Level by Devoid

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Lara drops down inside a barbed-wire enclosure near the entrance to the compound. The two SAS guards posted at the door take no note of Lara's presence. Go around to the SE corner and locate the crawl space. You'll disturb two scorpions in the vicinity, but don't draw your pistols to shoot them or you'll also arouse the SAS guards from their stupor. Run to the other side of the enclosure to draw the scorpions away (unless you simply prefer killing everything in sight), then return to the crawl space and quickly pull inside.

Crawl to the other end, lower Lara down the other side and hop down into a passage. As you face the blocks, the one on your right is moveable. Push it forward three times while the SAS down below to your left starts lobbing grenades against your ankles. Kill him as soon as you can, restore your health and go around the block to throw the floor lever to open the door to the south passage. As you enter, the door clangs shut behind you. What's more, as you step forward carefully toward the flames one lights up right behind you. Nowhere to go but forward, so use the alcoves to your right and left to jump past the flames. When you reach the last one and jump to the south door, it opens automatically.

In the next area (the door closes behind you again) you'll see a keyhole next to the west door. No key yet, so keep on going down the south passage (yes, I know there's a ceiling trapdoor here, but let's save that for later) and when the door opens for you continue into the cell block. Another clueless SAS inside, so ignore him for now. Turn left and run toward the end of the east corridor. Pull the block back to get it out of your way, then go around it into a small room. The floor lever on your right opens both Cells AAYD and AAYE behind you. You'd think the released prisoners would be overjoyed, but the one in cell AAYE behind you just stands there as if he's never seen a woman before. What's more, the escape threat brings the SAS running, so now you have to kill him while the prisoner looks on helplessly. When the first one is dead, a second SAS appears.

When you go into cell AAYD, which turns out to be empty, a third SAS shows up (and possibly a fourth SAS after that).  Go out toward the west end of the corridor and turn right into the passage from which you entered the cell block. Turn left and run under the trap door handle in the ceiling. Turn around to face east, jump up to grab the handle and pull down the trap door. Hug the south wall and pull up into the dark opening above. Step forward and push the floor lever to open a door down below. Go back to the cell block and enter the north doorway near the west end of the corridor. One of the floor levers inside (to cell AAYX) has already been thrown (although the corresponding cell door remains closed), so throw the other one to open cell AAYC behind you. Reverse roll and enter the cell across the hall for a small medipack and some MP-5 ammo.

The north door toward the east end of the corridor is now open, so go through into an outdoor area and draw your pistols to kill the charging dog. An SAS is right behind it, so keep those pistols out. Note the keyhole next to the east alley, and proceed to a block puzzle in the next area.

Unfortunately, that mound of dirt in the alley prevents you from pulling the block, so push it forward twice. Pause to kill a scorpion (it'll probably sting you first, so be prepared to use a medipack) then push the next block to your left (north) forward once. This may or may not attract the attention of another SAS; if it does, reverse roll and dispatch him; if not, go back through the alley and you'll find him. Pick up the small medipack he drops when you kill him, then resume your task. Now go the block just to the left of the first one you pushed, and push it forward (east) once. Hop back twice, turn to your left and pull back the second block once, to its original position. Go around it and push it east once. This opens up a little passage to your left that gives you access to a jump switch in the west wall. Activate it to open the door behind you in the north wall. 

Go inside to find a launching bay for four missiles. Go around them to the ladder in the NE corner and draw your pistols to deal with the two SAS who are taking pot shots at you from above. Then climb up the ladder, shift to your left and drop down onto the walkway. There's a closed door at the west end, so jump over to the south walkway and throw the floor lever there. This opens that door, so jump back across and enter the control room where an SAS is waiting. Pick up the KEY he drops. Let's see now. We've already passed two keyholes, and there's a third one in here. Well, since the door to the control room closed after you entered, you have little choice but to use your key right here.

When you insert your key, the fire exit door to your right opens. Head down the stairs to your left and kill the SAS awaiting you down below. The first door to your left opens as you draw near, but don't go in right now.  Continue toward the fire exit, and the second door to your left opens to give you access to the armory.  Shoot the panel in front of you and enter for the MP-5, 2 x MP-5 ammo, a small medipack and a large medipack.  Return to the corridor, turn right and enter the first doorway you passed by earlier.  The door slams shut behind you, so it's a good thing you didn't enter this room before entering the armory.  Pull the block out of your way. Enter the bay of a much larger missile and kill the SAS who's patrolling the walkway outside. There's another SAS higher up, but he's protected by a railing and you can't harm him from down here. Grit your teeth and climb up the NE ladder. Backflip to the next higher walkway and quickly kill that pesky SAS.

Enter the SW passage and use the crawl space to your right. There's a ladder on the other side, so climb down the steep shaft and turn to your left when you reach the passage below. Approach the dead soldier for SECRET #1. Pull his corpse away to expose two stashes of MP-5 ammo, then locate additional MP-5 ammo near the west end of this area. You can pull up through the ceiling hole into the bay for a closer look at the missile, but you can't accomplish anything productive there. Go back to the ladder and climb up to the higher passage. Head south and use the crawl space there to access a corridor where you can stand up. Turn left and follow the corridor until you reach another crawl space. On the other side you find yourself on a ledge overlooking the puzzle block area you visited earlier.

Drop off the south side of the ledge onto a block and pick up two stashes of MP-5 ammo. Then turn to your left and jump over to the blocks east. Make your way over to the SE corner to find another passage. There's also another SAS (maybe the same one who may or have not have shown up earlier) shooting at you from the west alley, so turn around and eliminate him before proceeding. There are flaming tiles in the corridor below, so turn to your right, jump up and grab the edge of the wall, shimmy to your left and around the corner, and pull up onto the gray block. Run forward east and drop down into a passage. Draw weapons and pick off six SAS as they come after you one by one. The first and third ones drop some MP-5 ammo, and the sixth one in the spike-infested courtyard down below drops a KEY. (Kill him as quickly as you can so he won't drop the key amidst those spikes.) Oh, I almost forgot, when you kill that sixth one a seventh SAS materializes behind you.

Now use the ledges to make your way clockwise around this enclosure, triggering some of the spike traps in the process. When you get to the last ledge turn around, and you can see the jump switch beneath the first one. Run and jump back to that first ledge and drop off the west edge. Activate the jump switch to open the door to your left, then hug the wall (there are additional spike traps you haven't yet triggered) as you run west to the safety of the metal walkway (but don't go all the way to the NW corner). Pick up the key dropped by the sixth SAS and enter the building via the west opening (the second door opens as you approach it). Kill the lone SAS inside and turn left to go through the block puzzle area.

Go through the alley and pick up a small medipack dropped by one of the slain SAS if you didn't do so earlier. Another SAS is trying to shoot you in the back from the east passage, so reverse roll and kill him. Then turn the corner and try your key in the keyhole there. Nope, doesn't fit, so continue south into the cell block, turn right and then right again. Locate the other unused keyhole in the west wall, and this time your key works. Enter the open doorway, and take your pick at the intersection. Going to your right gets you an SAS, to the left a scorpion. When the coast is clear, go around to the back, climb up onto the block and use the ladder to reach the top of the radar station.

Go to that portion of the top surface that extends to the south wall and turn left to face the SE corner. Take a standing jump with grab to land inside the lower opening. Follow the passage past a bay of computers and turn to your left. The door opens silently in front of you. Kill the SAS inside, then reverse roll and kill the second SAS who was trying to sneak up on you from behind. Now enter the next room and a third SAS appears. Kill him and continue around the long bay of computers. A fourth SAS shows up on the other side, so kill him and pick up the small medipack he drops. Pick up the MP-5 ammo near the computer desk and leave via the west door that opens automatically.

Follow the short passage and the next door also opens automatically. There are two SAS in the next room; and both will drop some MP-5 ammo as they die. Throw the nearby floor lever, then vault up over the block between the two radar screens and pick up the card (that shows up in your inventory as the CAR-JACK; I suspect something is haywire in the script files). This brings two more SAS to the scene, so dispose of them and pick up the MP-5 ammo dropped by one of them.

Go back the way you came to the opening over the little courtyard with the radar dish structure in the middle. Safety drop to the ground and kill another SAS. Go to the west end of the courtyard and use the ladder to climb back to the top. You find that the radar dish has slid away from its center position to expose a shaft in the platform. Use the ladder in the south face to climb down to the chamber below. There's a closed door in the SW corner, so use the east crawl space to access an alcove where you'll find a jump switch. Activate it to open the SW door, then draw your pistols while crouching in the crawl space to kill the SAS who comes to investigate. Pick up the Jeep keys he drops (shown as the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER in your inventory) and enter the new room for SECRET #2. Push the floor lever to open a door elsewhere.

Climb back up the shaft, climb down the ladder on the west face of the central structure and drop to the ground. Exit via the east doorway and return to the cell block. Cell AAYX is now open, so go inside and step past the befuddled prisoner for the ring with three KEYS. Leave the cell block through the north doorway leading to the block puzzle area. Use the set of keys in the keyhole beside the alley to open the door to your right. Go inside to deal with the dog and the SAS, and the door closes behind you.

Continue forward into a room with five blocks. One of them is moveable, so push it east to reveal a passage to the south. Go into the next room and kill two dogs and an SAS. On the south side of the room you'll find the Jeep, but at the moment you can't drive it anywhere. Climb up onto one of the blocks surrounding the SE corner and hop down into the opening for SECRET #3. Pick up the small medipack and climb back out. Use one of the blocks to jump to the stacked central blocks.  Turn around to kill the SAS down on the floor. Then face east, jump up and pull down the trap door. There's another SAS who might choose this moment to appear down below and behind you to your right. After dealing with him, pull up east through the open trap door into the passage.

Follow the passage around to your left. Shoot the grate with the emblem on it, step forward and shoot the next grate ahead.  Enter the passage and turn to your right. Pull up the trap door in the floor and drop down onto the blocks in the room below. Activate the jump switch in the NE corner. This opens a door across the room in the west wall, so head over there and throw the floor switch inside. This opens the other doors in the west wall to give you quick access to the Jeep.

Before going to the Jeep, however, run around the blocks in a clockwise direction and kill the SAS on the other side (unless you'd prefer to run him down). Run all the way over to the exit doors in the south wall, and you'll alert another SAS, maybe two (they walk right through the exit doors from outside). Deal with the threat, then shoot out the exit doors and go to the Jeep (or shatter them with the Jeep if you prefer). Get in, drive  through the east doorway into the next room, go around the blocks in a clockwise direction as you did on foot, and gun it through the south doorway and into the courtyard outside as four sentry guns posted at the corners rain bullets and flames down on you. Run over a couple more SAS for good measure if the pause for vengeance doesn't kill you, then drive through the south gateway that opens up for you automatically to end the level.