The Chamber of Secrets

Level by Bartosz Miziolek (January, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in front of an obelisk and see two doors that need items. Go east to kill two scorpions and enter the east doorway. The two vases are empty. Go to the next room and see a pool. Kill two bats and notice another receptacle in the south-east. The vases here are also empty. Jump and grab the bridge and pull up. Go to the south wall and press the button. Dive into the pool and swim into the east underwater tunnel at the pool bottom. Follow the tunnel and swim up a shaft. Pull up into an open area and kill four ninjas. Continue east into a building and get a flyby of the area. Go up the steps and turn north for an open door. Also notice a nearby bird statue.


Slide down the slope and enter a room with two skeletons. Run to the north wall and press the big button. To the north-east of that button is a trap door. Stand on the west side to open the trapdoor and run into the hole. Press the button on the wall and exit the hole. Go back to the entrance to hop onto a block. The vases are empty. Hop onto the blocks in the south-west corner and proceed to jump the ledges around the sides of the room. At the top, enter the open door and into a tunnel. You awake a skeleton, so follow the short tunnel and climb up the wall ladder. At the end, slide down a slope into the room with the steps. Now the door in the south wall is open.


Enter the south door and climb a pole. Back flip at the top to enter a room. Pick up the Guardian Key from a pedestal and slide down the pole again. Exit the room and go east to use the Guardian Key to open the large double doors. Enter the room and shoot the vases for a large medipack and red shotgun shells. Go up the ramp and get the Golden Vraeus from the pedestal. Exit back down the stairs and through the desert back to the water hole. Swim back to the pool and up to the south ledge. Use the Golden Vraeus and the door in the east wall opens.


Enter the room with two statues and pickup the Pharos Knot from the pedestal. Dive into the west water hole and swim down. Follow the underwater tunnel to pull up into a room. Get secret #1 and pick up the shotgun and a large medipack from pedestals. Swim back the two-statue room. Dive into the east water hole and swim down to a T-junction. If you swim to the left, at the end of the tunnel is a room where you can kill eight scorpions. If you swim to the right there is another tunnel section where you can get a small medipack and a crocodile. Swim back the two-statue room. Go west and through the pool room back to the outside start area.


Go south to use the Pharos Knot to open the door. The vases inside is empty so go south and slide down the slope. Follow the water trench to a flooded room. Swim to the south-west corner and pull up to a ledge. Jump and pull up into the crawl space in the west wall. Pick up a small medipack and continue to drop into a small room. Dive into more water and follow the underwater tunnel to another large room. Quickly pull up onto the nearest ledge and kill four crocodiles in the water. Dive into the water for blue shotgun shells and the crossbow.  Pull back up onto any ledge and go west to pick up the Horseman's Gem from the pedestal. Shoot the vase and move the tower from the south wall onto a red-design tile in the north tunnel and the door in the east wall opens. Follow he tunnel to a room with a pole. Climb the pole and back flip into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel but be careful of the grate tile that is a fire trap. Follow the tunnel to press a big button to open the door. Enter the room and you are back where you started. Exit back to the start area and kill five ninjas. If you stay in the room, they push down the slope.


Go north to use the Horseman's Gem to open the door. Follow the short tunnel to a treasure room. Go to the pedestal to claim the prize amulet and the level ends.