Level by Daniel Poetzsch

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin with Lara standing in front of stairs that bring you to the subway station of Munich. First, get rid of the soldier who's standing onto a high column and shooting at you, you can go to the right side and climb up the ladder to the top of this column and shoot on him. Then climb down and head to the door at the north wall, behind the door soldier and flock of flies just waiting for you to open this door to get free. Kill the soldier and get inside, pick up medipack (you will need this), back to the stairs and follow down to the main subway station.

Kill the soldier who shows up behind the column then look around the station, there're two hallways east and west and on the other side of the blocking grate wall there's a place that you can reach later. Head to the west side and climb upstairs to enter a large hall, prepare oneself to fly flock attacks. Keep to the left side, behind the columns you'll see closed blue door, turn to the north and run toward the railroad tracks, look for wooden barrier blocking the crawlspace at the west wall.

Shoot on this, then crawl inside to get the Crowbar, back to the blue door and use with the crowbar to open it. Climb up stairs to enter to passageway with grate floor, turn left side and get medipack behind the last column, back and keep to next stairs, climb up and at the top kick in a door. Kill the two soldiers, then proceed to the left side, run to end of the room into the alcove from the right and pull the lever floor, it opens brown door that you pass later, meanwhile back to the main subway station.

Head to the east hallway and get downstairs to tunnels area, kill the two soldiers who are walking on the platform, then get the medipack behind the last column. Back to near the stairs and take the left tunnel, run forward onto the railroad tracks at the middle of the tunnel you past near a short passageway between the two tunnels, ignore it a while and just run till you reach the medipack at the end. Back to the passageway, soldier will be waiting for you there, just send him to heaven, turn to the right into the short passage, climb into the crawlspace and pick up uzi clips. Back to the passageway and keep forward along the next passage, kill the bats, at the end just drop into the deep pit to water below.

Swim down into the canal from the right side, keep swimming forward toward the hole at the middle of the canal, get out of the water into a short passage and pull the jumpswitch. The grate wall you saw earlier is not there anymore, back to the canal and swim to the room ahead, climb onto the block and get the medipack. Once again back to the canal, swim over the place you came from, keep swimming to the right canal, then swim up the long pit to get out of the water, run forward over the crawlspace ahead, kill the bats on your way. Start crawling when you reach the end, turn and drop down back to the passageway, from there back to main subway station.

Go to the north hallway where the grate wall was before, from both side wall there're two openings, take the one from the east side, climb up stairs to the top and be careful not to drop down into the empty pool, the buttom is a little deep and you'll not be able to climb out. Leave it and back to hallway, go through the second opening, get downstairs then keep over the broken slopes, kill the soldier and drop into the hole to land onto a block below. In the tunnel jump into the water to west side and swim along the tunnel till you reach the end, keep swimming into the crawlspace up the canal and get out of the water into a room with grate walls.

Kill the lonely soldier then get the medipack, back into the canal and swim back to the block, pass it and keep swimming over the end of tunnel into the crawlspace. Swimming in this canal is a little hard as you swim up and down few times, when you get to the opening get out of the water into a lost subway station. Kill the bats and follow to the top of the stairs, pull the jumpswitch there and screenshot will show the empty pool you saw earlier is filled with water, now make your way back over this place in the same way you came.

Get into the pool and swim to opposite opening side of the room, get out of the water and run down the slope, jump over the dead hole, keep running forward and turn to the left side, you pass through the open brown door. Keep going further and take care of two soldiers who come out from both side of the passage, take the left side, you come to empty room. Stand in the entrance and look inside the room, it's empty and also has a fire trap floor, leave it and head to other side of the passage, there's another room. The room is dark but soon as you enter inside it will be lit and you get trapped here in this room forever, so don't search for a "finish" trigger, this is really the end.