Lara Croft and the Lost City Of Gold
Level 1:
Memory Lane
By Bruce Zaremba (Sleeper)

At the start of the level you find yourself in an empty field with tree's start moving east to the opening in the tree's past the pool of water.

You can go to the right if you want but for now, see the crock? Dive past the crock into the water below. Once in the water follow the stone passage to the right you will be able to exit the water at the end of the passage just as you exit there is a wild bore there to great you so be quick.

Quickly turn north and run right through a fake wall on the north wall be careful two rolling balls are there to turn you to mush proceed through the opening one more thing do not step on the golden grates there are spike traps there.

Ready for a rope swing swing to the other end of the two ropes and clime down the ladder when you reach the bottom keep left stray to the right at all and you will be a impaled, look for a skeleton.

At the other end you will find a hole, jump down the hole but watch the darts and keep low to avoid them follow the passage to the other end and flip the lever, then go all the way back to the cliffs over looking the first waterfall.

Now proceed south through the forest and proceed to the right of the large tree Oops It looks like the relic hunter was not from the advanced school of archeology.

Enter the secret passage and enter a large room with a water fall head strait ahead
and to the right behind the waterfall there is another door to the left you do not need to go there for now.

Swing to the other side of the deep gorge on the three ropes once on the other side follow the passage to the right till you come to a large opening in the canopy, jump down on to the treetops.

This is a tricky jump. The best way to do it is to follow the edge of the treetops till you are on the furthest northern tip face north east and do a running jump do the same thing for the other two trees follow the edges till you reach the rock face at the far northern rock face the one with the shadow Jump over to the climbable wall and clime down.

When you reach the tree below you will see a fallen tree proceed to the tree and there should be a hole go down the hole to the passage below follow the passage till you come out on to a field proceed east and jump down a hole at the other end.

Follow the passage until you cone to a lever push the lever and watch a camera seine of a door opening.

Now we need to proceed to the door that you saw open, go back the way you came until you see a climbable wall proceed to the top do not stand on the golden grate or you will be a permanent resident there.

When you reach the top follow the passage till you reach a door in the floor drop down into the room with the waterfall and now take the door on the left or the south wall.
Go up the stairs and enter a room with four back to back water falls you will notice with further exploration of the room that one of the water falls are not present this one you need to turn on.

As you enter the room go to the right, do you see the the large medpack pick it up on the right of the medpack there is a secret door enter the small room and push the lever.
Go to the hole in the room that you came from and you will now see it is filled with water jump in go through the door that is now opened and flip a switch watch the camera scene and go back to the opening with the wild bore and the golden grate traps jump the spikes at the now open door and proceed onward.

Go southeast through the bush till you find a climbable surface, climb to the top, look around a little before proceeding upward but watch for the gaiters and wild boars.

When you reach the top never mind the monkey swing just do a running jump to the other end follow the passage to the river.

Come to the edge of the cliff overlooking the river, now perform an angled running jump in the southwesterly direction, stay on the west wall and you will see an outcropping in the canopy.

Perform a double jump to reach it and face northeast and jump to the next one and so on till you the large south ledge with the lever, push the lever and proceed through the door.

Follow the the walkway up to the prize but it is not time for Lara to get the idol so as you come close to the idol there is a earthquake, run as fast as you can the way you came, if you make it the adventure is just beginning.