others and go to enter the secret passageway. At the end of this secret passageway activate a switch to open a door at the end of this route.

Return to where you entered this passageway and go on – a tiger (4) will pop in after some while and at the end you’ll climb up to see what door you opened just a minute ago. Now there are 2 ways to go – the one in the middle of the room – leading down will lead you to the torch to which you opened the door some time ago. But first go to and slide down the slope you might already see one of the solar stars ahead, but you mustn’t go here yet. Turn left and go into this room. Ignore the movable block for now and climb up the ladder in the SW first.

At the end of the next room is another room with 5 switches – which you can activate for safety, but there actually is no need for it. In the room with the gratings - where you can see the puzzle - activate the switch to open the door to your right. Enter it and it will close. Activate the next switch to start a rolling ball. Actually it has never left its tracks for me and always landed on the left square below where it should, but as I said – if in doubt you should’ve activated the 5 switches in the room before. When the boulder lands on the square the door, which trapped you here opens and also the one in the east which has the corridor door gem (4). Once done here, return to the previous room with the fountain and movable block. The movable block puzzle is simple – just move the block on both of the gray pads and the door nearby will open, also 2 raising blocks will be raised. Use them to get on the second level of this area from below these arches you can get to a switch, which lights one torch in the room you must go now – so return to the highest movable block and get inside the open door. Be quick though as this is a timed sequence. Pick up your torch – light it from the burning torch before the timed sequence ends and light the other one to a see a trapdoor being raised in the room you have to go now. It also deactivates a trap, which would’ve prevented you from doing the quest there. Slide down again.

Now enter the next big room. Do a running jump towards the wall, drop onto the slope, slide down, but don’t let go the edge or you will fall down to your death. Shimmy all the way to your right till the 2nd flat spot you can climb up. Here activate a switch (if you would’ve came here before lighting the torch a fire would halt you from doing this) and see that it activates some fire steams above to make invisible ledges visible to some degree. Now shimmy to the right of the sloped edge to the flat surface, climb up here and climb the little block to reach for the gap, from here again shimmy to the right from the wall and reach the leaved flat surface, the room has slightly changed now so jump towards the other side, climb up and face towards the lions.

Carefully navigate each invisible ledge, which lights up, jump towards the other side of the room pickup up the solar star (5). From here take the same route back over the ledges, or if you care to lose some health, take a running jump towards the slope to shimmy the same route as you did after flipping the lever. Now return back to the room with the fountain and he movable block – on the first level of this area there will be 2 doors open now (which opened when you picked up the gem) at the end you have a choice where to place your gem – when you place it on either side a fly-by will show which spikes have been triggered – mark the spots they are on and use them to get on the higher steps of this area. I wont go into detail on which spots you have to jump to – so save before the fly-by and reload to see which are the safe ones (from which the spikes popped out).

Once atop go up the hallway to find yourself in a river area. Cross the river and activate a switch in the room on the other side of the river. This will open the doors and allow you to swim even further in the river. But before leaving look carefully on the floor tiles and remember how they are placed. Now swim further in the river and climb out on one of the ledges from which you can access a room with 8 levers. Here’s where you have to put the knowledge of the floor tiles in use – in case you don’t remember here’s the solution:

LEFT SIDE: activate 2nd and 4th switch only.
RIGHT SIDE: activate 3rd and 4th switch only.

Now return to the river and swim even deeper. Get out of it and activate the switch here – this opens the door near where you started – return there. Behind this door lies the solar star (6). Once you have it return to the area with the fountain and movable block the same way you got here.

Now that you have both solar stars return the way you came here to the trident room. Remember where you had to place the 2 solar stars? Go there and place them. Enter the door that opened, it’ll close when you step on the gray circles, and the other double door will open as you approach it. Now go up the ramp – if you’re low on medipacks go down the stairs and pick up the large medipack (7) here, but otherwise prepare for the final battle. Go further and slide down the slope – as Lara touches the gray circles the double door to the final area opens.

When you enter the big puddle be sure to stay in the shallow parts of it during the battle, as going deeper will slow you down and you will be easy bait for the giant scorpion (5) 2 ahmets (6,7) and 2 falcon demigods (8, 9), which you have to battle now. Don’t spare your ammo and medipacks, as you wont carry anything you get here to Sanus 3. When all of your opponents are defeated, pick up the 2 tridents (8, 9) and place them on the Neptune’s statues to open the door to the last room. Enter it climb on the higher blocks and pickup the earth key (10) and open the last door. Entering those means closing this chapter of the search for the forgotten city of Sanus. Congratulations, you’ve done it!

Completed level’s Summary:

Possible kills: 9
Possible pickups: 10
Secrets: 1 of 1

Whole series’ summary:

Possible kills: 62
Possible pickups: 46
Secrets: 4 of 5