by Leandro Dubost

This walkthrough was written by Treeble under author's permission.
It contains 5/7 secrets.

This level zipfile should include another zip, called You must have a password to extract it and play L.A.R.A.'s level. You will find the correct password through Lara's and Jill's levels...

Aztec Complex is also a level from GoldenEye 007 game for Nintendo 64. This level is a perfect remake on the rooms design, although the puzzles are heavily modified to suit TR better. If you have a chance to play GoldenEye on N64, don't waste it. It's a great game.

[ Lara Croft ]
At the first room, block the face on the wall with the lower part of the column. On the next room, to the left there's a shatterable vase and over it there's a jump switch. Activate it. If you fall down the bridge, you can climb up the darker wall.

After crossing the ventilation doors, run to the extreme left to find secret #1 (a large medipack and shotgun ammo).

In this new area with the space shuttle, climb the wall to the left and get the Weapon Code Key - the sentry guns become inactive now. Inside the box mazes, you can get secret #2 (Desert Eagle) by going to the right. To the left there's a machine but you don't have the item to operate it yet.

Run to the next ventilation door. Go down the stairs and enter the passage to the left. Go down and grab secret #3 (a scrap of paper, with the letters LRRWSS).

Go to the other passage and kill the pharaoh. Get the Launch Room Card within his body. You have to use this card to open the glass doors at the beginning of the level to get the Launch Protocol Data. Use this CD at the machine near secret #2 to finish the level.

[ Joana 'Jill' Platz ]
At the first room, notice that the column is incomplete. The block is in the wall to the right. Make a full column and the door will open.

Jill HAS to fall down the bridge to proceed on the level. Shimmy to cross the bridge with boxes. Eventually you will find the Pharaoh - kill him.

Go to the right and climb up the ladder. Behind the rockets you will find the Weapon Code Key. Now go to the left and follow the patterns on the floor otherwise you're dead. In the middle of the course, jump to the yellow ball tile to get secret #1 (a scrap of paper, with a puzzle). Back to the patterns, in the end you will get the Launch Room Card. Make your way back.

As in Lara's level, go to the glass doors and get the Launch Protocol Data. In the space shuttle room, climb up the wall and use the disk to finish the level.

(secret #2 is missing)

[ L.A.R.A. Beta-LC02 ]
LC02's level: to install this level, you have to beat the puzzle you get with the two scrap of paper's in the two previous level. The correct combination is swrsrl (Star Wars Rogue Squadron Rogue Leader).

Climb the darker wall to get over the fences.
Go to the bridge area, climb the darker wall and activate the jump switch to your left.

Cross the bridge, and go to the right. There's a crawl space. The map is the same, with a few twists. Soon you will find yourself in the main area, with the rockets.

Go down the next stairs (don't enter the maze yet), and in the room after the stairs, push the block to the right. Find secret #1 (small medipack and the grenade launcher).

In the next room, meet Pharaoh. Kill him and get his Weapon Code Key. Now you can go to the maze above safely. Beat it to find the Launch Protocol Data. Go down to the room where you killed the Pharaoh, go to the room behind it and use the disc on the machine to finish the level.

(secret #2 is missing)