Level by Manuel Garcia (Codigolandia)

Walkthrough by Moonpooka

Save as many flares as you can because you will hit the flare bug in a very dark passage area. To combat this problem, use a flare then drop it, this will give you some light; you can keep doing this until you reach the end of the dark passage.

This level has four secrets.

Watch the short scene as Lara arrives in her first room, then if you wish to meet your fist enemy, shoot the left side vase and kill the scorpion.

Head through to the next room and shoot two more scorpions that show up. Look in the North wall for a crawl space and go in for 1st Secret SMP.

Go to the West double doors and they will open for you. Make you way through the passage and kill the crocodile that is waiting at the end. Continue on and enter the fountain room.

Kill the crocodile that attacks from the right, then pick off the two crocodiles in the pool. Jump in the water and collect some Shotgun Ammo before opening the door in the East wall of the pool. Swim through the tunnel until you arrive in a room with another crocodile.

Swim through the North door and go up the steps to use a button. If you can, try and pick off the crocodile from the steps, this will make life easier to get the next secret. Collect some Flares from the SE corner then swim behind the steps for some more Shotgun Ammo.

Swim out to where the crocodile was and in the SW corner of the floor, find a hole and swim down for 2nd Secret Amulet of Horus. Now return through the South door and go back out to the fountain room.

Climb out from the pool and go to the grey blocks at the East wall, then climb up to the upper block and make your way accross the ledges to the ladder on the North wall. Climb up and off to the left to get to the upper balconies. Head round to the West wall door and shoot the two bats that show up before using the pole through the West door to get to ground (the spikes below are deactivated so its safe to land).

Approach the next room and spikes will activate below you. Shoot the pot across the room then use the rope to get over to the SW corner ledge. Grab the Shotgun Ammo and then jump to the East ledge. Run and jump to grab the shimmy gap in the North wall and shimmy right until you can climb up. Now jump and catch the next rope and swing to the East rope. Jump off onto the ledge by the wheel then jump to the death tile on the other side of the wheel; this will deactivate some floor spikes below the East door.

Jump back to the other side of the wheel and turn the wheel about six times to open the East timed door. Jump from the ledge and down onto the floor where the spikes have been deactivated, then climb up the pillar to get to the East door. Jump to the door and either roll under it or crawl to get through before it closed.

In the new passage head left, and at the end use the monkey swing to use to the button across the room. Now drop to ground and head back through the West door to get back to the fountain room.

Kill the three scorpions that show up then head to the newly opened South door. Go through the passage and climb up into the bull room.

The right South door ahead has a waiting bull behind it, and also a button to the right of it, quickly use the button before the bull crashes out because once the bull is released Lara is unable to use the button. Also look out for a lurking dog that will show up once you start you business here.

Once the bull is released, lure him to the left South wall door (note to the right of this door is a closed door which holds the 3rd secret) and let him charge at you to open the door. Use the button inside then head round to the closed door in the West wall. Let bully do his stuff again and enter the new open door.

Light a flare and make you way up the steps, then at the third step stop and climb the ledge for a LMP. Continue up the steps and go out onto the upper balconies.

Make your way round the balconies to the South wall and collect the Golden Vraeus, then face West and make you way round Northwards. At the end of this balcony, go left and stop, look right and up into the ceiling and you will see a hang lever to jump to (this opens the secret door below). Drop to ground and head round to the newly opened door by the left South door and collect 3rd Secret Shotgun.

Go back to the North door you entered here by, and make you way back to the fountain room. Climb the grey blocks again and go back up the North wall ladder, then head west to use second ladder. Go down and shimmy right to get to the lower balconies and take the Flares.

Hang drop from the ledge then drop and grab the shimmy gap below, shimmy right until you can climb up to use the Golden Vraeus. A gate is now open down in the West wall so drop to ground and head into the newly opened gate for the Mechanical Beetle key.

Return to the bull room via the South door. Head straight across the room to the right South door and go through to the new room. Lure bully in with you and let him smash the button on the North wall to open the left side door at the south wall. Go through the new door and use the monkey swing to get over the lethal pit and enter the obelisk room.

Approach the obelisk and a Ninja attacks, take him out and pick up the SMP he drops.

Go to the East doorway and enter the dark passage. This is where you will have the flare bug to deal with, so having stocked up on flares you can light one and drop it to light your way, each time you need to see more, just light and drop another flare.
Ok, in this passage head forwards and go left. Light a flare and drop it to see an alcove in the East wall, climb up and take some much needed Flares, then drop back into the passage. Continue on Northwards and find the next passage to climb up into in the East wall. Go through the passages until you arrive at a crawl space in the East wall, then go through and collect some more Flares from your left as you leave the crawl space.

You are now in a torch lit passage. Head North and six scorpions will attack from beyond, and another two are creeping up on you from behind, take them out and then climb to the upper passage in the North wall. Go through and you will arrive at some double doors which will open as you approach, but be sure and take the Shotgun Ammo from your right before entering the new room.

Kill the two dogs that show up to greet you, and then make your way over to the pool at the other side of the room. Jump in and swim down to collect LMP Shotgun Ammo, then climb out of the pool and enter the South door.

Take care as you run up the slope as three boulders will fall, dodge them and make it to the top of the slope then enter the door at the top. Use the buttons to the left and right of you, then hang drop from the ledge, drop and grab the block below then pull up and use the button on the wall. Turn and jump to grab the greenery on the South wall and climb up, back flip off to the upper floor and make you way back down the slope. A Ninja attacks, kill him and head out to the pool again. This time the water is drained, so use the ladder on the West wall of the pool to get to the pool floor.

Find the movable block at the east side of the pool (its close to the water grating in the floor) and move the block away to reveal a lever. Use the lever and climb to the top of the pool to find a new door is open in the North wall.

Go through and jump the water hole to collect the Guardian key, then drop into the water hole and swim South through the watery tunnel.

Just before you reach the end of this first tunnel, look up and see a place in to climb out, this will get you the final 4th Secret Flares, then swim on to the end of the water tunnel until you can climb out.

Go up the steps and shoot the two waiting scorpions, then drop back down into the obelisk room and head to the West door. Use the Guardian key to open the door and take the Mechanical Beetle. A shot shows you two Ninjas arriving so kill them and then go to the lethal pit.

Jump and grab the shimmy gap in the West wall of the lethal pit and shimmy right until you can pull up. Use the mechanical Beetle, combined with its Key, to deactivate the floor spikes, then head through to the final room. Run to the bike and the level ends.

The End