Lara on the Moon

Level by ve2lyr (Robert LaChapelle)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start with Lara trapped in a room standing in front of a closed grate. Turn around to the south wall while you get an angled camera. Notice there are three alcoves in this wall and row tile be might hard to see in the front. Move south-east by stepping on the first tile, the left alcove lighting red. Face west, take a standing jump forward, the middle alcove should be lighting red, too. Step north out of the row tile, proceed west and back to the row tile by standing on the last tile, all three alcoves should now have red lighting. Since you are still under an angled camera you can't see that the grate is still closed. At this point jump up, grab the ceiling and monkeyswing south, then east alongside the wall, reach the other side. Keep north and drop down when the camera comes back to normal position. Walk safely and approach the grate and it opens for you, get out of this room.

You are on a platform and you can see some missile and earth at the west and the sun in the north. Drop down on the moon and head toward the sun, turn north-west, you have to take blind safely fall under the moon in a dark place. Go north and drop forward into an orange room, keep stepping forward, pass the yellow, blue and the red rooms. Drop and slide down into a black covered white points room, cross it north and drop into a next similar room, cross it too and drop out into a white room. Head north, hit the wall, turn west, run forward, hit the next wall. Turn south, run forward and drop down into a next white room and hit the wall. Turn east and run toward the large opening for reaching the last white room. From here you can see the faraway brown pillar, run over it and finish the level.