Level by Nadine (Horus)

Walkthrough found on the author's homepage:

"Climb on the pieces of wall set around to reach the top of the wall and pick up some items, one of them is one guardian key. Put it in the puzzle hole at one of the pillars. At the gate of the temple are the mp5 and some ammo. Go inside the temple and smash the vases in order to turn the two jump switches on and get some flares. Walk in the now open room and kill the two baddies with the mp5. Be careful not to step on the green deadly sand in this room. Pick up the second guardian key and turn the two switches beside the door on. Go past the door and dive into the pool, and swim with a bit timing through the spikes. At the other side of the tunnel climb out and pick up some flares and ammo. Climb up the ladder and enter the great hall. Be careful with the demigod, or just kill him with the mp5. HINT: Look that you jump at the side of the platforms were no pillar is. Lara would slip away if you reach the side with the pillar under it.

When you have the caponic jar from the midden platform, let Lara climb down the ladder at the entrance of the hall. Dive in the underwater tunnel and let Lara float by the current to the other side. In the next room there is again that green sand, so climb over the pieces of wall to the other side. If you step on the block at the left with the medipak on it, you'll trigger a hapry. Pass through the rest of the tunnel and climb at it's end up the ladder. Now you are again at the entrance of the temple. Put the second guardian key in the puzzle hole and go into the second open door in the temple. Kill the two baddies and climb up the pillars. Behind some of the blade traps are flares and other stuff. Pass the hall with the grips at the ceiling. At the end Lara will automatically switch to stand, so duck and pass the next hall. Crawl through the broken door and climb up the ladder to turn on the next two switches to let the Horus statue get electrified by the bolts and pass over the platform in the middle of the hall to the open door and swim through the tunnel. In the next room climb up the ladder and pass the hall with the rope. Turn on the switch an kill the harpys. Don't forget to pick up the uzi and some uzi ammo. Now you can dive in the deep hole at the bottom of the room to pick up the second caponic jar. Go the whole way you came back to the entrance and put the two caponic jars in the holes to open the third door.

Kill the scorpions and harpys and dive in the pool to turn the switch on. Now pass through the tunnel in the mystic-lightened room and climb on the wooden block. Then jump on next platform and then on the floating glass. I know it's not very realistic. Now jump into the hole in the wall.

In the room with the statues pick up all the ammo and medi-packs. Then pass the door (it will open by itself if you get nearer) and face Seth. You can save your health by shooting at him with the mp5 so that he can't shoot his plasma-ammo or whatever at you. You have to step on all the four blocks to trigger the four harpy-guardians. When they are all triggered, run back into the room with the Horus statues and kill the harpys. Pick up the 4 guardian keys and put them into the holes at Seth little throne. Now pass through the door and fall deep into the water. Wade to the ramp and climp up. Now climb up the ramp. But beware of the spicked stones, look at the floor to see where they'll drop. At the end climb up the ladder and pass the rooms and kill one baddy. Kill the last demigod and pick up the golden vraeus. Pass the tiny valley. Don't care that there's an earthquake, it won't hurt you, it's just because Seth is a bit angry because you fled without having a big battle ;) . Put the golden vraeus in the hole at the end of the valley and pass through the door and go into the dark hole."