Raiding Lara's Home

Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough: Lucas

Before we start... this is a stealthy level, avoid showing Joana's face to a camera. Usually the camera ranges are marked with a circular red spot on the ground, but some of them are not. If a camera catches you, a pack of dogs will come after you. No big deal, actually, but remember, you're unarmed.

(Unauthorized) Walkthrough

Jill begins the level jumping over Lara's front gates. If you take a look around you'll see all the doors are tight shut, so climb up the crate and then the wall until you reach the rooftop. Head West and dive into the outside pool. Surface, climb out of the water and go to the SW corner. This
part of the yard has several cameras, run beneath the ones attached to the house until you reach the broken window. Jump into the kitchen.

Get to the main hall and then upstairs. Push the button and enter the attic. Search the shelves for goodies and the Music Room Key. Get down to the main hall and use that key upstairs. A cutscene wil show you there's a camera guarding the obvious way in to the library, so instead climb up the bookshelves on the music room, backflip at the top and make your way around this balcony to find the switch that opens the door to the kennels. Make your way back to the hall and go downstairs, go down to the kennels and here you have two choices: you can monkey swing over the dogs or you can just run like mad along with them. Pick up the Computer Room Key in the middle of the room and head to the crawlspace in the SW corner. Push the button to open the door to the pool room.

Return to the main hall and head to the pool room. Notice the dance hall is full of cameras. Behind the diving board there's a switch: push it to open a door in the computer room. Head upstairs in the main hall, use the key to get in and push the switches, one drains the pool and the other opens the office. Get back down to the pool, climb down and push the button to extinguish the fire in the library. Head there (climb the bookshelves...) to pick up, in the fireplace, Lara's Bedroom Key. Exit the library and now go to Lara's bedroom, get through it to reach the bathroom and open the cupboard to find the Piece Of Paper. It reads:

"To avoid security sensors in the office, do the following steps:
6m N, 3m E, 3m N, 6m E, 9m N"

1m = 1 step. 3m = 1 tile

Go downstairs and into the office to do the above. The path only begin when you cross the double plaster statues. There's a little problem with the paper, though, the second time you face East you must go 9m, not six. If you make one mistake you'll burn down. Once you get through, conquer the
Clock Of Ages (Scion) and the Garden Key. Make the steps backward now, head to the kitchen and go outside. Avoid the camera spotlights, head East and use this key. Get in (cameras...), climb up the vines and get outta here.

End of Level
Secrets: none