Lara's Clone? - Stad Duister

Level by Jesseas

Walkthrough by Treeble

Shortly after the rotating blades, sprint towards the exit of the narrow corridor as a boulder will be right on your heels. Hop over the barricade and watch the camera fly around this deserted downtown. Right across the road, amidst some smoke, is a newspaper clipping reporting Lara's supposed clone.

Between the two yellow dumpsters, just South from where you are, you can find the REVOLVER. Head North, past the ambulance, and drop into the manhole to collect SECRET #1. Climb back to surface level and take the narrow path just around the building for a shortcut. Head towards the white fence in the back and push open the doors to the hospital.

On the second floor, watch out for the guard dog and enter the second door on the left wall to find SECRET #2 by the burning bed. Return to the hall and head into the room right across from your previous location. Slide down the polerope and dispatch the two guard dogs before monkey swinging across. Zoom past the empty corridors and open the trapdoor to climb into the city park.

Drop into the brownish passage by the fountain in the back. Deal with the dog and cross this underground tunnel to find your way into the local weapon store. Help yourself to the UZIs and, more importantly, the CROWBAR in the back and then retrace your steps back to the city park. Exit the park via the open gate by the skate ramps and head to the Southern end of the city, towards the game store. Just before the crosswalk, amidst a bunch of leaves on the lane, are the JEEP KEYS.

Before going inside the games store, look West to spot the LASERSIGHT by the dumpsters near the next corner. Now you can return and enter the store; head all the way to the back and use your crowbar to pry open the gray door. Gather the revolver ammo close to the cabinets and take out the two sentry guns through the crack in the back. Return to the previous room and go through the narrow corridor in the left to find another gray crowbar door.

Watch out for the guard dog and random hazards as you make your way to the dark end of the room. Slide down the hole into the sewers and locate the crawlspace on the other end of the room. Take a running jump over the deadly pit, run through the upside down spikes and down the blue slope. Get off the water and run up the long ramps, minding the guard dogs, to a polerope. Backflip into the ledge above to get a sense of the shaft you're in: halfway up the room, on the North wall, is an alcove housing the MCA KEY. Retrieve it and then climb the pole all the way to the top.

Beyond the chains is a crowbar door, which will open on approach, that takes you back to the city park. Take the underground tunnel by the fountain again to return to the weapons store. Inside, use the key and cross the hallway until you reach a crawlspace, then crawl into the opening to the left to reach the graveyard.

By the burning trees in the back is a small alcove to the right: hop in and sprint past the breakaway floor to locate a small water pond. Collect the DIAMOND VR from the red splash among the plants, swim back to the surface and retrace your steps all the way back to the city park. Head Southwest, just before the collapsed lanes is a small room with the receptacle for the diamond. A camera flyby will reveal the location of the now accessible JEEP (a small garage near the hospital).

Use the jeep to jump the collapsed lane gap, leave the jeep and look down the Western pit to spot SECRET #3. Pick it up, open the door and cross the laboratory entrance to finish your tour across Stad Duister and sadly leave with all questions unanswered...