by Debbie Overstreet

Walkthrough written by the author and provided with the level download.

The level opens with Lara standing in front of the haunted house. The doors to your left will be opened at a later time. Have Lara light a flare and explore the left side of the house. At the end of the path is secret#1, shotgun ammo. Head back down the path and go to your left past the fountain to the other side of the house. When you come to the end of that path the door will open. Facing you above the torch is a painting of the former owner. Shoot the vase to your right and get the arrows. Explore for a pickup under the water. Then proceed up the staircase into the hall. Enter the room to the right. You will see a green pool of ectoplasm or some such stuff. If Lara should fall into this pool it will mean instant death. Explore the back of the room. There is a platform that will rise. Turn to your left and step up onto the next block when you can. It will also rise. There are pickup items, uzi ammo and a small medicine pak. You may have noticed there are darts shooting past. They will kill Lara if she waits too long. If you want the items on the block you will have to make a standing jump/leap to get onto the platform. Get the ammo as quickly as you can and the medipak and get back onto the same block you just leaped from. You will then have to do a safety drop from the edge to the floor below. Make sure you have full life before you drop.

Once down head across the hallway into the next room...the waterfall room. You will have just released a wraith. Jump into the large pool and swim to the door below on your left. It will open allowing Lara to pass through. Swim to the end of the tunnel and you will discover secret#2. A statue will also be there and will put an end to the wraith. Get your items and swim out of the tunnel and gather up any other items on the bottom of the pool.

Get out of the pool and face the waterfall. Jump onto the block with the vase on the right and turn left and pull yourself up onto the next block. From here jump down into the haunted pool. Lara will seem to fall through the surface of the water. She will land with a splash and then be able to swim back to the top. When you get to this spot you will see what I mean.

Retrieve the arrows on the bottom(secret#3 no secret sound) and swim up to the top and pull yourself out of the pool. Keep to your right as you step up and over the stairs until you slide. Two rollerballs will come down but if you are to the right you won't get hurt. There is a medipak on top of one of the pillars. Grab that and jumb back into the water and swim all the way down to the blue entrance. There is secret#4, a crossbow and imediately after that secret #5 more arrows. Keep going down this passageway and turn to your right at the end. Keep going and you will see the surface of the water down at the end. Get some air and climb out. You have just awakened another wraith. Sometimes the trigger for the statue doesn't work the first time. If the wraith is not flying to the statue drop back into the water and climb out again. This usually works. If not the first time then the second.

There is a door at the end of the stairs on your left. If you take the stairs on your right you can retrieve some arrows that are nearby. Warning: At the top of these stairs is a large medipak. It is also a trap...teeth spikes!
Climb the large ladder to the top. There are two switches. Go to the top switch and push it. Jump back after the cutscene to regain control of Lara. Go to the next switch and push it. Jump sideways/right to regain control and so that Lara doesn't fall off the edge. Now Lara will have to choose a path. She can either go up the next ladder and out which will shorten the level or she can choose to go back down the ladder to the door at the top of the stairs below.

I'll explain it both ways. The shorter version will follow this one.
Lara decides to go back down the ladder. Once at the bottom of the ladder turn to your left and pull yourself up onto the block. Continue around, get the medipak nearby and go up the stairs to the open door. Make sure you have full life and do a safety drop onto the grating below. Run down the grating and turn to your right. Run through the green ectoplasm/water and beware of the beetles chasing you. At the end there is a deeper area. Have Lara swim down and into the open green tunnel. Keep going until she gets to the end, climb out get the items(revolver,ammo) and jump back into the green stuff and swim back down the tunnel and back to the surface. Climb the ladder up and through the mist, back flip near the top and turn and run up the hill to the next ladder. Climb up the ladder and pull up and run down the hall to the first switch. Push the switch and the door in front of you will open. Push the next switch to open the exit door to this small room. A cutscene of the door opening will play. Jump back to regain control of Lara. Pick up the large medipak in the middle of the room. Check your life and do another safety drop from this ledge. Do a side jump to get around the vase and proceed out to the hallway then to the left to the room at the end.

Once you enter the room another wraith and a skeleton will try to stop you. The wraith should fly to the statues in this room but you will have to use your crossbow and explosive arrows to kill the skeleton. After that jump into the pool and retrieve shotgun ammo and a small medipak and then climb out of the pool. Go to the ladder and climb up. Once on the ledge go forward and pickup the flares. Behind you a skeleton has emerged. Shoot him and keep going through the door. Just follow this hallway to the next where another skeleton will awaken. Shoot him too. The next door leads to a small outside area. Go down the stairs and to your right to an opening at the end with a ladder. Safety drop or use the ladder to get down into this room. Go to the end and you will find secret#6, an uzi. Get the medipak and then turn around to confront another skeleton. Blast him. Now climb back out and proceed down the path to the pole. Jump onto the pole and slide down. Pick up the medipak. Go forward, turn right, go forward to switch(earthquake)and torch, turn right, go foward, turn right to torch, turn right down long hall to torch, turn left, turn left down long hall to torch and switch nearby(firetrap), turn right and slightly left to last torch. Go past this torch and look right. You should be at the ladder leading up and out of the maze. If you're interested there is one more trap if you go past the final torch and past the hallway to your left to the next long hall on your left. There is a vase blocking your path. Jump over the vase and push the block at the end. When you do teethspikes will strike. No way out of that trap. If you pulled the switch with the firetrap you can use the end button and this will cause Lara to roll and extinguish the fire.

Go up the ladder and down the blocks to the ground below. Turn and press the switch and there will be a cutscene of the door in the fountain opening. This is how you exit from this area.

To continue down the hall use the end button and then the forward button. You should be running down the hall when the camera is back on Lara. Run up to the next switch and activate it. Another cutscene showing a door opening, jump back to regain control of Lara. Continue to the end of the hall where a pool of water awaits. Jump in the water and swim to your right up and over the raised area to the other side and pick up the pharoah's key. You need this to complete the level. Now swim out of the door opened by the lion head switch and up to the air. Then dive back under the water and swim out and to your right. Go to the mossy opening and swim down the tunnel. Climb out and you will have awakened another wraith. If the wraith doesn't stop chasing you run to the middle of the hallway. The wraith should fly out through the large open doors to the statues below. You opened these doors when you had to choose which path to take after climbing the large ladder. If the darn wraith is still bugging you go back down the hallway and jump back into the mossy tunnel and climb back out again. This should put an end to him.
At the end of the hallway is the final secret #7, the shotgun. Pick it up and do a safety drop to the ledge below. Turn around. This is a deadly pool. Have Lara walk up near the forward edge but not the very edge. Do a standing jump to the next ledge and do another to the ledge where the keyhole is. Place the pharoah's key into the slot and the door to your left will open. Turn around and carefully as before jump to the middle ledge. Turn and jump to the last ledge before the open door. Arm yourself with crossbow and explosive arrows and get ready to run the gauntlet!

Go! Run forward down the hall and turn left. Several skeletons emerge to try and stop you. Turn and shoot them when they are in a cluster. Go forward to the switch and activate it. The door that leads out of the level will open. Jump back to regain control of Lara. In your path is a pool of that deadly green ghostly goo. Walk carefully to the edge. As close as Lara can get. You will have to do a standing leap/grab to catch the opposite edge. Pull up and continue on this path. Watch for more skeletons to emerge and destroy them. Finally a moment of peace at the end of the hall where a switch awaits. Push that switch and the door directly ahead of you will open. Run out onto the steps. Three wicked skeletons emerge at once to destroy you. If you have enough ammo left blow them away and continue out and to your right. Head up the steps and climb up into the small room. Go forward and out of the opening to your left. You are almost through. Go forward toward the doors at the end of the street. They will open. Slide down the hill and on to your next adventure!