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Levels by Claude Gross.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing. Jmp =jump, MP= medpack, Have fun! [/size][/b]

Some names are in Red for later reference.

The Cave Level 1

At the start you will slide a long sloped tunnel, a Boulder takes off behind you, as soon as you go through that gate, run and jmp aside. Next to that Face you came out of are 2 Vases, donít shoot those, there are Wraiths inside and the water is too shallow to get rid of them, go to both N and S doors one at a time and run away fast, open fire on those Guards from a safe distance and they will not shoot at you before they drop, go get the boxes of Ammo, which you have to be careful with, not much Ammo (or MPs)in the level. Try to use pistols often.

The room with the Star.

Open the W doors and on the L side of the terrace is a switch that will start the Wheels in the pit, so a bridge rolls out and you can proceed into the W building. As soon as you come to the new room, a Guard opens fire on you. Shoot him from the passage and then run in and quickly backflip into the passage again, as 2 more Guards and 2 Hellhounds attack. Shoot the lot and go R to the 2nd Wall-torch in the NE corner of this ledge and pull out the block to get Secret #1, Uzis and Ammo. Go over the ledge to the SW and jmp/grab the rope to swing to the ledge with the switch, get the Ĺ MP and throw the switch to get a screenshot of a burn floor on ground floor.

Swing back to the ledge and jmp to the centre ones in the room. Shoot the 2 Guards in the N and go over to the ledge they were on to get their MPs, then make your way down to ground floor by dropping from the centre ledges to a block and then onto the lower ones, go down the S stairs and when you go L around the corner, look into the hole in the corner of stairs, go in to pull the Jmpswitch that will make the blue doors halfway up E wall accessible. Go to the N side of the room where that burn floor is, shoot 3 Guards and get the torch from the pedestal next to it, go around the corner to the W side and light that torch there. Throw it on the floor to set it on fire and climb down from the side of the pedestal, get the Crowbar on the N side of the block and pry the Star from the wall. Go all the way back up grabbing up to the ledges and make a little detour into those blue doors E, to get Secret #2, the Revolver and some Goodies, the next doors are to that pit with the wheels at the bridge.

Return to the climb you were doing and go swing the rope to the S ledge to place the Star, that will open a gate in N wall. Swing back and go down one level and over to the S most single ledge, runjmp/grab the arch over the gate and drop down the S side of that arch.

The Caves.

Go slide down the pole to the cave and go L round the pillar, there are 2 Boulders coming down as you sprint into the N cave. Quickly jmp onto the R hand rock to shoot those Hellhounds from a safe place and go on, into the lower passage to a slope with Chains, stand backwards to the slope and against one of the walls, slide down and you will be hit by those chains, but not severely (Nice pickup on that slope). Drop into the Globe room. Notice the Puzzle for the Gem is covered by a pink glass cover.

Go to the W side and open the doors, run in and to the L, quickly make it over into the pool as Wraiths and Hellhounds chase you, swim on the surface S and behind the Wheel between the Vases you can swim down and get the Ammo and the Scroll (youíll have to manoeuvre around a bit to find the right position so Lara will pick them up). 2 Big doors open in the pool, now first you have to get out of the pool, shoot those Hellhounds and look for the pushblock near the grated floor Tiles close to where you climbed out of the pool and pull the block on both Tiles with a moments pause in between and youíll see underwater gates opening up. Go into the far SE corner of the cave to shoot the vase for a Ĺ MP and run to the pool to swim into the SW corner, through those big doors and follow the tunnel to the crossing, go L and into the open gate to the L, swim L and up a sloped tunnel to climb out in a kind of machine room.

The Star behind the Window.

2 Guards patrol the area, just stand on the waters edge and shoot them before they attack, thereís a big blue Window with a Star and a switch and 3 more switches on the different control panels. First pull the single switch on the S panel and drain the lower rooms and tunnels with it, go down the now dry sloped passage and find the switch in the room down there, see a screen of the Window, roll and go out to the room on the other side of the main tunnel and pull the switch on the panel to the L, shoot the Guard behind you (notice the big Wheel, come back here when the room is re-flooded) and go back to the room with the Window, shooting a Guard on your way up the sloped tunnel. Fires rage in the now open room where the Window was. WellÖ You have 2 more switches, so pull Ďem both (dark one, then gold one) and go get the Golden Star, quickly pull the switch next to it and this will open a door in the Globe room.

Get out fast and pull the single switch again to re-flood the lower area and swim into the room with the big Wheel on the other side of the main tunnel, over the Wheel and get Secret #3, the Grenade-gun and a stack of Ammo for it. Quickly swim back to those big blue doors and stay low swimming through them, just in time swim up to the surface and climb out to leave this room in the NE. Go into the opened door N in the Globe room.

The Cave Level 2

Go onto the bridge over a lower cave and running to the other side, shoot the 4 Guards on both sides, return to the other end and go down the SW stone ledge, drop down from the lower part of it and get the MP, go to the centre of the cave and pry the Golden Star from the W block, climb the same block back up to the W side cave and jmp back to the bridge, jmp to the E side cave and get some left over Ammo and a Crowbar with Flares in the NE corner, jmp to the stone ledge below to get onto the N side of the bridge and go into the next room.

The Slope room.

Shoot 2 Guards on ground floor and one up high on the W side balcony, collect the Ĺ MP and Ammo and place one of your Stars next to the W doors, turn and shoot 2 more Guards, get the Shotgun one of them dropped and enter the blue doors, climb up and go L, to a pool with pillars.

The Scroll.

Shoot the Guard at the Golden Star opposite the entrance and dive in, climb up the E ledge and pull the switch to change the shape of the 1st pillar in the centre W of the pool, that will give you access to that Star. Jmp back onto the entrance ledge and runjmp (donít grab) to the W ledge, turn L and go on to the next ledge, turn R and jmp/grab up to the W pillar, from here runjmp to the S ledge with the Star, pry it off the wall and hop back into the water to get rid of the Wraith. Go pull the E switch again and swim W, between the sloped pillars and look for the 2nd one R, where you can climb up to the higher pillar and standjmp/grab up to the high block with the Scroll.

Get it and go down to a pillar in the S side of the pool and runjmp into the SW corner to pull the switch that will open blue doors, jmp back to the Scroll pillar and look NW, a MP and another Golden Star, go jmp there to get those and go jmp back onto the pillar where you climbed out of the pool, look N to spot the crack in the wall, jmp to the NE pillar close to the crack and runjmp/grab to it, go R and up the stairs to the upper part of the Slope room. Place 2 Stars on both sides of the stairs you just came up from and a bridge appears to the Scroll stand in the centre of the room, go place it and watch a Boulder crash into the Glass cover over the Globe puzzle. Go back onto the balcony and backflip over the blue fence in the NW corner to land on the slope below. Boulders crash down from the other slope, just wait till they are motionless and jmp past them on your way back to the Globe room.

[additional Secret found by Anna27] After you came to globe puzzle, go to E side, and climb the block. The slope, which you slide in previous level, now changed into stairs. Go up them past the chains and get secret: MP,Normal Grenade Ammo, Normal Crosbow ammo and red shotgun ammo.

The Globe puzzle.

Donít jmp down yet, but examine the Scroll you got from the pool at the Wheel before and the riddle talks about snakes, well if you look closely from standing on the floor above the puzzle pit, youíll see the different tiles the Globes are on, are connected by Snake symbol Tiles. So the Globes go to the Tiles the snakes point to, Spoiler Blue= SW, Red= NE, Green= NW, Grey= SE,) (not especially in this order and you can take the shortest route). Smoke will come out of the tile the Globe was on if itís on the correct Tile and after the last is in place the glass cover will break and a ledge appears under the Gem and also the S doors open. Get the Gem and go into those S doors. Climb up to an outside area. A flyby will start and youíll immediately be attacked by 3 Guards after itís over.

The Old Church.

Looking at the sky it will be raining soon, so better get on with it.

Go L/L into the NW alcove and use the jmpswitch to open the alcove with the Gem receptacle NE. place the Gem there and roll, wait for the Spike trap to become active and time your jmp through to go SW and up the pole in that alcove, try to avoid the Blade, although that will be difficult and take a MP when you backflipped to 1st floor. Go over the walkway around the E side and shoot the 2 Guards from a safe distance, go to the far NW corner and use the jmpswitch to open the last ground floor alcove in the SE, jmp over the railing S of the jmpswitch to land in front of the big doors and go over to the SE alcove, the back wall is climbable, so grab the wall and go up, go along the E side to the N where you can get another Scroll, return to the e side where a MS can be accessed from the block, go to the top of the Church and drop when the camera view changes.

Pick up the Revolver andLasersight and shoot the Ball in the blue pillar in the pool, the Church doors open up, shortest way down and also avoiding the now active Spiketrap under that ladder is to drop onto that blue pillar to fall into the pool below. Go up to the Church and now you have to do what is normally strictly forbidden, shoot the 4 Guards in the Church. You have to, because they wonít come out, go up to the Altar and place the Scroll to get a blue glass bridge up in the Church. Go to the E side and go up to that bridge to cross over to the W, jmp over the hole at the Altar.

Slide down the long slope and the level ends