Original TR Conversion Project - Tomb Of Qualopec

Author: Lucas (Treeble)

Walkthrough by Lucas

NOTE: I wrote this full extent walkthrough based on an outline I had posted a few years ago. I did it from mind, so if you come across any mistake, please let it be known so it can be amended. Thanks.

Authorized Walkthrough

Lara starts the level exactly where the Lost Valley finished. Run down the tight hallway to reach the main hall, with the giant idols. As you enter the hall, make an U-turn to find a hidden lever that will open a secret door to the right of the entrance - and a pair of raptors will quickly come for

Follow through that new hallway to reach a small hub-area, with three paths to choose, each one marked with a different symbol. You must activate one lever in each of these paths in order to open the three doors at the main hall. Let's begin with the easiest one. Take the path to your right. Just push the movable block twice to find another one to your side. Push it until the end and operate the lever. This opens the first door. Return to the hub, watching out for the spiked pit near the lever.

Now follow through the central path. The lever is a fake, it can be thrown but it doesn't affect anything. Step on the collapsible floor to drop it and safely drop down to a raptors nest. After dispatching them, up the ramp you should find a movable block. Pull it once and jump to either of its sides and push it to reveal a stairway. Follow it to find the second lever. Operate it to open the second door. Return to the hub dropping down through the hole nearby.

Head through the remaining path. In this first moment, ignore the first lever and fall to the checkered area. Follow through the passage on the left wall and when you reach the column, jump to the passage nearby. Climb the huge stairs and when you reach the edge you will realize you are on the top of another column. Turn right and jump to find a lever. Push it to move one
of the columns. Now drop to the checkered floor and climb up to the high alcove, the place where you came from, and push that lever your previously ignored to move the other column. Go through the door right by your side and jump across the columns and over the teeth spikes to find the last lever. Throw it to open the third door. Return to the hub.

The three doors are open so you can run through the now open hallway to the left of the entrance in the main hall. Soon you'll arrive to a room full of statues and dart emmitters. Dodge the darts as you go by, and when you reach the first step of the stairs, touch the left wall and climb it up. Squeeze
past the statue and a door will open behind it, revealing
SECRET #1. Watch out, because about the entire floor will collapse as you go by. Right underneath you, on the spiked floor,
SECRET #2, look for the safe spot and safely drop down to get it. Climb back up and jump back to the statues chamber.

Up the stairs, follow the passage to reach the Chamber of the Scion. You can take a picture with Qualopec for $1 if you brought your camera. As soon as you pick the Scion up, an earthquake will take place and part of the tomb will collapse. Run through the red exit door and rush down the steep
tunnel, a boulder will be on your heels. Exit the tomb heading through the passage to the
Lost Valley - the door will now be open.

Dive into the water to find a little crack on the wall caused by the earthquake. Swim through it to reach SECRET #3. Swim back to the valley to see you got company. Beat Larson and head back to the City Of Vilcabamba, atop the rocky natural stairs.

End of level.

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