Obsidian Heights
Level 4
by Jon Heywood / Inchdix

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
It has all the important pick-ups and items mentioned.
It will not contain all pick-ups, all enemies and maybe not all the secrets.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.

For Mac Player:
After having finished “Firewalk” the game lands on the desktop.
There is no way to start Obsidian Heights from the level Firewalk for Mac Players.
It means you will not get all 4 Golden Vraeus. But you can still play all 5 levels.
Use H E L P at the end of “Firewalk” to start “Obsidian Heights”

If you use the Script.Dat. from the freeselect script you can start from New Game directly the level “Obsidian Heights”. You will not have anything from the previous levels in your inventory.


You enter a room with the shotgun in the middle. There are 4 pit openings. On either side are an Ahmet behind a closed door.
Go on and kill 2 Golden Birds. Then look around and you see 2 big trees and blocks floating free.
Climb onto the block and take a running jump to the branch of the right tree.
Jump down to the lower branch of the next tree. Jump over to the blocks. Now there are two ways to get to the block next to a blue block.

1. Position Lara so she aims at the left corner of the opposite block. Turn a fraction to the right. Do a running jump and when midair turn a fraction to the left. Lara will stand on the corner. (Dimpfelmoser)

2. You can jump down to the block with a medi-pack on it. Lara looses a lot of health. Climb up.
(You have to do this at least 3 times during the game)

At the sloped block pull up and slide and jump from the small ledge to grab the climbable wall. Climb up and kill a giant mosquito. With running jump grab the edge of the wall. Transverse to the right and around the corner. At a flat place pull up and enter the area. Going up the stairs you will see a closed golden door. Slide down in the centre. Take some flares and pull a wall switch. Watch out for the spikes traps from the wall. After passing them pick up the Bronze Key. The metal door opens. There is a keyhole near by but it needs another key.
Drop onto the floor and go to the edge somewhere in the middle between the 2 trees.
Slide, grab and grab the edge. Use the blue climbable wall and transverse to the right and around the corner. Jump and grab the monkey bar. It is a long one going around corners. When you drop watch out for the fire from the wall. You will arrive in a room with a key on fire. Jump to the climbable part, pull up and use a switch.
Take the Iron Key. Go and push the switch up again and it will stop the fire around a pearl rope later. Go out of the door and kill a giant mosquito. Drop onto the ground.

Here is how Jorge22 would advice to do it, so take your pick:
Well, don't push the switch up again! When the fire is out in the iron key room, it will be on in the main room at the beginning. And you need it to be that way. Follow these instructions and you'll have to get back here once again (I'm not saying you never will, as I said you have to repeat the same things several times) in order to light the fire in the main room. The pearl rope comes only later. ... You'll need to turn off the fire around the pearl rope, indeed, but you may save one unneeded trip if you don't.

Go all the way back to the place where you can use the Iron Key. Behind the door is a torch. Kill a Golden Bird first. Then with the torch go to the very first room. Light the torch on the centre square. Use the torch to light the 4 burners. This opens the doors and lets the 2 Ahmets out. Kill them. (Shotgun) Behind the left door is a switch and some flares, on the right side are a switch and a small medi-pack.
Using the 2 switches opens the golden door after the jumps over the blocks. Go there again.
On your way you have to kill 2 giant mosquitoes. When you come to the door you have to kill 2 Ahmets. Take the lasersight. Go forward and to the left. Go into the water on the left side. Swim and find an underwater switch. Pull it. Come back and go to the left side up the stairs.
There is a room with a fountain and a vase. Use the shotgun to shoot the vase and you will find the crowbar. A few players didn’t find the crowbar after using the pistols to shoot the vase, but using the shotgun did the trick. (Don’t do this before or you will not get the crowbar) Crawl through the small opening on the left side and pull the pearl rope. Now use the Bronze Key and the door to the balcony opens. Go up through the golden door and jump the blocks and enter the building. Before you take the Golden Star check your health because beetles come out.
Roll and hurry to next niche. Pull a wall switch and then go and grab the rope. Pull up, swing slightly and get off. Kill a giant mosquito and take a small medi-pack. Drop onto the balcony.
Use the golden door again and this time jump over the blocks to the branches, then to a block, to branches again and from there to a balcony. Now you have to hurry, because some more beetles are coming out.
There are 3 swinging blades and at the 2. and 3. is a switch. (you can use side flip) Pull both. (for the vases come back later). This opens a door on the left coming from the back. Run along and then kill an Ahmet. Use the open crawlspace and pull a switch. Use the other crawlspace and get a Golden Star.
Go back to the room with the swinging blades. They stand still, but use the side opposite to them or side flip otherwise you will die. One vase has a small medi-pack and the other some shotgun ammo.

Jump over to the pearl rope. There should be no fire there around it.
(If the fire is still on you have to go all the way where you got the Iron Key and push up the switch there. Then you have to come back up again.)
Pull the rope. It opens a trapdoor near the stairs. Go down to the balcony. (beetles are following you everywhere) Jorge22 didn’t meet any beetles, so maybe you are lucky too. Go to the trapdoor and get a secret and one Trident.

Go back to the balcony and at the left side jump over to a branch. Kill a giant mosquito. Then make your way over the branches and jump to the crevice on the blue block. Transverse to the right till you can drop safely. Watch out for the fire and pull up at the right moment. Kill 2 giant mosquitoes
(use explosive arrows; the mosquitoes might push Lara back into the fire)
Jump over to the opening on the left and get a Golden Star. Eliminate a skeleton. Jump over to the blue crevice and you have to pass the fire once more. Take a running jump to the other side.
You see a pearl rope. Pull it and it will open the trapdoor in the pool.
Go first to the left side and pull an underwater lever.
This opens the door for the right side. Go to the right side and pull an underwater lever. This will open a door near the start. Go there and climb up and get the last Golden Star (4). When you come up in the pool there is an Ahmet waiting. Kill it.
Then insert 2 of the Golden Stars near the pearl rope. Climb onto the block and grab the branch.
Go first to the next branch and from there jump to a window sill. Kill a Golden Bird and pick up some explosive arrows.
Then jump over to the rampart. Kill a skeleton first.
Insert the other 2 Golden Stars and the golden door will open.
Enter and take the crossbow and some shotgun shells. Then drop down and you see a Golden Vraeus. Take a running jump to get the Golden Vraeus. Get some shotgun ammo and then jump over to the opening on the right side. You can kill a giant mosquito.

Crawl and then climb up a ladder. Picking up things will open the golden door on the other side where the trees are around the corner. Go down and crawl on. Use a wall switch to open the metal door. When you step out kill 2 giant mosquitoes. Take a running jump to the crevice in the blue block. Climb up by the fire.
Make your way back to where the trees are and in the southwest around the corner is the golden door. Go and get an Iron Key. Then again jump over branches and blocks to the slide block and go on to the room with the golden door between the water and lion head fountain. The door is open now.
Go in and kill one skeleton. Use the 2. Iron Key. You will get the 2. Trident.
Run pass the fires and insert the 2 Tridents at the Neptune.
Water starts flowing and you can jump over to the other side.

Mac Player: Don’t slide or the screen will freeze.
Use H E L P

North – Compass pale – Load – press H E L P
This gets you to Serpentine Gorge