The Silent Dome

Level by Chris Radford (TombRaiderFan)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a corridor with shallow water. Behind Lara is a closed gate. Take the left side, move the movable pillar onto the gray tile in front of the star receptacles. Shoot the small scorpion, proceed to other side corridor into the lava room, move the movable pillar next to the place where the star. Did you hear the gate open? Through the open gate get in the water, pick up medipack, closed gate from left, swim up, get out of the water and take crowbar on pedestal.

Do the way to lava room, move the pillar and take the Golden Star. Proceed to where star receptacles are and place the golden star, the gate in water is open now.

Take deep breath and swim into room, pull five underwater levers, swim through the open door and get out of the water. Shoot harpy, press the button, follow through the open door, climb up, do backflip, shoot giant beetles, proceed a few steps and find yourself in lava room. Take from both side corners on pedestals UZIS, SHOTGUN and AMMO. Run, jump and catch rope, pass to other side, pick up medipack, crawl and proceed in the corridor, shoot a few small small scorpions and press the button. From the wooden gate you can see another door opens, return to the lava room, use with the rope to reach the open doorway.

Bring Lara into the small lava hole, catch the edge, shimmy around the hole and pull Lara out. Do savegame, jump to catch the slope's edge, slide and do curved jump into the right doorway, press the button and fall down to room below. Go through the open door, shoot giant beetles and harpy, proceed into the moving blade room. Jump to left hole and pull underwater lever, swim through those open gates into canal, keep swimming and get out of the water. Pull jumpswitch to open one of two gates in the end corridor, jump and catch crack, shimmy left above the lava and enter next place.

Small place with few things to do. Avoid the two moving blades, stand onto the small pothole, jump and pull Lara into wooden ledge, pick up revolver and AMMO, shimmy to right and pick up lasersight. Shoot bones in the lava (do combination of revolver/lasersight), will put out the fire from pedestal, take the Hall Entry Readings and use it, the second gate in the corridor opens.

Enter to the big room, shoot harpy and giant beetle, pick up the Notice. Don't lock the Knight in cell!! Stand close to wooden barrier, the Knight will hit Lara and break the wooden barrier and expose closed gate. Now lock the Knight in cell, pull the lever wall get into the cell, wait until the Knight gets in too, quickly get out and pull the lever wall again. Jump to catch wooden ledge, jump forward to next ledge, turn 45 degrees and jump again to first ledge, now jump again to second ledge and press the button on the column, jump back to first ledge. Turn 45 degrees, run and jump behind the column onto the second ledge, turn and jump back to first ledge. Press the button, gate opens on the wall. Jump again to second ledge and from there into doorway, press the three buttons to open the gate down below in the big room. Pull out the goblet and place it onto the red W, the gate into the cell is open.

Follow through the open gate, fall into small hole, pick up FLARES. Shoot the harpy, proceed in the cave near the lava pool, above the lava there is a closed gate also in the right way, take the left way, light flare, pull out the hidden block from the wall. Enter inside, press the button, it opens a door, light flare and push the block into the wall and find secret room, pick up AMMO, don't leave yet, light flare and look for ceiling trapdoor. Pull the trapdoor, jump and pull Lara into the room, you see that you're missing an object. Return to lava pool, follow to next way through the door you opened, take a left behind the dragon head, climb up ladder. Pull the two levers in wall, enter the big room, push the column and place it onto the red X tile, the door above the lava pool is open.

Return to the lava pool, jump and catch the wooden floor and pull Lara onto it. Enter the room, shoot the small dino and giant beetle, stand close to the wall where the dragon head exhales fire and walk very carefully, pull the lever wall, get back to the room, follow through open gate, shoot bats and harpy, pick up The Cemi from the grave. Return to the area where you pulled the trapdoor, pull Lara into the room below and place the Cemi, slide down, follow through the open door, flyby shows The Silent Dome.

Shoot the harpy, run forward to the dome, you must deal with Seth. In the center dead man lies down [I think it's old Lara enemy Xian, well, who cares big grin ]. Fall down to water below, swim toward the crack, pick up CROSSBOW and AMMO, turn back, pull the two underwater levers on each side of the gate (the gate stays closed; I don't know why?). Leave it and swim through the red opening wall into corridor, pass invisible way and try to find invisible hole, get out of water into room. Pick up two MEDIPACKS from graves, back to water, keep swimming, pass another invisible way, pull underwater lever, swim through the open door, pull more lever. Get out of the water, proceed in the corridor, shoot small scorpion, find the slope. Slide down toward dark place and you've finished the level.