Lara in my Dream

Level by Chizurukagura

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin with Lara falling down into a short passage. Go a few steps forward and the gate will open automatically, in the room there're two star receptacles that you'll use to open the gate, and two levers. Go to the left side of the room and pull the lever to open the gate there, then monkeyswing pass above the gap and be close the wall, fall and catch the wall, then go left into the opening and the gate will open automatically. In the room there's a closed door and high a crawlspace; pull Lara into it and in the room pull the lever, the door is open now. Get back to the previous room, take care for ninja attack, onto the block with a pedestal, pick up Star #1, also pickups Revolver and flares, back to the beginning room.

Now pull the second lever, take running and jump over the deep pit, the gate will open automatically but don't hurry to pass the open gate, first take care for hidden spiked ball in this short passage. After you avoid the ball in the next room you need to pass the burning floor, now look carefuly and see that the floor is a little deeper in each side, also from both sides there's a slope. Take jump to left slope and backflip to opposite slope, few jumps like this and catch the edge of the slope when you get close to the deeper floor, shimmy and pull Lara into the room. Climb up ladder to the second floor and find on pedestal Star #2, when you get down shoot the ninja and get back the same way.

Place the two Stars to open the gate, pick up the lasersight on the way and come to deep pit room. In front of you are two vases, combine Revolver and Lasersight and take a shoot. Now look for few white smoke it sign for you the invisible ledge, pass the other side and follow into the next room.

In the room there's a pool with a closed uanderwater gate, also there's two movable statues but leave the statues for awhile. Go toward the room from the right side, soon as you get in a room poison darts emitter will start firing, take a sprint toward the lever, pull it and go back to the first room. Now go to the room from the left side, run jump toward the rope, swing to opposite ledge and pull the lever there, the underwater gate is open.

Get back to the room, get in a pool and swim to the next room, get out of the water, shoot the ninja, and take Two Piece Eye from pedestals. Swim back to the first room, now push the two statues onto each tile to open the double doors and slide down the long the end.

You probably ask what for intended these Two Piece Eye, well like you I don't know either.