The Surrounded City

Level by Pedro Sanchez (April, 2001)

Walkthough by Harry Laudie

start in a dark empty room. Go north and the doors open for you. Go down the steps and just before the last small slope, look to the left and see a tunnel with a closed gate. Then continue down the slope into a large room. The ramp in the west wall is for later.  There is a pit at the east wall with a grenade gun and a large medipack. Forget about them. If you go there, you cannot get out and two rolling balls will kill you. There are closed doors in the north wall. Go to the doors and one door opens. Enter the door and the door closes behind you. You are in a room with a large pool.


There is a closed gate in the north-east corner. There is also a tunnel opening in the lower north-west corner of the pool. This tunnel leads back to the room that you just left. There is a tunnel in the south-west corner of the room so enter that tunnel and go down a ramp. At the bottom of the ramp a door opens for you. Follow a dark tunnel to a T-junction. To the left is a ramp that ends in a spike trap pit. Go to the right and follow the tunnel  to another T-junction. Step into the corridor and then hop back as a spike ball rolls in front of you. Go to the right and slide down a slope. A gate drops shut in front of you. Enter the tunnel to the north. Follow the tunnel to a beetle picture tile that indicates the start of a maze.


Go north-east to where you see a yellow-lit section. Follow the east tunnel to a closed gate and pick up a large medipack. Return to the yellow-lit passage. Follow the tunnel to the north to a picture tile. Follow the tunnel to another picture tile and go to the left. At a T-junction, you show see a blue-lit section to your left. Go to that section and pick up a shotgun. Return and take the first north tunnel branch and arrive at a red-lit section. Go east to a picture tile and turn into the short branch tunnel that is also red-lit. Pull up through a hole into a higher maze.


Go forward and turn to the south. Follow the tunnel over a floor grate. Then pull up into a green-lit crawl space. To the north is nothing so drop down into an east tunnel. To the south is another floor grate. Follow the tunnel to the north. Drop into a lower green-lit tunnel and go south. Follow the tunnel to a picture tile and then go west. Follow the tunnel to a beetle picture tile and turn to the right. Ignore the side branches to the left. Turn left to another beetle picture tile. Then turn left and then right to enter a dark walled tunnel.


Go east and turn into a right alcove for the Ba Cartouche. Do not enter the water yet but continue down the main east tunnel. Go to the end of the tunnel and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of an underwater gate opening. Shoot a ninja and the return to the water. Dive in and follow the tunnel to the end. Swim up and pull up onto an east ledge. Climb the yellow east wall. Pull up into a tunnel. Run down the tunnel and the gate opens for you. You are back at the steps so go left and back down the slope and into the large room.


Carefully go up the left side of the ramp in the west wall. Side jump to the right to avoid the rolling spike ball. Go forward and then side jump to the left to avoid a second spike ball. At the top room, place the Ba Cartouche into the receptacle. Go back down the ramp and re-enter the north door to go back to the room with the pool. The gate in the north-east corner is now open.


Enter the open gate and run down the tunnel. Slide down a slope and stop in front of a deep pit. Use the two ropes to cross the deep pit. Enter another tunnel and an easy maze. Go to the right and then to the left. The slope you can see in the right side tunnel ends in a spiked trap pit. It is not a complex maze. It just has many small alcoves. Go to the north-west direction where you see that the floor is brighter in color. You emerge in a doorway over an outside area with a small lake and a jeep to your left. Run for the jeep and the level ends.