Security Object From Universe
Author: Piotr Klonowski-Pedros


As you can control the game, several enemies attack Lara immediately. After you overcome them, climb up the ladder. Push the button above and climb down. On the left of the gate, crawl into the open gap. Pull the switch inside. Crawl out and into the gap in front of Lara. Pull another switch inside. The gate outside has opened, but 2 guards have also emerged. Shoot them. Find the purple trapdoor inside and pull it down. Climb up and get along in the blow-hole.

Shoot the grate in the end of the blow-hole. Climb out and shoot the dogs. Push away one of the boxes and kill the appearing guard.

Get outside and head to the left. Follow down the stairs. Open the door of the right-hand prisoner's cell. Get in and out as there's nothing to do inside. Go to the left and find all the other prisoners.

Unfortunately these prisoners aren't as witty as those in the TR3 because they don't get out of their cells. There's a Code Card on one of the upper beds. Collect it. Leave alone the prisoners and find the closed door here. Notice the green part of the wall, a switch and a closed door. Use the Code Card at the green part of the wall. Push in the button and the door opens. Enter and kill the guard. Continue your way down the stairs. Shoot the guards and the dog. Head to the right in the corridor and down. Shoot the patrolling guards. Collect the weapons and ammo below.

Return to the place where you have seen the last dog. Go there and push the button at the closed doors. Shoot the guard coming out from behind the open door. He drops a key which will open the other closed door. Use the key in the patterned lock. Shoot the appearing guards. One of them drops a CD. Find the corridor with green laser light and place the disk in the console. At the junction turn left and run along.

At the airplanes, shoot the dogs and the guard attacking Lara and collect the key the soldier has dropped. Return to the junction and go straight ahead. Use your fresh key in the lock. Pull the switch inside. Look out the window and notice the boxes. Go there and follow the corridor next to the boxes. Climb on the box and jump to the gap. Climb in and follow the corridor.

Climbing down find 3 switches and 4 closed doors. Pull all the 3 switches. But you won’t be happy because there are blue laser rays protecting the room inside. As you can't do anything here, get back into the room with boxes. Find the corridor where you found the weapons earlier. Continue down and notice the open door in the end of the first slope. Enter and climb on the box, then into the blow-hole above. Crawl along and climb down. Push the 2 switches. One of the grates here opens. If you feel like shooting, drop down and kill the dogs and soldiers outside. There are 2 corridors here but it's not worth it to get down as it leads into a dead end. Get back into the green corridor. Continue your way down until you find another open door. Enter and follow down the red corridor.

Area of the UFO

Continue down the corridor. Enter the first entrance to the right. In the middle of the stairs turn left. In the end of the dead end climb up. Crawl into the fresh room. Find 2 closed doors, a switch and a lock here. Push in the switch. You can see that something has changed in the room with blue laser rays. The switch turned off the lasers, so return there.

Security object from Universe

Now enter the laser-free rooms. Collect the ammo, the weapons and a key in the armories. This key's lock was there where you have turned off the lasers earlier. Get back there. This is another run for poor Lara. :-)

Area of the UFO

Use the key in the lock and the doors open here. Get along the corridor and push in all the 3 switches. Return to the stairs and notice the now open door. Get your Uzis and head into the red corridor. Shoot the soldiers above and head to the left. In a short animation notice the UFO in the next room. Approaching him several guards and dogs emerge. Take care of them. Adore the spaceship and get along the corridor leading towards the air. A feature shows that Lara is on the right way. Run along. Lara leaves the restricted and secret area and looks for new and bold adventures in the other parts of the world.

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