Level by Devoid

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Lara begins on what looks like a helicopter landing pad. Leave the light gray central portion to restore camera control and climb up onto the nearby SE pillar for SECRET #1. Pick up the MAGNUM, hop back down and run across to the west end. Locate the hole in the SW corner and safety drop to the stairwell below. This triggers the sound of stomping footsteps and animal cries. Draw your pistols as you descend the stairs. You'll meet a couple of raptors and a pteranodon, so try to kill them from the relative safety of the enclosed stairwell. When you reach the landing below, continue around to the south end and shoot a third raptor. Turn the corner to your left and step over the body of a slain worker. Activate the jump switch in the north wall to lower a trap door in the playpen area below, then hop back several times, climb down the ladder and shoot two more raptors.

Locate the nearby hole and climb down the ladder in the west face. Reverse roll and run to the other end of the passage where you'll find another ladder. Climb up to a much higher passage with a crawl space at the far end. Lower Lara down the other side and you'll hear the sounds of more raptors. Step forward to the north edge of the ledge and shoot a trio of raptors marching around below in a crate-filled room. Go back to the crawl space and locate a moveable crate. Pull it out twice, then go around to the north end and pull it away from the south wall. Go around to the NW corner and turn to your right for SECRET #2. Pick up the flares and go back to the ledge overlooking the large room below.

Go to the west wall and locate the ladder. Take an angled standing jump and grab to the ladder and climb down to the floor of the crate-filled room.
Go to the NW corner and use the surrounding crates to reach the single crate against the west wall that's nearest the NW corner. Face south and jump over the adjacent crate against the west wall, which is a moveable crate. You'll probably hear the chimes of SECRET #3 as you jump over it. Pull it back once and go around to find some Magnum ammo.

Go to the crates in the center of the room, climb to the top and face east. Take a running jump and grab to the crates against the east wall and pull up for some flares. Now locate the ladder in the SE corner and use it to access another section of the upper ledge. Climb up onto the nearest crate and face north across the room. Jump up to grab the ceiling strip and follow the clearly marked strip to the north ledge. Drop down at the end and pull the switch on the central column to open the doors ahead and to your left. Dispose of another raptor, then enter the new area. Go down the ramp to alert another raptor, then open the door in the west wall to your left. Go inside the small control room and ignore the friendly SAS. Save your game here (for reasons stated shortly) and throw the left switch in the east wall to open a door elsewhere. Throw the switch on the right to bring another raptor running. The friendly SAS runs off to join it in battle, so keep your pistols holstered and watch the fun.

Go down the ramp to the east and open the door to your left. Go inside and use the crawl space beyond the pipe in the NE corner to access a floor lever. Throw it to open a crawl space in another control room elsewhere. Go back out into the main hall and note the receptacle in the south wall. Then turn right and go up the ramp, turn left and continue up the ramp, and you'll find the doors are open to your right for a short cut back to the area where you began this level. (If the doors aren't open, and they weren't for me on one occasion, replay from your previous savegame and they should be this time.)

Go back up the stairwell, and you'll find an open doorway at the first landing guarded by another friendly SAS. Go past him into the small control room. Nothing to do here. Hmm, wonder if that SAS is carrying anything important. I know you hate to do it, but draw your weapons and kill him. Sure enough, he drops the COM ROOM KEY. Pick it and go back to the first friendly SAS, now that your suspicions have been aroused. (His apparently have been as well, for now you'll find him pacing about nervously. However, he's not yet hostile toward you.) If you decide to kill him (and if you do you'll miss out on a secret), pick up the MP-5 ammo he drops. Continue to the bottom of the ramp and insert the key in the red receptacle to open the door to your right. Go inside as the door slams shut behind you. Look to your left for the crawl space you opened up earlier, but beware of the hole with the collapsing trap door between you and it.

Take a standing jump and grab over the hole and pull up into the crawl space. Crawl forward and lower Lara down into the passage. Turn right to face north and draw weapons. Hop back a couple of times to bring forth a raptor that otherwise would have been coming at you from behind. Kill it, then turn around and run south down the slight ramp to bring out another raptor from the passage to your left. There's nothing but a closed door down the short right passage, so turn left and then right. Note the floor lever and artifact beyond the glass to your left, and make a mental note of the green receptacle at the end of the passage. Reverse roll and go back the way you came. Run past the crawl space and turn right at the top of the ramp. Crawl through the space to your left to avoid the flames, and when you can stand up open the door to your left.

Go inside and open the next door to your right. In the middle of the next room you get a fixed camera angle, but note for later the receptacle next to the closed double doors in the south wall. Go to the NE corner and pick up the flares in the little alley. Turn around in place to face south, then jump straight up to grab the edge of the walkway above. Pull up, turn left to enter the alcove and the door ahead will open silently for you. The door slams shut as you enter the next room, but it will open again at your approach.

Go forward and turn right just beyond the crates. Two raptors will come stampeding toward you, so dispose of them. Note the yellow receptacle in the east wall, then climb up onto the crates you just passed by. On the top one you'll find the rather obvious GRENADE GUN and SECRET #4. You'll also alert a third raptor, so kill it before hopping back down to the ground. Go down to the south end of this area, from whence came the raptors, and locate the water hole next to the slain commando and jump into the water. Swim down the south passage, turn left and then left again, follow to a larger room and note the blocked-off air hole. Swim quickly down the hole in the floor next to the east wall and follow the passage to an opening where you can pull up onto a ledge. Pick up the yellow EAST GATE KEY and jump back into the water.

Swim all the way back to the dead commando and pull up out of the water. A raptor is waiting on you, so dispose of it and then run north toward the yellow receptacle you saw earlier. Use the East Gate Key to open the gates to the next area. The gates close as you move forward, and a welcoming committee of four raptors and a pteranodon bears down on you. After the excitement is over, take the DATA ROOM KEY from the dead commando (remember that green receptacle you saw earlier?) and go to the SW corner where you'll find that blocked-off air hole you swam under just now. Locate the jump switch in the wall to the right and activate it to open the way to the air hole. Jump in and swim through the south passage back to the first dead commando.

Pull up out of the water and run to the north end of this area. Turn left in front of the last crates and leave via the door that opens upon your approach. Drop down to the room below and exit through the west doorway. Turn left and go through the next room, crawl past the flames again and turn left to run down the slight ramp. Turn left at the bottom and follow the passage until you return to the green receptacle you looked at earlier. Insert the Data Room Key to open the door to your right. Go inside and around the computer banks and pick up the ELEVATOR CODE KEY in the little fenced-off area against the south wall. Go around to the east end of the computer banks and throw the wall switch to open a door near the flames you crawled past earlier.

Exit via the north door (which re-opens upon your approach) and return to the flames. Crawl past them as you've done twice already and turn right to enter the latrine. Throw the wall switch inside, and you'll hear the chimes of SECRET #5 as a cut scene shows the SAS you spared earlier killing a raptor just outside. What's more, the west doors beyond the flames are now open, but don't go there just yet. Leave the latrine, cross the hall into the next room and turn right into the room where you lose camera control when you run across the sunken portion of the floor. Insert the Elevator Code Key in the receptacle next to the closed double doors to open them. Safety drop down the elevator shaft and step out into the passage.

There's a blue receptacle in the south wall ahead and an SAS off to your left who can't decide whether or not he wants to be friendly. It turns out that he doesn't, so kill him and explore the passage area. To the right of the blue receptacle is a moveable block. Pull it back six times, past the closed door and the blue receptacle, go west beyond where the block was and look to your right for the CROWBAR. The block in the SW corner is also moveable, so pull it east five times so it comes to rest next to the first moveable block (with you inside it, but just side flip to the right to escape). Go back to the SW corner and locate a third moveable block to your left. Pull it back twice, then go around to the east side and pull it back four times until it comes to rest beside the second one. This activity opens up the south passage for you. (You could have done all this from the other end, but it's much easier this way.) Go there and locate the moveable block in the west wall to your right.

Pull the block once out into the passage, then go around to the left side and push it all the way into the NW corner. Then go inside the revealed passage, turn left and locate the hole in the ceiling about halfway down. Locate the ladder in the west wall and climb up a couple of rungs. Back flip into the passage behind you and turn around to see the crowbar door. Open it and enter that room you saw much earlier when you went to use the Data Room Key. Throw the floor lever just ahead to open a door down below that's guarded by an SAS, then turn to your left and go around the corner to pick up the BLUE CANISTER.

Go outside to the passage, jump to the ladder and climb down to the lower passage. You can hear the SAS tromping about nervously outside, so draw weapons and go greet him. Pick up the blue RESEARCH ROOM KEY he drops and go around to the NE hallway. Go past the receptacle for now and run toward the east end. Two more SAS will materialize, so kill them and then open the door in the north wall. Kill the SAS inside and enter the latrine. Pick up the small medi-pack he dropped, then go around to the right for some bazooka explosive rockets. Exit this room, turn to your right in the hallway and open the next door. Enter the small lavatory and go around to your left. Note for later the circuit board receptacle in the wall.

Now go back to that blue receptacle near the west end of the hall and insert the Research Room Key. The door to your right opens silently, so go inside and throw the floor lever to open a trap door in the floor of a previous room. Exit this room, turn right into the hallway and make the first right between the blocks. Go inside the room to your left, pick up the grenade gun ammo and drop down through the opening in the far corner. Use the west crawl space and follow a fairly long distance until you reach an opening where you can stand up. Pull up into a small locker room and pick up the YELLOW CANISTER in the alcove next to the sinks. The exit door opens automatically, so step forward and insert your canisters in the appropriate receptacles. The doors in the south wall then open, leading you to the next phase of your adventure.

Go forward and the glass doors also open automatically. The sputtering blue sparks in the next room won't hurt you, so feel free to explore. However, there's a sniper SAS high up on the north wall, and he's protected by a balcony that you can't shoot through, so watch out for him. When you're through looking around, exit through the south glass doors. If you turn to your right you can see an SAS beyond more glass doors, but these don't open for you. So go in the other direction and you find that the companion glass doors do open automatically.

The doors close behind you, so you're committed. Turn to your left and walk to the edge of the platform. Take a standing jump down to the block in the NW corner, as the entire floor below is deadly. Turn to face the SE corner and take a running jump to the slope. Jump off the slope to land on a safe block against the east wall. Locate the ladder and climb up a few rungs. Shift to your right around two corners, and as you progress you'll hear an SAS behind you cocking his weapon. You're helpless to do anything, of course, so keep shifting to your right until you near the far end. Take a rolling back flip and grab the ladder behind you, shift to your right until you're able to pull up into the passage where the SAS is, and kill the bastard. Pick up the REACTOR ROOM KEY he drops, then climb part way down the ladder, shift to your left and drop down onto the safe block in the NE corner.

Turn around to face west and take a standing jump over the deadly floor. Climb up the long ladder ahead. When you reach the top, shift right around the corner and drop down into the passage. The glass doors beside you open automatically, so draw weapons and go inside to kill three SAS. The nearest one drops some MP-5 ammo. You're separated from the area to the south, so use the Reactor Room Key in the device against the north wall to open some doors on the other side. Then approach the glass door in the NW corner, which opens conveniently for you. Go inside, turn to your left and shoot the SAS across the way. Slide down the ramp (which is not a hidden trap) and pull up on the other side. Pick up the magnum ammo dropped by the SAS, then throw the wall switch to open the trap door that you walked over just now. (The glass door to your left remains closed.)

The floor down below looks as deadly as what you skirted a little earlier, but it's not. Climb down the ladder into a control room, kill the waiting SAS, pick up the magnum ammo he drops, and throw the wall switch in the NE corner to open a trap door elsewhere. You can't get at the SAS beyond the glass wall, so climb up the east (not the north) ladder all the way to the top and pull up through the open trap door. Run forward across the grate (again, no trap) and shoot the SAS who steps out to challenge you. Stop to pick up the magnum ammo he drops, and continue forward to the end of the passage. Climb down the ladder, and the nearby glass door opens automatically. Go around the corner and throw the wall switch to open the glass door you saw earlier.

Go back, climb up the ladder to the previous passage, run down the hallway across the grate, climb down the next ladder about halfway to shift to your right into the passage below. Drop down, turn to your right, run up the ramp, turn left and enter the SW walkway. Pick up the small medi-pack and throw the wall switch to raise one of the grates you just now ran over. Go back to the previous ladder, take an angled standing jump and grab to it, and climb up to the top. Pull up, run forward and drop down through the hole. Hop to the lower platform, turn to face south and take a standing jump across the gap to land on some MP-5 ammo. Pick it up and throw the two floor levers to your right. The one on your left turns off the blue electric sparks; what the one on the right did is yet to be determined.

Go down the south passage and slide backwards down the ramp to your right. Safety drop to the floor below and kill the waiting SAS. Pick up the CIRCUIT BOARD he drops (remember where that goes?) and go down the steps. Turn left and go through the central room and down the ramp ahead. The double doors open as you approach, so go around to the north end of the hallway area and locate that small latrine with the circuit board receptacle. Place it (nothing seems to happen) and go back outside. Go to the east end of the hallway, and you find that the double doors there have opened to reveal something like an elevator shaft.

The east and south walls are climbable, so climb up the east face until you reach the opening to your left. Back flip onto the ledge and pick up the BAZOOKA. Jump back to the east wall, climb down until you're below the opening to your left, shift to your left and around the corner and pull up into an outside area. Draw powerful weapons quickly, as a T-Rex is on the loose. Kill it with a well-placed shot in the belly from your magnum, then run forward to the exit doors from which it emerged. You'll find a second T-Rex blocking your escape. Kill it as well, then run forward into the darkness to end the level.