Serpentine Gorge
Level 5
by Jon Heywood / Inchdix

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
It has all the important pick-ups and items mentioned.
It will not contain all pick-ups, all enemies and maybe not all the secrets.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.

For Mac Player:
After having finished “
Obsidian Heights” the screen will freeze, if Lara slides down the slope.
So use H E L P at the end of “Obsidian Heigths” to start “Serpentine gorge”. This way you will get the 4 Golden Vraeus.
If you use the Script.Dat. from the freeselect script you can start from New Game directly the level “Serpentine Gorge” but you have to rename gorge.tr4 into jungle.tr4
You will not have anything from the previous levels in your inventory.


Still in Hidden Garden shoot at 2 dangling balls with normal arrows. This will open the gate to serpentine gorge.

You enter and the door closes. Go forward till you see the Iron Key. When you pick it up this door closes and you have to take a longer way back to the keyhole near the beginning.
You are in a room with pillars and fire on the floor. Use the monkey bar to get to the opening. Watch out for the fire underneath. Once you are in the opening pick up some shotgun shells and a small medi-pack. You have to pass 3 timed fire tiles. A door opens. Drop down and pull a switch (opens a trapdoor in the ceiling).
Use the monkey bar to get back where you started. Now jump over the blocks
(pick up some wideshot shells) and then grab the climbable wall. Make your way up to the trapdoor. Climb up and then make your way to the keyhole.

You drop into water. Wade forward. At the block in the corner climb up and pull a wall switch. Go on jumping the blocks. In the 2. water room is an opening. You can get some normal arrows there.
When you jump and slide into the next water room watch out for spikes. Swim along and avoid two crocodiles. Kill them from safety (slope/bridge near the switch).
Take a running jump to the crawlspace opposite. You have to solve a door puzzle and you will get the 1. Red Gem. Watch out for the fire at the exit and get back out and over to the switch.
When you pull the switch you see a camera flyer. 2 white wraith will be coming for Lara.
Jump into the water and swim back where the spikes are and go down into a tunnel. The go up and enter the room with 4 Shiva’s . You have to get behind some of them and the white wraiths will disappear.
At the south/west Shiva are 2 crawlspaces. Go to the right first and pull a switch.
Go to the left one and you come to a room with 4 switches and a closed door.
When you enter the room turning knifes come from the ceiling. So hurry up and pull the switches. The 4. one opens the door. There is a 5. switch to pull.
Jump over the fire (when it is low) and side flip because there are 2 big balls coming down and 2 more. You have to trigger several balls till you can reach the top of the slope. Use back jumps and forward runs.
You have to move several blocks. You will find the 2. Red Gem. Then you have to move the first block you pushed so you can get behind it.
Go through the crawlspace and push blocks till you see a switch. Pull it and pushing the blocks back so, that you can get out. Go down the passage and to the second passage on the right. Jump over the whole and a trapdoor is open. Go down and collect a Grenade Launcher and a Secret.

Go back up to where you pushed the blocks and now climb up till you see some swinging knifes. Pass them.
There is a basket with fire. You can either use a diagonal jump from the right corner or much easier shoot the basket with an explosive arrow.
Once you have passed the knifes, you climb down, do a back flip and you come to a switch. Pull it and hurry because the door it opens is timed. In that room is the Iron Key. Pull a switch and a trapdoor opens. You land down in the water.

Jump/swim forward till you reach the slope, which is also a kind of white bridge.
Pick up some grenade ammo in a hole.

Climb out of the water on the right side. (You can climb out on the left side up the tree and jump over to the waterfall to get a lasersight. You don’t have to, because most probably you already have one).
Make your way to the 3.block. From there shoot 3 dangling metal balls with crossbow/lasersight and normal arrows (left, right, below).
This opens a gate in the building opposite. Go down there. When you enter a crocodile comes to greet Lara. Get the 3. Red Gem. Kill another crocodile before you go in to
the crawlspace. There you find some goodies.

Now make your way down to the area with the pillars. 2 cannibals are come running along. Try and eliminate one after the other. One will loose the 4. Red Gem.
Go on towards the pool. 2 more cannibals are waiting there.
Eliminate them too. You can go in to the water, kill 2 crocodiles and pull an underwater switch that raises a block. The door stays closed (till right to the end of the level).

Use the blocks to get on to the one opposite the climbable wall. Jump and grab.
Climb up and at the top let go and grab again so Lara’s legs are dangling. Then transverse to the right and get up. Now make your way over and up till you are in the upper water again. Use again the ledge on the right side and jump the 3 blocks.
Go to the green spot underneath the arch. Use a monkey bar to swing to the other side. You can climb up, wade across the bridge and in the next room you look for an underwater switch. This will raise a block. From there jump over and pull a (golden) switch. This opens a gate by the 4 waterfalls.

Go back and down again. Swim back to the room with the 4 Shiva’s. Go through the crawlspace to the spiky room and there you can jump into the water. Go forward till you reach the underwater opening on the right (where you got some arrows). There is the open gate. Jump into the corners and pick up the Bronze Key and some goodies.

Return to the water behind the white bridge. Get out of the water, go left and you come to a corridor and a keyhole. Use the Bronze Key and the door to the room with the giant serpent will open.
When you enter you have to get rid of 2 cannibals. After that go to the left side till you come to the water. Kill a crocodile. Dive down underneath the green block and collect the 5. Red Gem. Go back to the closed door. Do a back flip towards the body of the serpent, jump forward and grab the edge of the arch over the door. Turn and jump over to the body of the snake. There you get the 2. Secret and some goodies. Now go to the keyhole and use the Iron Key. Inside the room you have to move blocks next to the door with the Gem behind it.
Push the bright green block from the left side to the right square and the bright green block from the right side to the left square next to the door. This should raise the blocks.
Push them in to the corner and the door will open. Take the 6. Red Gem.
Now put 3 Red Gems into the receptacles. That will let the water disappear where the green block is. Go there and jump over. Use the other 3 Red Gem. The fire in the serpent’s mouth will extinguish. Go up in the building and then jump over to the serpent’s mouth. Climb in. Inside you will find a Golden Vraeus. Camera flyer shows the opening of the door at the pool down where the 4 cannibals were.

When you climb back up 2 white wraiths appear. Drop in to the water and go to one of the Shiva’s. After that make your way to the door near the pool.
When you enter, you climb up and that is the end of the level.

If you were able to play all 5 levels in a row you should have 4 Golden Vraeus and you should land in “Hidden Garden” and there you can insert them up in the room near where the 2 Neptune are.

For Mac Player:
If you have all 4 Golden Vraeus use HELP. Lara’s hair has to stand vertical. Then make your way through
Emerald Lake (the switch behind the fire costs a few medi-packs) towards Hidden Garden. Swim and go near the two Neptune to the room with the 4 receptacles. There insert the 4 Golden Vraeus.