By Debbie Overstreet

Walkthrough written by the author and provided with the level download.

The level opens with Lara sliding down a tunnel into water below. Swim to the end of the tunnel and pull up. Pull up onto the staircase in front of you. If you turn to your left you will see Lara reflected in a large mirror. Turn to your right and proceed to walk through the glass. There are four switches. The third switch on the right opens the door to your left. The other switches are a wraith, beetles, and a skeleton. Proceed through the door and drop off the edge and into the water. Swim down this tunnel. When you get close to the end turn to your right to discover secret #1 a medipak. Swim up and pull out of the water and go down the tunnel and claim the uzi. Turn and go back and across to the opposite tunnel and follow it around until you come to a switch. Push the lever and walk on out into the mirror room. Go up the stairs until you are on the fourth stair from the ladder and look at Lara in the mirror. You should see the crossbow with the reflection of Lara. Pick up the crossbow and climb the ladder to a large room with waterfalls. Turn and face the waterfalls and go the the first one on your left. On the ledge where the waterfall is there is secret #2, a crowbar. Now you can pick up the items at the bottom of the pool in the center of the room. Go up the stairs and outside. Just keep going down this path and when it turns right you can go into the brick building. Look around for half of a puzzle piece on the ledge before going to your right and into an adjacent room with four switches. The second switch opens a door behind you and to your left. The fourth switch gives you some grenade ammo. The other two switches are traps. Go into the now open room and retrieve some six shooter ammo and the a puzzle item on the pedestal. Go back the way you came out to where the torch is burning and put the puzzle item into the hole. The door will open. Safety drop into the hole and climb the ladder. Go first to the door to the right. There is a coffin and two pedestals with items. Get those and watch your back! Dodge the skeleton and jump into the water. Swim into the tunnels and grab the goodies. Once you are out of the water you can arm your crossbow with explosive ammo. Blast the skeleton. Go up the stairs and do a safety drop to the ledge below. Turn and walk off the edge and slide. At the end to your left is a ledge with secret#3 the shotgun. Get that and swim down the blue tunnel and pull up at the end. The red and green liquid is deadly and so are the paths with faces on the far left and right of this room. The only way to get across is to walk on the grating. Get the large medpak on your way. Once across you will be in the game room. This is a pretty simple game. After you get the pieces in place the doors to the left and right will open. Watch for the puzzle piece on the floor after you move one of the larger pieces forward. Pick it up then go in the tunnels and pull the switches. Don't forget to use the crowbar and get the star in one of the tunnels. Once the switches are pulled shoot the vases on each side of the double doors. Go into the door on the left first and grab secret#4, arrows, and turn and shoot the skeleton behind you. Now go down the last tunnel and pull up and out at the end. You are in a room with several pools of water. Jump into the center pool and the door will open. Swim to the end, grab the arrows and continue to follow this tunnel. When you come to the opening above you swim up and out. Go to the ladder and climb up and get on the ledge. You will have to make a long jump to reach the opposite ledge. Save before you leap! When you make it jump to the next ledge and secret#5, shotgun ammo and medipak. Jump back the way you came. Climb down and go back down into the water. Continue down the tunnel to the next opening. Wade through the water and pull up into the building on the left. There is the second half to the combo puzzle piece in a corner. Leave the building and jump back into the water go down the tunnel and all the way back to the center pool with the door and climb out. Go to the ledge and the pole and pull up and backflip when you get near the top of the pole. Go through the doors and watch out for a skeleton. Another skeleton emerges when you walk down the stairs. Get them and notice the door to your right. Combine the two puzzle pieces and use them on the puzzle hole next to the door. Now you get to meet the evil spirit that guards the gem. Get the gem and go out to the double doors and another skeleton will emerge. Go through the doors and into a room with a checkered floor. The grating is deadly. To your left is a pushable object. Pull it towards you and get the medipak behind it and push the lever. Don't bother with the other pushable object and lever it is a trap. Go through the doorway. Once you walk through the blue glass you cannot go back through it. Go up the ladder and pull the lever and the floor will rise. When you can, jump and pull up into the next room. Just keep going until you get to a lever. Pull the lever and go out through the door. Arm yourself this is a long path and there are lots of angry skeletons. A wraith will bother you when you get close to the end of the path but it should fly to the statue. If it doesn't run back to the last stairs in the path you crossed and cross them again. Go to the the switches and push them. The doors will open. There may or may not be a bunch of beetles coming after you. If you think you missed something you need to finish the level and want to go back through then take the path on your right. If not let's finish the level and take the path straight ahead. Lara will slide. Watch your head! Once in the water swim ahead keeping an eye on the falling rollingballs. Swim through the opening on the right at the bottom and then swim to the small opening in the path and pull up. Go up the steps and into the next room. A wraith will be chasing you. Go forward to the key hole and use the puzzle piece you found on the floor in the large game room. A door will open. Quickly go through the door into the next room. The wraith should leave you alone but if not go back out and through the door again. The grenade gun and ammo are secret#6. Pry the star off the wall and leave the way you came, down the steps and into the water. Turn to your left and keep swimming along the path. When you come to the end you will see a large medipak. Grab the medipak and swim up and as fast as you can swim to the left. Two rollerballs are falling towards you. The ground will shake but just keep swimming up. Pull up and out at the top. Now go to the front of the house and use the two ornate stars on the puzzle holes. A cutscene showing the door next to the fountain will play. Go through the door and jump into the water. The missing scroll(secret#7) is on the bottom. Grab the scroll and swim back to the top and climb out and pull the switch to open the door. Place the scroll on the pedestal, watch the door ahead of you open and pick up any items lying nearby. Arm yourself. Walk into the room at the end and pull the switch to open the door. Turn and shoot the skeleton behind you. Walk forward and slide down the hill. That's it!