Level by Justin

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth and
Anya Marie McDonald

The level begins with Lara standing in an open area on a raised slab. Hop down and run toward the large double doors with a flaming torch on either side. The doors open as you approach, and you get a brief flyby of the next room which is stongly reminiscent of Tomb Raider 1 Gold. Draw weapons and deal with the jackal running down from your right, then run up the tunnel to the right from which it came and throw the wall switch next to the closed gate.

Run back down the tunnel and go between the paws of the huge jackal statue to climb up the central blocks. Go through the opening and light a flare to see the scorpion that comes out to greet you. After killing it, go up the stairs and into a tomb area with a sarcophagus you can raid for some shotgun ammo. When you step into the alcove to throw the wall switch there, you'll be stepping on a breakway tile that covers a spike trap, so hop back immediately to avoid a steel enema. But don't worry; you'll be coming back here shortly.

Go back to the main room past the jackal statue's paws and turn left. Jump up into the NE corner next to the tunnel you've already seen, and activate the nearby jump switch. A cut scene shows a block rising to neutralize the spike trap in the previous room, so go back there and throw the wall switch with complete confidence, to open the gate behind you.

In the next room (in which the lights aren't working) you'll find four statues of jackals in an alert prone position, a central column, a closed door in the far wall and four unlit torches. Since there's nothing to do here at the moment, return to the main room and make a hairpin turn to the left around the giant jackal statue. Jump up the slope into the alcove and climb up onto the block. Turn right and jump up to grab the ivy-covered surface. Climb up and pull up onto an upper ledge. Turn around to the left and take the torch from the pedestal behind the head of the jackal statue.

With torch in hand, run off the ledge to the block below, then jump and slide down to the cavern floor. Return to the east room where you began this level and use the open flame to light the torch. Then go back to the four-jackal room inside the giant statue, via a series of standing jumps to scale the several blocks in your way. Light the four torches in the four-jackal room to open the door in the west wall. Of course, as soon as you do so two of the formerly inert jackals come to life and attack you, so ditch the torch and take care of them.

Go into the next room and shoot the crocodile that's swimming about lazily in the pool below. Then shoot the coffin in the corner for some shotgun ammo. Jump into the pool and swim over to a new area nearby. Pull up into the room and raid the coffin on your left for the shotgun and the one on your right for a small medi-pack. Continue across the room to the double doors at the north end, which open as you step up next to them. Draw weapons and kill the scorpion at your feet in the doorway, then go inside to note the moveable block on your right and the lovely gold design work barring your way into the next area ahead.

Push in the block three times and turn to your left to face the revealed area. Time a hop past the teeth doors, then draw weapons to kill two jackals that are sneaking up toward you on the stairs to your left. There are two coffins at the foot of the stairs; the one against the west wall contains nothing, but the one against the east wall reveals the Sands of Time.
Now walk down the central yellow brick road between the two creepy (but so far inert) Atlanteans abd through the north opening as ominous music plays.

In the next room is a giant egg sack suspended overhead from the left wall. As you pause to gaze at it with awe, a crazed Atlantean attacks from your right. Kill it quickly and step around its smoldering carcass to vault up into the area from whence it came. Unfortunately, someone has already raided the coffin up here, so go down the steps and use the Sands of Time in the statue on the left. The nearby gate opens, so run up the ramp to trigger a flyby of the lovely room beyond the gilded figures. At this point the level comes to a premature end.