The Cube


Level by Pedros aka Piotr Klonowski (March, 2002)


Walkthrough by Ali1386

(updated by DJ Full)




1. Backflipping with midair roll can save some time in this level.

2. Sometimes you can jump from one corridor to another without touching the floor, what is also a time saver.

3. Purple and Yellow maps are still useful.

4. A REAL time saver is following the TIP - one of the updates, spotted by pure coincidence and then confirmed by playing the whole game again.


BEWARE !!! The Cube is the hardest maze human mind could concive ! If you can't get to the Way Out or don't reach to the Alt + F4 Buttons in time... you might just freak out of your mind. Actually, all in this Level is just like in the Movie: you start in a room in the middle of nowhere... And you don't even know why you're there: the only thing you know is that you have to get out. It's more of a "Labyrinth Rider" sort of Action rather than a "Tomb Raider": still, if you enjoyed the Movie and want to feel what could be like being locked in the Cube try to make it to the Way Out without reading this Walkthrough: it's the only fun about this, otherwise, very simple and straight forward Level (I mean, no enemies, no pick-ups, no nothing, only identical squared room one after the other). I made this Walkthrough only to show to people which might have lost their sanity over this Level (like me, for instance), that actually a Way Out DOES exist. You can finish this in 15 minutes, though if you donít find out what triggers the end door to open you may be stuck in this Cube ... forever.


Enough, let's start. Take a look at the Compass... at the beginning you are almost facing North... and have to go South: push the button on the South Cube Wall and go to the next room. There you'll find that there's a Trap Door on the floor. To open it push the button on the North Cube Wall. Then go down the ladder to the lower (Purple) floor.


We mark this point as "A", because we'll be back in here to go over the next instructions again sometime in the near future. [UPDATE]TIP: Press the N button and hop in the corridor behind it, but DON'T get in the next room. When the door leading out of the passage raise, unlocking the shortest way back from the room behind it (which you'll visit in the future), reverse roll and hit the S button in the cube you've just left. Follow the passage behind it. From now on, if You are supposed to go in the corridor behind a button, such instruction will be written "hit'n'go X" (where X is a proper direction) for short.[/UPDATE] Go slowly... walk, don't run ! Don't just jump in the next room. Now, look at your right (West Wall): see that door and that button? They are friend of yours: all the rest in the room can't wait to see you Burn! Position Lara on the edge and to the left of the corridor between the two rooms (that one on your back and the "can't wait to see you burn" room) inclined of about 45 degree to the right - looking at the "friend of yours". Then just Jump towards the door on the West Wall. When you arrive, push the button and take the corridor to the next room.


In the room you are in now, go straight ahead and push the button on the West Wall, go through the corridor and get to the next purple room. See that Door at your left (South Wall ) ? It's The Way Out, but if you try to open it by pushing the button that stands just below ... nothing happens! We have to reach the Trigger for that door, so take the opposite door (the one on the North Wall) a go to the next room. (This is the End of Point A ).


There's a Ladder in front of you (right ?) leading to some Yellow Room; at your left ( West Wall ) we have a door with no opening-button: over this door is the room that has the Trigger to the Way Out Door. So, according to the best Labyrinth Logic, in order to open the door on the West Wall of this room we have to go East: push the button on the East Wall and reach for the other room. If you noticed, we are making some sort of U-Turn in here; we are going back towards the first purple room we saw.


In this next room we have three buttons: that one one the East Wall ( right in front of you ) will lead us to the First Purple Room we saw coming down the Trap Door from the Yellow Room near the beginning. If we take the one on the South Wall, we will be turning circles... so the one on the North Wall must lead us to somewhere new: push it and cross the corridor.


We are now in a very special room: there is only one button below a very Dark Door over the East Wall: do you dare to push it? (Well, apart from going back it's the only thing we can do! ). [UPDATE]Through a dark corridor we are introduced to another room. To the fact, we are below the Grey Room we were at the very beginning.[/UPDATE] Take the corridor at your left ( North Wall ) and go over to the next room.


And there we are: another Purple Room just like the others but with four buttons, one over each Wall. Push the one in the East Wall and a Movie it's triggered: it shows the opening of a door in some Purple Room with a Ladder. You might not notice this the first time you see the Movie, but the door which is opening has no opening-button below itself... we talked about this door before, do you remember? Also, if you look at the Ladder in the Movie like you are standing right in front of it, the opened up door stands at your left. To trace back the door we have to go South again, back to the room we just came from (the one with the ladder).


Can't take the way back through the Dark Door because it only opens up from... the other side. So [UPDATE] if we unlocked the fastest way out (I mean: if You followed the TIP), we hit'n'go South (the pressed button opens the trapdoor above us for later use) and back to the First Purple Room we saw (the door will open by itself as you approach it). If the fastest way out is locked, we hit S button to raise the trapdoor above us (for now and for later), backflip/midroll to grab and climb the ladder to the grey floor, backflip with midroll to hit'n'go S and down back to the purple area. Once you are back in the point we marked as "A", we need to [/UPDATE] follow again the same instructions till you reach what we marked as "This is the End of Point A". You will find that some doors are already opened from the first time we went through the path... and some will have to be opened again. Never mind: from there, read the following:


There's a ladder in front of you (right?) leading to some Yellow Room; at your left ( West Wall ) we have the door with no opening-button: opened ! Take its corridor and reach to the Way Out-Trigger Room. The door will open by itself as you approach it. Don't run! There are some sort of Laser Lights all over the floor in the room ... are you scared of Laser Lights?


Well, there's no need to be scared out of this ones, they are absolutely harmless. They are there just to make the room a special room... and to give you a little thrill. And as soon as you gather all of your courage ( by pushing the Save Game button ) and decide to jump in the room , the very moment you leave the corridor ground, another thrill awaits you: it's another Movie showing you a door that opens up in a Yellow Room... notice that even this door it's one of the kind with no pushing-button below itself and that lies at the left side of an hole in the floor from an opened up Trap Door: [UPDATE]I think this is an intended way. But if You wanna finish the game in seconds, follow the trigger Pedros has probably forgotten to remove when he was designing gameplay.



An empty corridor stands before your eyes. I mean, a corridor with no door at the end of it, so you think: what's the point in gettin' up there ? Wrong ! As soon as you step over the last tile of the corridor a Movie it's triggered showing you that the Way Out Door is opening, and that it overlooks one of the Purple Rooms, next to a room with a Ladder on it... and this is enough hints to get you out of this simple but Mind-Crashing Level, don't you think ?



You need to go back to the previous room, hit'n'go E (twice) and watch out for the piiiiiit!!!... I was forgetting about it every time I reached the place. Climb up to find an open passage on the E. Follow it to reach a completely new room with another set of harmless lasers. This time they don't trigger anything. Just step on them. If You wanna die, go 2 rooms S and up the ladder to the red floor, to end Your life in a room full of inverted spikes... brrrr. If You prefer to stay alive, continue E (through the automatic door) to find an open trapdoor. Descend into the purple, hit'n'go N, press the E button to access the shaft and descend to the red part. Press the W and N buttons (You will need both passages) and hop in the N corridor. SAVE, as there is some unmarked burning floor in the corners of the following room. Reached it, press the W switch. There is no need to pass the corridor behind it - and, actually, You can't do it. If You want, You can check it - maybe You can see some green lasers before the door shuts in front of You. Anyway, You need to figure out how to get over those green rays. The passage on the W of the PREVIOUS room has opened - and THIS is the way You need to go now. SAVE before another set of green lasers filling the next cube - these are deadly. Runjump over them and grab the opposite ledge. Pull up, run through another corridor and fall in the next room. Press the S switch. That unlocks the 1st green lasers room, but, unfortunately, You can't just go back - the door that let You in is closed and You have to backtrack. Fortunately, it's quite simple (but, anyway, it will take some time). Climb the ladder to backflip with midroll and land in front of the S switch on the GREY floor (but, if You forgot to open the trapdoor above You, backflip with midroll to land in front of the S switch on the PURPLE floor first, press this button and backflip with midroll to grab the ladder again). Welcome to the starting point again. Hit'n'go S, jump SE over the next floor, continue E, down to the purple floor, hit'n'go N and down to the red floor. Now SAVE and take the W passage again to jump NW over the green lasers and land in the new corridor (that one behind the recently raised door). SAVE, as You're about to finally jump NW over the next set of lasers - the first one mentioned in the walkthru. Do it, enter the following room, press the N button, hop in the corridor behind it and locate a jumpswitch at its end - the lever You visited this floor for. Pull it and the Way Out is open. Yipeee! Hit'n'go S and up the ladder (You climbed it during the backtrack). If the way back from the purple floor is open (if You followed the TIP), get on this floor, backflip/backflip with midroll (or backflip with midroll/jump) to land in the S corridor, pass it and You're back in the beginning of Point A. However, if the way back from the purple floor is locked, You need to return through the grey floor, as You previously did. (That's why that TIP was so important. But never mind if You ignored it anyway - I was also forgetting to follow the TIP, even if I found it myself. I can't explain this phenomenon, but this it how it really was. And this is also why I don't mind if You ignored it as well.) Reached the Point A beginning, SAVE, hit'n'go S, jump SW over the sparks and press the W button in the next room. Pass the corridor behind it and look left - there's the Way Out! So, You survived the Cube. The only thing remaining to do is to proceed into the bright... and wait for sequels, if any are made.[/UPDATE]


If you want you can use this two maps I've made of the Yellow and Purple Floor Rooms to reach the Way Out Door from here...


July 2006 [UPDATE]- January 2011[/UPDATE]