Level: 6of9 (Karsten Kleo)

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

As there are so many Scorpions in this level, I don’t mention them all.

Level 1

Get out of this dark cave and go to the opposite side of the pool, and go through the rocks to the Temple area, stay on the sloped sand hill and walk around L, climb up and jmp to a thin ledge N. get the Crowbar from it and head for the Temple door, open it and enter the Temple Hall.

The Temple.

Go R to get the Goodies from the sarcophaguses and L to get Goodies from boxes to shoot, open a door there with a reach-in switch and get the Pillar from the box, go back to the Temple entrance and open the big doors L.

Temple Square.

Go into the passage E after the flyby and up the ladder L, follow the passage to a fountain, shoot the Hellhound and go on to a room where you have to shoot some Vases to get the Gem. Return to the temple square and go to the S wall, where you can use the Gem to open the door. Go in and check out all rooms for some Ammo, a Bug, a Hellhound and a Jmpswitch, which will show the hole in the small garden.

Drop down into the lower area and pry the 1st Black Beetle off the wall, use the Jmpswitch in the dark SW corner to raise a block and go up, out in the NW. Go R and up the stairs in the SE corner, go R on the balcony and open a door with the Jmpswitch, go in to shoot everything in that room, for a ˝ MP and another Pillar, back to the balcony S side (if you want some Flares, runjmp/grab to the centre structure in the square and get them, drop to the ground floor and go to a small sand hill in the SW corner, climb back to the balcony and open a small door there with the Crowbar. Follow to a deep Lava room, jmp over the ledges to the lower W one (when a Harpy shows up, be sure to stand in a corner somewhere and shoot it unharmed) and use the Jmpswitch to open big doors on the balcony S side.

Drop/grab from the side of the ledge and drop/grab to get into the CS, drop into a room where you’ll find the Winding Key in the back, protected by a Hellhound, go down the hole in the floor and get some Flares from a vase, climb the ladder back to the balcony, drop from the side to the square and go up again at the SW sand hill.

Enter the big doors in the S wall and follow the passage to a crossing where you can pick up some Flares, go L and slide down into a dark hall, go up the steps in front N, get Secret #1, Revolver, Lasersight and Ammo. Go down to the dark room and L up the big steps, through the Dart traps and R into a dark passage, follow to a slide that will take you back to the crossing.

Go down the other side now and come to a room with 2 water holes, go up the steps of next room and shoot a Bug, then from standing at the entrance, shoot all boxes on the ledge at the Scroll, the Spikes will deactivate and you can get the Scroll, Ammo and a Mechanical Scarab Beetle. Go back to the room with the waterholes and dive into the W one, find a tunnel W and follow R/L/L/straight/R and up L, to a room you probably saw before, get some Goodies and go R, out to the balcony, and stand on a ledge sticking out, from here you can do a runjmp with a L curve to grab the base of the pillar W next to the 3 which are blocking the way to the W side balcony (this route saves you from going through the Lava room again after the swim) Go to the door with the Pillar receptacle and open it.

Go to a room with a fountain on lower level, runjmp into the pool and get out to shoot a bunch of Scorps, use the S reach-in switch to raise a block and the N reach-in switch to open the door upstairs and a Demigod will attack also, shoot him and go through the door. You’ll come to a Lava pit with pillars ands a Jmpswitch on the R hand wall, which will open the door in the other corner, sounds easy but it isn’t.

Timed Pillar Jumps.

Runjmp to the first pillar, standjmp to the next, with a little R curve, so you land on the R side, sidejmp R and land in front of the Jmpswitch, roll and turn R while runjmping to the ledge on W wall, next to the one at the door, standjmp/grab the last ledge and run out fast. In the next room is a deadly pool, raise a block with the Jmpswitch and grab the MS, watch carefully where to go and go into the W room on other side, use a Jmpswitch on the blue wall to clear the pool. Dive in and swim L at every opportunity, climb out at a big room with another Beetle up on a ledge, shoot the Harpy and get some Ammo in a vase. Use the Jmpswitch to get a rope down from the ceiling and climb the pillar at the water hole up to the ledge and use the rope to swing over to the Black Beetle.

Drop down and swim back, again keep L and get some Ammo, swim back to the deadly pool, where a door opened. Sprint down the passage, ignore the Box R and jmp over the pit in the end to come out at the deep fountain again. Go back to the Temple square, drop down and place the Scroll between the pillars W, the doors L open up, go in and go into the NW corner, shoot the Demigod and go inside for the Jmpswitch, go back to the other room and from the block you can grab the crack in the wall R of the block, go shimmy R to a passage up to a room where 3 Hellhounds will attack, shoot a box for a ˝ MP and go into W room, place one of the Beetles. The pyramid will open, in the next room you have to shoot a Demigod, place the last Beetle and enter, go up to a room with a Spike-trap, deactivate it with the Mechanical Beetle and go N, up the room W where you can get a MP and the Ornate Handle, back to the Spike trap room and into an open door S. Go in and slide down the slopes, to level 2.

Level 2.

Go R around the corner fast as a Boulder comes down. Run off the next slope and land on a ledge in a Lava room, the ledges are Spiked, they will come up soon, just sidejmp L to the last one, here you have some time to take a step forward and standjmp/grab the pillar in front. Hang and pull up after you saved, jmp/grab the pillar in front, go around one corner R and hang in the next, pull up and backflip to another trapped pillar, sidejmp R quick and get the Flares. Runjmp/grab the crack E and go R to pull up in another nice passage, jmp past the Boulder and the Spikes and in the next room, runjmp to the pillar, standjmp/grab the sloped pillar, pull up and slidejmp/grab the rope, swing/grab the hanging pillar and go around, backflip off, shoot the Hellhound and get a Gem behind the pillar in next room. Go to the W and follow the passage up, crossing the room a few times to the top and go through a Scissor passage, use the Beetle to deactivate Spikes and in the room at the end, is a door to open with the Gem.

The Fountain room.

Come out into a room with a double fountain go to the N side and open a Crowbardoor, enter and dive into the water, get the Hathor Effigy in the next room. Back to the Fountain room and up the NE stairs. Into the 1st passage N and in the pit R is another Lasersight, go up the L ramp and roll/run back into entrance when the 1st Boulder comes, then go up again and as soon as the 2nd comes, jump to the R hand ramp, go get the Gem and go down to the balcony again. To the R and into the 2nd N passage, down the ladder and shoot the 2 White vases L and R, not the centre one, get the Pharos Pillar and hop into the L alcove where you shot the vase, to get Secret #2, a stack of Ammo.

Return to the Fountain room and runjmp over the chain fence to the rope, swing over and open the gem door, go up to the upper floor and shoot the Demigod, go up the N ledge, get the Ammo and standjmp/grab to the rope, swing to the W hill under a Jmpswitch and use it to raise a block under the black Beetle S, go get that and return to the Fountain room, open the Pillar door. Follow to a CS, crawl into the next passage a bit and back up as soon as you hear the Boulder, go into the opposite CS and coming out of this one another Boulder is released, step aside quick and go up the ramp, turn and shoot the Vase, use the reach-in switch to open the door S.

Get the Black Beetle off the wall and slide down a Boulder slope one step from the R side, jmp with a sharp R curve from the slope onto the one around the corner and slide down a crypt, shoot the 2 Hellhounds and use a Jmpswitch in the L corner, go out W and back to the fountain room, approach the big W doors and they open for you. Go place the 2 Black Beetles at the big doors in the courtyard and go to the room with the Portal Guardian receptacle, walk up to it from the L and place the Guardian, the doors open and will show you the level ended…