Alexanderís Mausoleum

Level by Francesco Venco

Walkthrough provided by Gerty

Do read the Readme file.

Begin the level and slide down the slope. On the left is a ladder, you can use it to climb down, and there is another slide and Lara falls into a swift current. Swim down until you can surface in a room with pillars. Pick up flares (West) and some shotgun shells (East). Enter the North door into a room with a floor switch. There is a pushable pillar in the room, but leave it for now as you will return to this later. Push the switch, a camera shot will show a door opening. Exit this room and go through the newly opened West door. Do not attempt to enter the water, as a strong current will trap Lara. Make your way up the steps and pick up the Shotgun, and a medipack across the small pool in front of a closed door.

Return to the stairs and stand directly underneath the bridge. Jump up with grab, and climb onto the bridge. On the left is a small medipack.
Take a running jump with grab to the left or right hand slope and shimmy all the way to the wall. Pull up and backflip with twist and grab to catch the block with the pole, climb up and back flip onto the ledge with vases. This will awaken a skeleton on the next ledge. That is why you got the shotgun LOL.

The vases there hide some shotgun ammo. Do a running jump to the next ledge, there is nothing hidden in those vases. Another running jump, two more skeletons will awaken. In one of the vases is a small medipack.

Another running jump to the last ledge and a safety jump in the left (dark) corner. There is a mummy there, so outrun the pest. In the middle is a ladder you can climb down and push the button there. The camera shows a block rising, this stops the current in the water. Jump down and climb back at the bridge (I couldnít climb the ladder because of that button) and once there you can see a crossbow suspended in mid air. Take a running jump with grab (leap of faith) to land on the invisible block and pick up SECRET # l, Crossbow and explosive crossbow ammo.

Turn back to face the mummies and kill them. The one that roams near the spikes has the 1e Horseman Gem (be careful where you shoot him as you need that gem), and dive into the water.

Swim towards the central island at the back in the SW corner is some shotgun ammo. Get some air, you can climb out and dispose of that skeleton but you need to swim in that hole on the right. The door is open and an underwater current will transport you into some an underwater rooms. In the top is an air hole. On the roof is a small medipack. Turn East and there is a small opening, swim in and pick up the Laser sight. Also on the East is a building and there you can pick up another Crossbow. Get back and get some air. On the West are some stairs, follow them to come to a room with some windows. Pick up the ammo lying there and combine the sight with the crossbow and shoot the vases behind the windows. You can use normal ammo but you need to stand right in front of your target with Laraís back almost at the rim. The door in that room opens.

Enter the corridor and jump into the water. You end up in a room with a pillar in the middle. Swim into the West entrance, get out and push the lever there. Swim back and enter the South opening. When you get out there is a small earthquake, push the button on your left and climb the ladder. There are some skeletons but you can outrun them. In the back of that small structure is another hole in the floor and jump into the water. You are on top of that pillar and pick up the Pharos Pillar. Now swim back in the opening North, get out and swim back over those stairs to the building. On top on the West side has a door opened and in there you get SECRET # 2, your second Horseman Gem. Quickly roll and again swim towards those stairs and back to that underwater pillar. Now swim through the opening in the East, climb on the block there into the opening and you are back at the Central Island.

You can use the Pillar and kill the mummies if you want. Push the lever on the island a door in the West opens. Enter this room. There are some spikes and donít use the button behind the spikes, it is a trap. Walk past the spikes and both entrances do harbour a boulder. Trigger the boulder on the right by jumping backwards and running to the left, do not forget that boulder over that button. Once the boulder is gone enter that slope, this will trigger de boulder on the left and a spiked trap there. On top of the ramp SAVE your game.

Look down as you have to figure out how to get through this spiked and rolling balls room. The part of the floor that has tiles is save and that is the route you need to take to the exit of this room. Be sure Lara is standing about three side steps from the left wall, jump back, light a flare and do a standing jump over that slope. Run over the tiles and you can even jump that last bit and when you cleared this, save your game again.

Follow the passage onto some stairs and end up in a room with slopes and some greenish looking water, which is deadly by the way. Climb the block on your left and start sliding and jumping till you can rest on a ledge. Enter the opening and around the corner is a ramp, slide down. There are 3 skeletons in here and in the middle is the Pharos Knot. The exit is North and climb down the ladder. You can also jump into the water. Place the Knot and swim into the East passage and climb the stairs and a door is open (West).

Shoot the vases and get the medipack.

The next move is a bit far fetched but in the opening, where you entered this room, jump up and hang on the ceiling. This move opens a trapdoor in the room in the West corner. Jump in and find SECRET # 3, some ammo. Now save your game.

Be sure your health is up as those levers releases scarabs and also opens another trapdoor in the North. Flip both levers and run to the now open trapdoor, keep running (forget about that crawlspace) and climb up. There is another lever, flip it and the floor will start burner. Neat way to get rid of those pesky scarabs, donít you think so? Flip the switch again and find that crawlspace.

Keep to the right (or left) and find three buttons to push. Get out and go back where you pushed that lever to burn the floor, in the right corner a door has opened. The door closes after Lara and a small earthquake occurs. Another door opens when you approach it and you are back in the first room where that pushable pillar was. Some people had problems with doors so I would save at different slots Push and pull the pillar on the tile next to the lever in the corner and a door opens. But before you go looking for that door, look right on a pillar is your 3e Horseman Gem. Leave this room and go into the now open door on the East. Slide down, climb up and you come into a room with a waterfall. (There are two buttons to push and I didnít push them as I never found out what they were doing.) So climb the waterfall and run along the water. There is a fly by of the building and two skeletons will pester you. Look North and you see a ledge, jump on it and stand with your face towards the wall as left as possible and grab the crack there and shimmy to the next ledge. A running jump to another ledge and above is a monkey climb. Swing it to another ledge in the end. Drop in the water and hug the wall on your right and get out by some stairs. Another skeleton appears and on the left of the main building is a button you have to push.
Once inside the doors closes behind Lara, Place the first gem on a small landing. Getting further on the stairs Lara looks at the wall, and if you run straight the level ends there.

You can also place the two other gems on either side of those stairs and two doors open. Slide down and you are in a treasure room and there the level ends.