The Original Jungles Project - Part 1: The Crash

Level by Christian Schleicher (SilentViper) (June, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start on a jungle floor. If you run around there is a harmless snake in a bush. Go west through and opening and you see a crashed plane. Go south and climb up on the nose of the plane. Go west and go to a caged area. Kill a guard and pick up a Key Card 4. Exit the cage and loop to the west, Use Key Card 4 in the slot on the wall and a door opens inside the cage. There may be a box inside or maybe not if the guard used grenades. If there still is a box be careful how you shoot it. Shoot the box from the front and it is empty. Jump behind the box and use roll so that you shoot the box from behind and you get a large medipack and three red Ak-47 ammo. Exit and see a mercenary running around. The mercenaries are usually your friends but you have to kill him in order to get Key 2.


Jump back to the nose of the plane and go north down the fuselage and drop into a hole. Go to the north-east and use Key 2. Go to the north-west and pull the wall switch. Actually, it moves by itself. The door opens so hop onto a box and kill two raptors that emerge. Kill the mercenary to get an AK-47. Pick up three red AK-47 ammo from the floor. Get out of the plane and go west so see a water hole. Dive and swim north through the underwater tunnel. At the end, surface and go to the south-east to find a place to pull up.


You are in a large open area. To the east are a closed gate and many boxes. To the west are a large red container and a crashed jeep. Go to the west wall between the red container and the jeep and pick up the Golden Key. Turn around and kill three raptors. Look at the tree and see a ladder. Climb the ladder to the top and pick up a Key 1. You also get a good view of the red sky with the lighting. Climb down the ladder back to the ground.


Go west and use the small box to get onto the red container. Drop down on the other side. Ignore the open doorway in the west wall for now. Go to the north-east and climb the ladder. Get onto the east ledge and follow the walkways over the area and into a building to the west. Open the door in the north wall. Kill a ninja and pick up a laser sight. Shoot the boxes for the Colt Phyton, small medipack, and revolver ammo. Exit the room and you can shoot the lock off the south gate. The gate does not open so forget about it. Exit the building and use the walkways to get to the opening in the east wall. Safety drop to the red container and get back to the ground.


Go to the boxes in the north-east corner. Go inside the north opening and kill four wild pigs. Go to the end and use Key 1 to open the door. Enter and watch out for the fan with the fire. Pick up nine MP5 normal ammo, laser sight, small medipack, large medipack and the MP5. You will have to kill a raptor between pick ups. Exit back to the open area and kill another raptor.


Hop into the east opening and use the Golden Key to open the gate. Go to the end of the corridor and kill two guards. To the north are a closed gate and a lock. Go south and just before you turn the corner, jump up and grab a crawl space. Follow it to the end and pick up the Silver Key. Get back down to the corridor and follow the corridor around the corner. At the end, use the Silver Key to open the gate. Enter the tunnel and climb the ladder. At the top, turn around and jump into the east alcove to pick up Key Card 3. Climb down and go back into the corridor. Kill a raptor and go north.


Use Key Card 3 to open the gate. Enter the tall woods and kill the raptor attacking from the north-east. Go to the north-west and you can find rocks to stand on. Run into the forest to tease the raptors. Run back to the rocks to shoot them in safety. There are a few other safe places in the rocks as well. I counted eleven raptors. Go around the perimeter of the rocks to find a wide area on the north section. Run up the ramp and enter the building. Go down a ramp into a wide corridor. Follow this corridor until you reach a large area of fog. There are two sections in the north-east and south-east to visit later. You can go into the fog layer and look to the west to see a very large cave with a crashed plane.


Do not enter the cave by the fog route. Go to the south-west and hop onto a block in the black wall. Climb the wall and drop on the other side to a walkway. Fallow the walkway to the west and pull up onto a structure. Go north and kill a guard on the far side. Use the plane fuselage to get to the north structure. Kill a guard and a dog. Jump ledges to the west and go south on the wing of the plane. Hop onto the fuselage and find a hole in the roof. Drop into the hold of the plane. Kill two mercenaries and pick up Key Card 1 and a Blue Gem. Look to the north wall beside a pillar for a floor tile that looks different. Run over that tile and the tile breaks. Safety drop to the cave floor. Go east and climb the rocks to get into the fog layer in the building. Go east and get out of the fog layer.


Go to the north-east section and go to the back of the area. Use Key Card 1 and exit this section. Go to the south-east section and look the north-east corner for an open crawl space. Go to the back of the crawl space for a large medipack, small medipack and Key Card 2. Get back out and exit this section. Go east up the wide tunnel and go up the ramp at the end. Go south and go through the forest to get back into the first building. You may meet or not meet another raptor. Go back through the open area with the tree in the water. Get onto the red container and safety drop on the other side. Now go west and enter the west doorway. Go to the west wall and use Key Card 2 to open the gates.


Enter the room and kill the two raptors. Go to the west wall and drop into the hole at the end. Slide down a slope and into a large pool of water. Swim west and pull up to a ledge. Turn around and kill three crocodiles. Go north towards some boxes. You attract three dogs and six ninjas. There are also two guards on a high south walkway. Enter the opening in the north wall and go west. Slide down the north slope and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.