All Cats Are Grey

Level by Colin Grigson (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level must be created using TRWEST and the enclosed batch file. Since I got TRWEST to finally work, I have all the necessary items and enemies. [End note]

You slide down to land on a ledge above a high room. Climb some blocks and use the monkey swing above you to get across the room. Before you get to the end, you drop into a room of water. Pick up a large medipack and Uzi clips from the floor.  Pull up and kill the bat that was annoying you. Go to the north-west corner for Uzi clips. Go to the east side behind some blocks to pick up the revolver. Kill the two dogs that attack you. A skeleton also attacks but just out-run him. Go to the south-west area to grab a rope and swing onto a large block. Jump to the central part of the structure holding the rope. It is climbable so climb up. Run/jump/grab into the opening in the south wall. Go to the back to use a switch. You get a cut scene of the door opening at the other end of the room as well as a wraith flying towards you. Get down and sprint to the door. Run up the stairs and beetles attack. Keep going to the top and turn left. Hop on the ledge and wait for the wraith to die on the bird statue. Then run back down the steps and jump and grab a climbable wall above your head. Climb to the top and get into a crawl space for normal crossbow ammo and a Horseman's Gem. Get back down and go up the steps. The beetles are gone. Pick up revolver ammo and use the Gem to open the door.

Go inside and look at the ceiling. The face tiles represent safe tiles to walk on. Go to the other side and pull up to a crevice. Shimmy left and pull up into the first crawl space. Crawl to the back for flares and the laser sight. Get out and shimmy left to the next opening. Pull up, go down the tunnel, avoid the mummy and go right and pull up to an opening. Go west and you are on a ledge over a deep room. Kill a guard and then swing over to where he was. Notice a room to the north. Use the second rope to swing over to the west ledge. Turn around and kill the guard who appeared on the east ledge. Go to the right side and slide down the slope. When you come to a halt, crouch down and the spike ball should bounce over you head. Continue to the bottom of the slope and climb the wall. Pull up into a room. Shoot the vase in the south-west for revolver ammo. Use the switch in the south-east and dive into the water. Go south and follow the tunnel. In the second section look to the lower left corner for a crawl space. Swim inside for secret #1 and normal crossbow ammo. Then swim back out and return for air, as it is a rather long swim ahead.

Dive in and just follow the tunnel to the end. There swim up for air and pull up into a tunnel. Go to the end for secret #2 and the Uzi's. Dive in and go to the bottom to a water filled room. Swim east through a tunnel to another pool. Pick up Uzi clips from the floor. Pull up into the room and shoot the two vases for two revolver ammo. The room with the ropes is to the south and it is flooded. Dive in and swim to the south-east. Pull up to a ledge and kill the two crocodiles tailing you. Swim into an opening in the north-east to pick up the Pharos Knot. Swim back to the ledge and climb back up. Go back into the tunnel and round around the mummy. Follow another tunnel and use the Pharos Knot to open a door. Go inside and climb a ladder. When you are the top, back flip, roll, and grab another ladder. When you are near the top, back flip to a ledge and enter a room. Kill a scorpion and light a flare. Pick up the crossbow and normal crossbow ammo from the south-east corner under the ledge. Go to the south-west corner and enter a crawl space. At the end drop into a room. Pull back the dead guard and pick up explosive crossbow ammo. Look out the windows and try to kill the three guards in the windows across the room. Also try to kill the four guards and two dogs on the floor. They drop a lot of useful stuff. Go to the south-west corner of the room and you should hear a door opening.

Climb back into the crawl space and exit back to the room. Pull up onto the south ledge and enter the open door. Just follow the tunnel until you meet a mummy. Kill him and enter the doorway he came from. Pick up secret #3 and Uzi clips. The tunnel splits here so take the south part to kill a scorpion and pick up a large medipack. Go back and take the west part and at the end, climb down a pole. Follow a tunnel and push the tower as far as possible into the room to avoid the spike traps. Pick up the grenade gun, two grenade shells and a small medipack dropped by the guards you shot from above. Pick up the Portal Guardian from the center platform. The door to the west opens. Slide down into a room and kill a demigod and pick up the Pharos Knot that he drops. Go to the dark south-west corner to use it and the north door opens. Go there and slide down the slope as the level ends.