By Dan Nuttall

Walkthrough written and provided by the author.

I have to be honest with you, I don't really think that you'll need a walkthrough for this level. But for those of you who need a bit of a helping hand in certain areas,
here is a brief run down of what to do. I have not included every pick up there is, but I've put in where to find the more important items that you'll need, Uzi, Shotgun, the secrets.

Ok, well here goes.


You begin at the top of the entrance room. Behind you are some flares, so pick 'em up as you'll need one or two a bit later, then jump down into the water (look before you leap, we don't want no broken bones just yet). Swim through the passage way and climb out in the next room. Up onto the block and make your way across the monkey climb into the next room and to the lever. After you've pulled the lever take a quick glance to your right, yep that's some Uzi clips (you'll find
plenty of them in this level). Go back into the other room and the door will now be open. Into the water and swim down the passage; at the end there is a water
door to open. Once though, grab a lungful of air and then dive to grab the small medipack in the dip. Swim to the edge of the pool and climb out.

Courtroom door

After you have climbed out take an immediate right and go to the green area behind you. Make you way over the slopes of moss and past a couple of large plants to find SECRET 1. Then go back towards the door and make your way to its right side (as you look at it). Climb the ladder and jump across to the platform. Climb up again and pull the lever to open the courtroom door. Take a quick peek over the other side of the platform for some more Uzi clips and then make your way back down. Run straight though the passage and entrance room with the flames into the next room. Jump over to the block and pull the lever. After you've pulled it turn
around, there's a few Scarabs making their way towards you. Jump down and run for the hole and the safe platform, where lies your PISTOL. Listen for the clanging noise, you've set the blades off! All of the Scarabs should have nose-dived into the pit by now so it's safe to jump back. Make your way to either side of the pit and make a running jump for the ladder. Climb up and, carefully avoiding the blades, make your way to the now open courtroom door.


You've found the courtroom of Tamuhnra. You enter in the dock and will have a swift look about. It's in this room that so many unjust trials where held and so many innocent people condemed to death. After the animation has finished, leap over the dock wall and pick up the GUNSIGHT. Take note of the pit opposite you and run through the small opening to your left. Pick up the Uzi clips and make your way to the pit, there are some scarabs coming. After all of them have gone down the hole (and it may take a few go's to make sure) then go back and pickup the shotgun shells at the end. Now go to the alcove opposite and up the ladder into the upper chambers of the court. Make your way over to the other side and get your guns out. You're about to be attacked by a Banshee. Once you've lined its lungs with lead, climb down the hole and pick up the key item. Now make your way back to the door in the side of the court. It will now be open. Watch out for more Scarabs (if you haven't already set them off), as you race past up the corridor. Follow the stairs round and climb up the ladder into the bluey corridor, make you way towards the room at the end.

Key room

When you enter this room you'll be attacked again by a Banshee so dispose of it a.s.a.p. and then jump into the water. There's an entrance to the water corridors near where the Banshee first appeared. If you take the right passage you'll find some Uzi clips, but you need to swim left, first right and then right again. Climb out, pull the lever and then swim back to the door. Make your way up the ladder, jump over to the monkey climb and make your way over to the platform opposite.

Prepare your pistol now if you haven't already done so, it's sniper time! Jump over and awaken the Skeleton guard, jump back and use your pistol to blast his head. Then you can work your way to the ladder and climb up to the keyhole room. Once you put the item in its place, the door behind you will open. Jump over and make your way down the corridor, shooting the Skeleton as you do so.


Once in the gardens, run to the opposite side to get some shotgun shells and then if you care to have a paddle in the fountain, you'll find a small medipack. You then should take the stairs, bursting another Skeleton's bonce as you go and climb up to the level above. You'll find another Skeleton attacks you at the top of the ladder so make sure you put him down. Before you make your way across to the next platform, stop and look over the edge of the one you're on. Is that ashimmey I see before me? Drop to the shimmey and make your way round to SECRET 2. You'll have to take the stairs again to get back to where you were.
Work your way across the platforms and up the steps, use the monkey climb to get across the room and make sure to take the small detour for your UZI. Climb up to the roof space and make your way to the lever. This opens the door to the pool, as the animation will show you. As you make your way towards the door another Skeleton will appear, so be on your guard. Once in the pool room you'll find Uzi clips in the pool, a large medipack over the left wall and a box of bullets outside in the front of the pool garden. Over the right wall you'll find a ladder so climb up and pull the switch, making sure to run to the other end of the roof to pick up some more shotgun shells. Once you get down off the roof you'll be attacked by two Skeletons so stand in the water of the pool and blow their heads off. Then leave the pool garden and return to the main garden. The door opposite is now open so make your way to it. Don't worry about the door being closed at the end of the corridor, just go and get your Uzi clips and it'll open for you. Once through this door another Skeleton will rise up and attack you but don't worry about killing him, just slide down the slope.


It's a long fall to the water but you're tough. Just swim through the opening and climb out. Make your way through the door and to your left. Climb the ladder and
jump backwards once you're through the roof. Run around to the back of the sloped roof for the switch. Make your way back down and run through the now open door into the temple. A Demigod will appear, so kill him off and pick up the Uzi clips from the sacrificial pit in the centre. The ladder is on the side of the door so climb up and use the monkey bars to get over to the throne balcony. Then go down.

Spikes and Flames

In here you'll need to run-jump-grab over to the block opposite and pick up the next key item. But wait a second, before you make your way back,walk to the right side (if you're facing the back wall) of the platform that you're on and look down. No spikes here! In fact it's another crawl space to SECRET 3. Once you're ready to go back, kill the Skeleton and monkey your way back over. Then climb up to the top of the ladder and into the room at the top. There's two ladders on the wall. Take either ladder and climb so that your head touchs the roof, then manoeuvre around the corner, thereby avoiding getting burnt to a crisp. Jump over
to the small block opposite and then on to the larger block. There's a monkey climb here, so use it to get to the doorway, don't worry about those spikes.

Make your way down the corridor and into the next room. As you try to cross the step bridge, the flames will start. They aren't activated by a timer so don't run. They are triggered by the ground that you step on. You'll never make it to the end of this room by walking across the steps. You have to get onto the second to last step (the flames will be on the step just behind you) and jump back, catching hold of the edge. Just below you is another ledge to grab and then you can swing around the corner and drop down. If you check out the corner of this room you'll find SECRET 4, so after you've been in there, make your way around to the ladder on the wall and climb up to the second door. You can now go and pick up the small medipack. Now run into the next room

Tomb doorway

In here, you need to run to the wall opposite and pull the lever. This will summon a Demigod so you'll need to kill him. Once he's snuffed it, go into the room to the
left of the switch (if you're facing the switch) and pull the next lever. This lever opens the door to the little room opposite-right. Pull the lever in here and this will then open the door to the little room opposite. Repeat to open the door to little room opposite-right and make your way over to it, killing the Demigod in the process.
This final lever will open the doorway opposite the platform on the wall next to the entrance door (oh you know where I mean). Go though this door and climb up.
Jump over to the pillar ledge and run right to get your SHOTGUN. Then run to the left, pick up some Uzi clips and make your way around to the next key hole.

This will open the door next to the pillars, so make your way back and down this new corridor. In this room you'll find SECRET 5 to your left, but you want to go through the door way and onto the top of the tower. Pick up the gem and run around the right side of the tower to avoid the Demigod. Make your way all the way back to the ground level and put the gem in the gem hole to open the Tomb doorway. Once in here you'll need to turn left and slide down the slope. At the bottom,
grab the shotgun shells to your left and then jump over the spikes to the platform opposite. Kill the Skeleton and then enter the final chamber.


In here, turn right and up the ladder on the side of the door. Pull the lever and immediately jump off as there will be a shower of Scarabs. Run through the door and
to your right. Jump over the hole and wait for your pursuers to fall into the pit. Then make your way to the gap in the wall, kill the Demigod and jump into the water. Open the door and swim down the corridor. In this room, climb up and leap over to the doorway above the water. Follow the path around and stand on the white square to put the flame out. Drop down and run-jump-grab to get hold of the monkey climb. Once over, you'll be attacked by a Banshee so put that mutha on ice (whatever that means) and pick up what you came for, The Tamuhnra scroll (I know it says music scroll in your inventory but hey, whatcha gonna do?). You'll find a Demigod appears after you pick it up so encourage him to shuffle off his mortal (or immortal) coil and go though the door and up the ladder. Watch out for the Skeleton waving his chopper at the end and then climb up to the exit.

Simple really, wasn't it!

But just you wait until next time; you won't escape so easily, my pretty!