unauthorised walkthrough by Michael Prager

Thanks for lots of hints from the forum, mainly Terry, CC, Kristina, Drew Pizza and Magnus!

Level 1 - Keyakisaka Lake

This starts with a move you probably never before attempted in a TR level. After the flyby, hop back once and turn 45 degrees to the left towards the corner. Place Lara with her back at that corner at the right angle. Then hit the back button and after that immediately the action and forward button. If you do it right you will land on the flat tile exactly under the tile you jumped from.

It does not get much easier. You need to target a jump to the higher 'pillar' towards east. It has to be a running jump from the triangular ledge you are on. So run diagonally and curve the jump a little to the right when in the air. You will lose a little health here. [Addition by manarch2: To avoid the above mentioned curved jumps: Slide down the slope at the block you fell down so difficultly, then shimmy far right and drop. You should land with about 5 percent health.]

(optional) Find the brownish slope on the north side. You need to jump behind it. One way to do that is to place Lara diagonally on the right of this slope at a 45 degree angle and do a sideflip to the left. Drop into the crawlspace and get 3x Uzi Clips then go back out.

(optional) Follow along in the North West direction, hopping up to a triangular tile. From here you can make a running jump with a curve to the left which you need to land exactly (!) in a steep slope facing north, keep the jump button pressed and keep also the left turn pressed and you land on the next safe triangular tile (this needs to really be timed super exactly or it won't work). Once landed turn around and do a running jump through the 'V' shaped gap in the South West direction. Pick up Uzi clips and through a series of angled jumps with grabs make your way upwards and claim your prize - the Uzi and drop down through the nearby crawlspace.

You can now safety-drop to the ground. Nearby is a light green wall you can jump through for Secret #1. Look at the walkthrough for Level 4 where this path is described although the wall is dark greenery in this level. It yields a small medipack and if you bother to go all the way up you get Uzi clips there.

Now, get into the lake and swim to the hole at the bottom. You can't get in because of a current but when you get out of the water the big door on the east wall will have opened. Go in, kill three ninjas, pick up 2x Uzi clips and pull the lever. Go through the now open door in the north wall and kill a few more ninjas who follow you (quite a few actually). Find the east wall in the cave - it is climbable, so go up and jump up a block there to get Uzi clips.

Turn around and line up a standing jump with grab and a little right curve to the left side of the block to the south (tricky!). Don't pull up immediately - make sure you shimmy as much to the right as you can (it may not be much) and then pull up to the triangular tile. [Addition by Drew Pizza: What I did here was a diagonal running jump from the block where I got the uzi clips with right curve in midair. She lands on the leftmost side (barely sliding off) of the triangular tile]. After killing the ninja, don't slide down yet to the alcove where he was but climb a wall up ahead for a big medi pack (Secret #2).] Kill the ninja down to the left and go to where he was.

Looking towards the point where you started the level you will see a hole in the east wall. Your next jump needs to take you there. It is a correctly lined up running jump with a left curve in the air (no grab) and will likely take a few tries until you get it right. Get into the crawlspace and slide into the next level.

Level 2 - Old Stronghold

Go right and step on the tile with the many Uzi clips and a door opens. Go through (you will get to the closed door on the left later). Use the reach-in switch, go through next door that opens. Pick up Uzi clips and use next reach-in switch. Go through the now open door straight across, climb the pillar. Jump down with grab in Western direction and be quick to kill the red ninja before he pushes you into the deadly pit. Walk over to the fire. From here you can make an angled jump into a dark alcove and press button #1 there - it raises a cage down below. Jump down the blocks, kill three more ninjas. Climb up the cage and get into the crawlspace. Drop down on the other side to slide onto a trigger tile and make your way back out via the blocks. The trigger tile has flipped the room behind the nearby door which opens when you approach. First though jump up to the monkey swing from the cage and follow it to the last texture, then go move towards the wall, let go and immediately grab again to catch the invisible crack. Shimmy to the left and claim a Secret #3. Go down in the next room and find some flares, big medi and Uzi clips in the central structure. Leave through the north exit, pick up some more flares along the way and watch a flyby introduce the huge lava lake.

Stand in the middle of the edge facing the grey slope. Take two steps back and then make a running jump across the slope and you will land on a ledge behind it. From here you can jump across to the next big structure ahead. Find the left corner. From here you can make a standing jump with grab to a ledge, shimmy back around the corner and climb in. Crawl through and drop down to find button #2 to press (which shows a cut scene of a grated block rising near a canopic jar). Go to the next hole and angle a jump with grab so that you land on the middle ledge. There you can press button #3 which opens up a hole right next to you. Going through the other water hole lets you emerge at the bottom of the lake. If you jump around the left corner you can get all the way up the structure again. However, you need to go through the hole you just opened up. This eventually brings you back to the starting point of the lava room with a few Uzi clip pickups and a big medipack if you look around. Likely you will also find a closed door which you will get to later, so remember the place.

Now jump up a block in the North East Corner and turn around to jump from there to the two blocks structure next to the little fire. From up there you can jump onwards into an opening. Follow the path and reach the room you saw in the cut scene earlier. Walk on and a second cage rises. Go through the door and emerge high above the lava lake. Make your way out on the ledge and to the very left corner. Turn around, side flip to the right onto the slope. Keep jump pressed and Lara will back-flip and forward jump to the higher ledge. Walk around the edge and reach button #4 on the east wall. After pressing it turn around and you need to make a jump that lands you behind the slope on the right. I did it via a running jump diagonally from the left. Press button #5 there. Then jump on the slope on the right and shimmy across and pull up on the corner and you can make it back to the top ledge easily. Now go to the very corner again and make a drop down jump with grab to land on the corner you started from (tricky!). Go back to the room with the cages.

There is a new opening right across now and another cool jump combo awaiting. You need to aim a running jump (without grab) slightly to the left to jump across (!) the sloped pillar and land on the corner of the one behind (which you cannot see from here) and then drop and grab the edge there. Shimmy a little to the left, pull up, back-flip and from the slope jump forward directly with a right turn to land on flat ground. Make your way down to button #6 and back out after pressing. Drop down, make your way further down through some crawlspaces and find flares and button #7. A cut scene shows a door opening. Come back up and go to the pillar near the entrance to this room and to the wall right hand of it. You can jump up and grab a crack in the wall, shimmy to the right as far as you can go, then pull up and jump with twist and a left curve to be back at the entrance. Walk over to the rising cage and wait a few seconds next to it until it goes down. Step on the tile and get a cut scene of another door opening.

Now make your way to the two doors you have opened. Leave this area and go back to the start of the lava lake area. Drop and slide off the edge, drop and climb up the layers and walk around to the now open doors which you might have seen earlier when you got back up here. Press button #8. Go back out, turn left and make a running jump into the opening and crawl through. Pull up and back-flip to the starting position again.

Retrace your steps to the room with the canopic jar and the two cages. Go through the opening on the left and repeat the tricky jump sequence to the left side of the room high up. This time turn around and jump across to the area you have not been to yet. A hole in the ceiling has opened. Jump up and go through to the 'cage room' but this time you are on top of the pillars. Jump to the left first for some Uzi clips and then back. Make your way across the two cages and land on the trigger tile left of the door to the canopic jar. Now you have to be quick. Run off the ledge parallel to the door and do a left flip into the room just before the door closes again. Pick up the canopic jar aka "Dedicate Bal04528" (?) and find your way back to the starting point.

Now go to the opposite side (West). You can jump on a block there and (a little tricky) on the next triangular slope and get into a big room. Go through the door you have already opened by an earlier action, climb up onto the cage and jump into the opening. Place the canopic jar in the next room.

Enter the water and swim down (only way you can go now) and then through the smaller opening and back up. Avoid the two crocodiles as best as you can. Now there's a timed run ahead - actually a two-in-one. Get up on the trigger tile and hear the door open. Jump & run your way across on the right hand side as in the next gap there is the trigger for the second door. If you time it so that you jump the gap (use grab) you should make it through the first door but likely not through the second. Simply wait till the first door closes. Then step near it and it re-opens. Jump across to the trigger tile for the second door and quickly back and you should safely make it through both doors. Press the button you find (which turns off the current in the water), kill three red ninjas and pick up a big medipack and find yourself back at the start of the level.

You will now need to get back to where you entered the water after placing the canopic jar and you can do this either by going back through the timed doors or by repeating the round trip to the lava lake etc. This time you can swim into the crawlspace and onwards and upwards. Climb out and safety drop your way down, follow the path, jump across the gap and press button #9. Slide down, pick up the big medipack and go swimming again. You will come back to familiar rooms, have to redo the timed doors again and find the door near the start of the level open now. Go inside and press button #10 to end this level.

Level 3 - A Mercenary

Walk through the rooms, find the wounded soldier and pull him away. Pick up the card ("Hajime Kusaka") - without it you won't have the benefit of a peaceful sentry gun later. Go back to the very start of this level and look up. You can grab a climbing wall and above pull a lever. This opens the blue wooden door below so go in there. Pick up 3x Uzi Clips and pull another lever to open the nearby trap door. Go down and follow along. Slide down backwards and safety drop into a big room. Kill four guards.

Find a few pickups in a hole in the North West corner. Go the backend of this room and make an attempt to crawl onto the box in the corner and it will miraculously falter and reveal a crawlspace. Go through and claim a Secret #4 - the Grenade Gun. Outside again, behind the south wall door is a small medipack. Now go through the crawlspace in the North wall near the sentry gun. Kill another guard. Open the ceiling trapdoor and climb up. Note a closed door to your right and at the top make an angled jump with grab and pull up onto a triangular tile (press crouch button first or Lara will drop down again). You may be tempted to just jump into the water but you will need to get to a jump-switch in this room by sliding/jumping to a ledge half way down. This quite tricky. Here is how I managed: Slide down backwards a little to the right of the middle of the tile. As soon as you hit the ledge jump forward with grab and a little right turn. When you land, slide for the fraction of a second then back-flip and again, when you land jump with grab and right turn and you should end up on the ledge with the jump-switch above. Pull it (to open the door you had passed on your way up) and go swimming. Find the ledge to exit the water, climb up a bit and find a room with another jump-switch to pull (cut scene of a door you can't reach yet). Drop down through the holes and repeat the trip through the crawlspace to the now open door. Step on the trigger tile behind it to the left (note the sound). Now continue up again and drop down to see that the water level has lowered. Swim through to the other side and climb out. There are two climbable walls (not really textured as such) which bring you all the way up to a crawlspace. Go through and find a room with a lever (cut scene of a door opening) and a jump-switch (raising a block and opening a trapdoor to let you back out near the start of the level.

Now for the very tricky bit. Go to the slide into the big room again and slide down backwards and grab. Shimmy to the very right, pull up and wait a fraction of a second and then hit the jump button to back-flip. Lara needs to land with her feet on the floating middle structure and immediately jump again with a right turn and then adding grab to make it to the triangular platform on the pillar below the crawlspace. This needs to be very precise to work. From there get into the crawlspace and through a door and kill two guards. At the backend of the hallway is one of the doors you have previously opened. Go through and find a trigger tile behind it.

This is a timed run up the stairs. You need to run all the way up, pull up and drop into the door to the left before it closes. You slide down and find a lever (opens a door outside) and a jump-switch (opens the blue door). Exit the room and you are back in the hallway. Kill a guard and make your way up the stairs again (no hurry this time) and at the top in the room you can pick up the revolver and the Voice Recorder (Bill of Indictment) - even though it says 'Don't touch' on the tile. [There seems to be no use for the Voice Recorder in the game though.] Go back down and pick up the lasersight in the room on the left. You will notice that while one door at the backend is open now, another is still closed.

So, retrace your steps to the big room. Place Lara in the North East corner of the room with her back to the east wall and combine revolver and lasersight. There is a hole in the ceiling (quite far away sort of on top of the sentry gun) in which you have to shoot a blue brass ball. This opens the door behind the ceiling trapdoor after the crawlspace near the sentry gun. Go there and directly after you walk in a little earthquake rumbles and you get a cut scene of the second door opening above.

Go there - yes, it means climbing all the way up, swim, climb etc and repeating the tricky jump to the pillar near the high crawlspace. Go through the now open door after killing another guard. Meet the four frozen soldiers. You can jump over the opened door (use the dive move: jump key + walk key + forward) and around the corner pull another jump-switch.

Retrace your steps to where you triggered the earthquake and move on there to reach a door you opened long ago. Kill two guards and advance to the backend where you find a lever that you can reach now (before the 'wall' was solid - the jump switch near the frozen soldiers opens it up for you). Pull the lever to open the big double doors. Go back there and slide to leave this level.

Level 4 - Gift Box

First battle the welcome committee (6 guards) and then make a leap into the water. Swim across the trigger and up while the earthquake takes over and eventually emerge from the bottom of the lake that you started at in Level 1.

Get out and do your best at shooting the next 6 guards that surround you. Then approach the greenery towards the West. You can jump through it from the triangle you can stand on left of it.

Pick up the small medipack behind and look closely at the wall across the pit. To the right the line shows kind of a 'V' - that is where you need to jump to and grab the invisible crack. Shimmy all the way around and pull up (this stops the earthquake).

Turn around and make a running jump with grab to the monkey swing. Go as far as you can go and then face the wall to the left. Let go and grab the wall and go all the way down. Down below you can get another pair of Uzi clips for your next adventure.

Then climb the long way up on the North wall of the North West corner. Climb round the corner at the top and pull up and crawl towards the helicopter and the end of the adventure.

"Bye Bye!"