More Ruins of the Ancients

Level: Otto Winkler.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

The Jungle.

Sliding into the Jungle the camera will go under water, follow the back to the block, jmp to the next block and do a runjmp/grab to the Jmpswitch under the waterfall, Crocs appear, so get out fast, a rope appeared on the 1st block, grab it and swing to the waterfall, go jmp into the alcove L of it and get the Ĺ MP, slide back to the waterfall and enter the N lake district, jmp over the hill L to a spot behind the tree, follow the tunnel there to a room filled with Warthogs, shoot them all, standing in the entrance, get the Ornate Handle and get back out, climb the rock in the S and jmp to the wall where you can get the MP and Flares.

Runjmp into the lake and swim under the waterfall, on the L side you can swim in, go R and go carefully around the Spiketraps, get the Ĺ MP and return for some air, swim in again and go L, swim straight and L to get the Hathor Effigy, stay close to the bottom as you swim on, through some Spikes and R back to the waterfall, dodging some Crocs, get out at the river and shoot them, if only out of revenge. Go to the Pillar in the corner and pull it from the wall, shoot the Scorps and place the Portal Guardian. The big gate E opens, go in and enter the Water temple.

The Water Temple.

The Crowbar. (I found a shortcut, but maybe it will not work for you so I explained both options.)

Dive in the pool below and swim L, down into a hole, leading to a crossing room with a Demigod, go R and swim up against the current in the R hand opening, roll and swim straight into the opposite N tunnel, up to the hole in the room and go over to the door, youíll get a screenshot of an UW ceiling lever (which only appears after the screenshot) in the passage between the 2 current tunnels, so go back to use it and return here to enter that door. Shoot the Bats and dive down in the hole to get the Crowbar below, swim out the current tunnel N and L, past the Demigod into the L tunnel and R into the next room, out of the hole in the ceiling and get some Ammo in an alcove. (If you happened to get this far, like me, you are finished here now and can leave to the Water Temple.)

If it was impossible for you to get into the N current tunnel, swim into the S passage behind the demigod and R, up in that room and get the Ammo in the alcove, walk to the closed door to get a cutscene and go to the W passage at the Demigod to pull the UW ceiling lever, go into the door, which will be open now and go to the N side of the pillar, push it once and hold the backflip button while Lara pushes, so you backflip as soon as the Boulder is released, dive in the hole and swim through the open gates to the next room, up and walk to the door, get a cutscene of an UW lever in the passage with the current tunnels and go use it to open the door in the Dart room (you have to return through the Boulder room to get up to that door again), go in there, dive in the hole and get the Crowbar on the bottom. Finished up here, go to the Water Temple.

Revolver, Left Greave and Pharos Knot.

Go to the L side and up into the E passage, L and open the Crowbar door, enter and start shooting all the Hellhounds and the vases and a rope will appear in the SE, go up and backflip to the roof of the room, climb up to the higher level and go to the SW corner to pick up the Revolver on the mount, go to the NW corner, up the hill and enter the hidden passage in the wall, follow the CS to a room where you can take care of that Warthog and hop on the log E, shoot some Scorps behind it and get the Left Greave in the corner, climb the logs to the top where you can get outside again, go over to the SE corner and up to the higher path along the wall, spot the Boulder behind a fence and shoot the fence to release that Boulder, sidejmp L to the lower part of the grounds to get out of the way and wait for the Boulder to roll all the way down and open a gate in the E of the room.

A Fire Dragon will come out to play as you go down there, shoot it and follow the passages, picking up some Goodies. Eventually you will pass 2 gates with Fire Dragons behind them, there is a lever in the end of this passage, throw it and they will be released, shoot them and go to the 1st gate you passed, follow past the crossing with the star receptacle, to the end to get the Pharos Knot and go back, R at the star receptacle and follow to the next Fire Dragon shoot it and go up the ladder past the gate, shoot some Bats while climbing the rocks and drop to the top level of the Water Temple.

The Golden Star, Crossbow.

Go to the S opening and jmp to the tree, go on the W branch and runjmp to the green hill in the NW to get the Arrows, runjmp/grab back to the tree and spot the Crossbow on the SW rock go up to the S branch and stand on the edge, run to the S wall and place the Knot (which looks like the Pillar suddenly) and a block will raise at the Star below on E wall, turn R and runjmp/grab the rock, use the flat parts to get to the Crossbow and return to the Knot with a standjmp, drop from the pillar and go get the Golden Star and go to the pool at the Water Temple, you have to go back through the Hellhound room, the passages below to the Star receptacle, place it and run past the Skeleton, back to the ladder to go to the top of the tree.

The Puzzle Wheels.

Go E and runjmp/grab to the open gate and inside are 4 puzzle wheels and a couple of holes in the floor, go to the SW wheel and turn it N, go down the SW hole and in the N passage you can pick up 2 Gems, go back up and turn the S wheels pointing to each other, go down the SW hole again and in the E passage is Gem #3 in the 1st alcove R, go to the second alcove R and place a Gem. Go back up and turn the N wheels pointing at each other, go down the NE hole and place a gem in the 1st R alcove of the W passage, get the 4th Gem in the end of this passage and return up to turn the E wheels pointing to each other, go down the NE hole and place the last Gems both sides of the gate to open it. Go in and R over the burner tile, enter the Boulder room.

The Boulder room.

Save at the entrance and arm yourself with the Crossbow (explosive), and step into the path of the Boulder hanging on the R, hop back and walk behind it, donít get too close shoot the Skeleton at the 2nd corner and catch up with the Boulder, jmp a corner to get in front of it, so you can break the bridge by running to the single block, wait there till the Boulder takes the lower path and follow, get in front of it again, avoiding the Skeletons and run onto the bridge in the end, jmp/grab the rope save and swing to the ledge with the lever (point a bit R of the lever) to grab the edge of the ledge. A Boulder drops in a CS L of you, donít bother, just take the Ammo, throw the lever (a pillar raises in the Water Temple) and jmp/grab to the CS, get the Left Gauntlet from it and drop to the water, get some Ammo in the E and W and climb the block at the rope, shoot the Skeletons to pieces and standjmp/ grab from the far side and swing back to the Skeleton walkway. Go all the way back to the pool in the Water Temple.

The North Passage.

Go up the E passage, through the Hellhound room and up the rope, to the W side and jmp to the newly raised pillar, allowing you to go to the N upper passage. In this hall are 2 pillars, one on the floor one in the pit in front of a gate, pull/push this one as far as you can to the S and climb back out, take the one on the floor to the brown Tile in the floor S of the pits and push it back in front of the E pit, the lower pillar will come up to ground floor, push it to the other pit W on the 1st grey Tile and a block raises from the pit, put the pillar on it and go get the other one, push it to the second grey Tile and the pillar lowers into the pit, pull it to the grey Tile N and the gate opens in the E pit. Go in and in this pool youíll get the end scene, swim to the grey block as soon as you regain control and blast the Croc with all the Ammo you have left, just for the fun of it and swim to the other block with the sign, a great flyby will take you back through this great level and youíll see all the victims still lying where you dropped them.

The End