Horus Treasure House

Level by Crespo

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NOTE: There are a lot of flybys in this level. All of them can be activated more than once.

TIP: While the game is loading for the first time, hold "Jump" and "Right" together. This way you gonna jump right before you slide down the slope and be able to land on a theoretically "inaccessible" platform. It's only a curiosity, there's nothing up there and getting there may prevent you from watching the initial flyby, so if you don't wanna miss it, fall onto the slope and it will activate. Get down and go N. Get to the other side of the heap of gold and watch for the darts activating when you collect Horseman's Gem. There is also a mummy, but it can't harm you. Go back S and find a crawlspace on your left. Pull up into it and go through it. Slide down to watch another flyby. Go N and find a pushable piece of architecture. Move it on the marked square: 4 x E, 5 x N and 1 x E. The door opens. Run into the next room and don't stop on the first square behind the door. This way you can avoid a rolling ball. You can see Ornate Handle on the floor - pick it up. Go up the ramp and enter a hole above it which the ball has rolled out from. In this room, you can pick up two packs of normal shotgun shells from the ground and you need to insert Horseman Gem into its slot to open the door. Go through it and drop yourself to a corridor with a block. Get the shotgun from the top of it.

Now you have to avoid 14 rolling balls. To do so, drop yourself into the room, roll IMMEDIATELY, jump backwards and rolling in midair. Then, sprint to the other side of the room, noticing a flat part of the floor at the end of it. Collect Hathor Effigy from there and combine it with Ornate Handle to make Portal Guardian. Proceed to the next room and watch the third flyby showing you two more Portal Guardians. You can't pick them up, as they are PUZZLE_DONE objects. BTW, there is no need to take them - obviously, the author wants to tell You where to place the key. However, he doesn't tell you WHICH slot you have to use. It's the right one. The left one sets you on fire. When you open the door and find yourself in the next room and watch, or skip, or try to move during another flyby, go through the next door and don't stop ANYWHERE in the next room. Falling spikeballs explain you, why. Find the exit on your left and hear the last sound in this level.