Lara's Diary

Level by Zycwty (April, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Go west and push the tower out of your way. Then pull it back to the north to reveal a crawl space in the south wall. Enter a room and climb a block. Jump south to another block and pick up a Hand of Sirius. Dive into the water to pick up a large medipack and flares. Get out of the water and exit the room. Go south to pick up a small medipack beside a closed gate. Look south-east to see some wooden boxes. Get into a hole behind the boxes to pick up a Hand of Orion. Use the Hand of Sirius and the gate opens. Enter the room and kill two bats. The opening to the south is an exit from somewhere. Use the Hand of Orion and the east large doors open. Enter the room and kill a ninja.

Climb the ladder in the south-west to pick up Cartouche Piece 1. Jump to the east to grab an edge. Pull up, slide and jump to grab a ladder. Back flip, and roll, to slide backwards down the slope. Grab the edge and position yourself to the center. Release and pull a jump switch as you fall into the water below. Climb the ladder in the north-west to find nothing but jump east to pull up into a tunnel. Go north through an open gate. Slide down into the tunnel and go north. Kill a ninja and pick up Cartouche Piece 2 from his dead body.

Turn and go south-west and be careful of the hole in the floor. You should find flares and a floor lever near another hole. North of the floor lever is a closed gate. Use the floor lever and climb down the ladder into the hole. Search the small maze for red shotgun shells and a small medipack. When you pick up an Eye Piece you get a cut scene of the closed gate opening. Climb the ladder and go to the open gate. Climb the block and slide down a slope. You land back where you started and the west large doors are open.

Enter and go to the north-west, around a wall, to kill a ninja. Pick up a small medipack that was dropped. Shoot the south vase for blue shotgun shells. Go west up the ramp and the large doors open as you approach. You enter a large outdoor area. Go north-west to kill a ninja beside two large holes. Go south-west to kill a ninja and pick up a shotgun. Go to the south hole and climb down a light-coloured wall to a ledge. Go north to pick up a small medipack and kill a bat. Turn east and climb the wall. Near the top, shimmy left and get into a crawl space. Enter a room and make the Ba Cartouche and use it in the receptacle. Get back up to the ledges.

Jump over the pit to the west. Jump the ledges in the south direction. There is an invisible ledge with a large medipack on it. Get to the last ledge and enter the open gate. Slide down into a room and kill two scorpions. Pull up to the block to the north and jump into a tunnel in the upper north wall. Slide down and slope and turn right to face a pit. Jump over the deadly floor and pull up to a ledge. Immediately go forward to the wall and crouch as a spike ball goes over your head. Then pick up the Hand of Orion. Grab the edge and shimmy to the right. When you see the screen shake a little, shimmy back to the left and a spike ball just misses you. Continue to shimmy to the right and pull up in front of a doorway.

Enter the room and notice a gate in the south-west corner. Kill a ninja and press the button on the east wall near the entrance. Exit and go up the blocks to the east. At the top, go north to press a button on the dark wall. Turn and go south onto a ledge. Move the tower onto the face tile at the west wall. Jump the gap and go back down the blocks to the earlier room. The gate has opened and a block has risen beneath it. Get into the opening and slide down a slope. Go east and notice a closed gate in a north alcove. Continue east and get a cut scene of the needed item ahead of you. As you approach it, a block raises and you hear a gate open.

Go back to the north alcove. Avoid the mummy and jump into the opening. Go east and fall into some water. Swim past an underwater gate and pull up into a room. Go to the south-east corner and climb a ladder. Climb a block and use the Hand of Orion. Safety drop to the ground and go back into the water. Get into the open gate and follow the tunnel. At a junction, take the first north tunnel to the surface and use a floor lever. Return to the first room and go back to the Hand of Orion. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing over to the wall. Drop and jump a few slopes to reach a ledge. The gate is open so pick up the second Eye Piece.

Get down and back into the water. In the tunnel, go straight and then north to pull up into an area at the base of a ledge. Get to the top of the ledge and monkey swing over the spike pit. On the other side, go up a ramp and then retreat to avoid a spike ball. Go back up the ramp and slide down the other side. Go west to kill two ninjas. Make the Eye of Horus and open the large door. Run down the tunnel and kill two bats. Climb the blocks to the outside world. Slide down the slope and the level ends.