Palace Midas 2

By Szymon Cupryn (Emoo)

Jump into the water by the second hole, pull the lever and go back to the third hole, kill the crocodile from above then swim back to the first hole and further, there's the Shotgun (Secret 1).

Go back to the second hole, go in the doorway, get to the other side and pull the lever. Swim back to the second hole again and go in the opened door. Jump into the water, swim then get out of it. There's a small medipack on the right, you can pick it up with crouching. You'll arrive to a junction; you can get the Uzis (Secret 2) from the right one. In the left shoot the vase and you'll find a torch; light it and use it with the others.

Go in the opened door and the Crystal of Neptune is yours. Swim back and get out of the water with a jump. You'll arrive to a new room (after you have unlocked the door) where it's not the same where to step. Only step those omega signs like the first. In the very beginning of omegas jumping room (standing on the first omega), there is a ladder on your right that allows you to descend into the dark. Do it and pick up some flares. There's a lighting bug in here. Neither firing pistols nor using flares don't make anything brighter. You have to throw or drop a flare to create some light. Doing so, running hopelessly around and fearing you will run out of them, find a medipack and a pack of shotgun ammo (Secret 3). Now get back, possibly fighting total darkness.

Jump the omegas and when you reach the other side, pull the block onto the sign and go in the opened door.

Beside the stairs there's a crawlspace on either side with each lever; pull them but beware NOT to step onto the sign because it closes the door. Go to the water and do the same at the other place, then go to the water again, there is the door opened; there's a lever and go to the other door in the water.

There keep on drawing levers below then above and again and again by the time of you can climb higher. Another lever will be waiting for you, but now hurry, because the lower door closes in time. If you've gotten in, there you have to hurry also because a ball is rushing towards you. Some steps, running, jumping back and you can go into the water now.

When you enter the rolling ball room, turn around and notice a locked door behind you. After running down through the passage and avoiding being squashed by rolling ball, get out of the water and return to the door behind you. It's now open. Climb up and collect the Grenade Launcher (Secret 4). Get back into the pool.

When you get out of it, at first face left, pull the lever and keep pushing the blocks until you reach the Laser Sight, then go to the opened door, there you'll pull levers till you find the Key of Hermes. Then go to the right and combine the Laser Sight with the revolver and shoot one to the chandelier; go to the newer opened door, pick up the Key of Ares and get into the water; on the other side go to the opened door and pull the statues to their place.

Go to the water and in the intermediate underwater room you'll find some Uzi ammo. (Secret 5) Get out of the water and go in the big room; shoot to the chandelier and get to the top of the room, pull the lever and go to the door; get into the water on the other side and the Crystal of Neptune is yours. There pull the lever too, get totally back where the bezel is and use the crystal there. Indoors pull the levers on the either side and go in the opened door, and use the two other keys. Go back to the central room, where the last door opened and pick up the golden tulip and that's the end of the level.

Secret 6: There is a unique place preceded by a flyby, with revolver ammo pack placed on a pedestal in the middle of the room. You start a quest for Neptune Crystal from here. When you collect it, return to this place. Just before you leave, a raising block activates. Enter revealed passage and collect a medipack and shotgun ammo.

Written by OBig / Translated by Clau

Additional Secrets 3, 4 and 6 found by DJ Full