YNYS WITRIN - Episode 2


Level by Monika Kunze (Miss Kroft)


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, to supplement the outline provided years ago by Monika Pietsch (and which follows this walkthrough).


Geographical information (from an online resource):Glastonbury, a small town in Somerset [a county in SW England], is surrounded by a grouping of hills. The tallest of these hills is known as the Tor, which happens to have an old stone tower on the very top which was once a church dedicated to the archangel Michael. Close to the Tor is Chalice Hill. Wearyall Hill is a long, narrow ridge that points towards Bristol Channel. Finally, there's Windmill Hill which faces the cathedral city of Wells and just below are the ruins of the medieval abbey. Before the land was drained for farmland in later Christian times, the hills around Glastonbury appeared as islands from the West. Today's river Brue was once the deepest channel in the shallow swamps and allowed boats to pass. The ancient name for the Tor was Ynys Witrin, which means "the Island of Glass." But this "island" is more widely known from Celtic lore as Avalon, the Apple-place and the isle of enchantment.

After sliding down to trigger the opening flyby, run S toward the water and jump in (it's safe).Swim down and locate the small opening in the N wall.Enter and follow the passage to an area with a large medipack on the upper ledge.Continue through the S opening at the floor and swim up the wood-lined shaft.Pull out and take a running jump over the lava to grab the W ladder.Climb up and enter the W passage, avoiding the breaktile pits.Loop around to the right and take the LASER SIGHT from the plinth.Go around the other way and activate the jump switch at the end of the opposite passage.Return to the ladder where you climbed up and jump down to the safe tile next to the water hole. I couldn't manage after several tries to jump directly into the water.Swim back to the lake-moat and pull out onto the bank.A door near the NW corner is now open, so enter the sparse room.


Pull out the block from the NW corner and enter the revealed opening.Shoot the crate to your left to expose a floor lever.Push it and then jump over the W depression (it hides three blade traps) into the next room.Shoot a jackal and pick up the REVOLVER after shooting the crate against the N wall.Go back outside and find that the other door to your left is now open.At the threshold, combine your revolver with the laser sight and shoot the crate down in the far left corner of the pool.Jump in, swim down and pick up the SHOTGUN.Go back and pull out S.Turn around and take a standing jump to grab the near edge of the first pillar.Pull up, turn around in place to avoid the swinging chain and shoot the white vase down in the SE corner.Jump into the water and swim down for some shotgun ammo.Pull out once more and jump back to the first pillar.Locate the lion's head above the next pillar, draw your revolver again and shoot the gem in its mouth to open the gate ahead.Hop back, grab the edge and shimmy around to the other side of the pillar.Pull up, take a standing jump and grab to the next pillar, shimmy to the other side, then pull up and jump across to the ledge to enter the opened N gateway.


When you step inside the gate slams shut behind you and a flyby takes you lazily around the huge room.When camera control is restored, shoot two vases on the nearby ledges for revolver ammo and shotgun ammo.Save the nearby N ladder for later and proceed E into a room with a pool of flaming oil.†† Go to the pillar on the N side of the room and climb the ladder on its E face.†† Beware of two blade balls that drop from the ceiling, one as you pull up and the other as you proceed across the bridge.Simply crawl under them while picking up a small medipack and some flares.Just past the second blade ball you're over the S pillar.Hang there from the E end of the bridge and release to activate the jump switch just below you.


Go back to the hallway to see that the W doorway is now open.Go there and note the suspended boulder.Watch out for debris falling from the ceiling as you enter the room.Go to the far NW corner and climb the wall where you see a lighter texture.When Lara's hands are just above the level of the barred window to your right, take a rolling back flip and grab the wooden bridge.Pull up and run to the E end, dodging the falling debris along the way.Take a running jump and grab to the opening in the NE corner as more debris falls.Pull up into the opening and climb down the ladder on the other side.Crawl forward, draw weapons in the next room and step forth as you're challenged by two ahmets.When they're dead, go W along the left wall, past a closed stone gate, and climb the ladder surface on the S face of the middle S pillar.Back flip into a passage, turn around and run forward to pull down a wall switch.


Jump back to the ladder and climb down.Locate similar ladders in the W face of the middle W pillar, the E face of the middle E pillar and the N face of the middle N pillar, and pull down the wall switches you'll find in the upper passages there.Pause in between for some revolver ammo on the floor at the NW corner, and some shotgun ammo near the NE corner.After you've pulled all four switches, both doors will be open in the N wall.Get down and enter the N door on the right.A blade ball drops from the ceiling as you enter.Take the TORCH from the plinth, squeeze past the blade ball and go to the N room on the left.Beware of that depressed square ahead, as it hides a blade trap.Light the torch on the flaming plinth (don't get too close to it as you do so) and return to the main room.


Look for the lion's head high up on the pillar ahead, and drop your torch long enough to shoot the gem in the lion's mouth.This opens the stone gate in the S wall, so pick up the torch and go there.Run down the ramp, turn right as the gate opens automatically and hop up over the fallen debris into a familiar room.†† Go to the suspended boulder and light the end of the rope near the closed gate.After a few seconds the boulder will drop down onto a trigger tile to open the gate.You no longer need your torch, so leave it here and enter the W gateway.Vault up onto the block to your right, turn around and take a standing jump to grab the ceiling.Turn right and monkey swing across the room.When you reach a protuberance jutting down from the ceiling, turn to your right to face it and save your game.Release, drop onto the slope and jump quickly to grab the perpendicular monkey bars.Follow the track over the deadly water until you reach the S wall.Release and quickly grab the ivy-covered wall.Shift right, around the corner, and continue until you're able to drop down into an alcove.


Pull down the wall switch there to open a nearby door.Step out to the edge of the alcove and take a standing jump NE onto the slope.Jump off and land on the block in front of the open doorway.Hop up into the opening and watch a trio of wart hogs cavorting about in the field below.Shoot them from up here if you can, or safety drop to the ground below to engage them at closer range.Go to the water's edge as spooky music plays.There are a number of openings in the lake wall, each of them marked with a green plant and each of them involving certain specified tasks.They don't have to be negotiated in any particular order, so let's start with the most obvious one dead ahead, in the N wall not far below the water's surface.


Upper N passage


Jump into the water and swim through the N opening.††† Follow the passage and swim up the shaft at the end.As you pull out you'll activate some spike traps, so time your jumps over them as you head E along the passage.When you reach the end you find that your prize is also spike trapped, so turn to your left and push the stone block twice to reveal a passage to your right.A block rises behind you, so there's no going back.Follow the revealed passage to a block.Climb up onto it and pull up left into a lava room.The two wooden ramps are boulder trapped.Jump to the nearer one and immediately hop back and wait for the boulder to come to a stop.Jump back to the ramp, but don't try the same trick with the other ramp, as the distance is too far to cover with a back flip.Instead, activate the jump switch in the SW corner.Since there's a safe tile at this corner, you suspect that there may be another one out of sight at the opposite corner.Get back onto the high part of the wooden ramp near the wall, take a running jump E to the other ramp and keep running forward as the second boulder rumbles down.Sure enough, you land safely in the corner.Activate the second jump switch, which is almost impossible to see against the ivy background, and things happen back in the spike-trapped passage.Curiously, when I pulled this jump switch on one occasion, the secret chimes sounded, but on another occasion they didn't.


Go back there and follow the passage to the stone block.Pull it back twice, then turn and take the CROWBAR from the now-safe plinth.Use the crawl space beyond the plinth to access the passage.Follow it around to an opening that overlooks a courtyard.Take a running jump to the roof of the central structure, shoot two jackals, and pick up the GRENADE GUN.Somehow the jackals were carrying shotgun ammo and grenade gun ammo, so take those as well before leaving.I strongly suspect that these pickups were intended as the only SECRET in this level.Take a running jump back into the S opening, using the action key so you won't bump your head, and return to the exit passage via the crawl space.Jump W past the spike traps and hop into the water.†† Swim back to the main lake.


Lower W passage


Fill your lungs with air, swim down to the lake floor and locate the opening in the W wall near the NW corner.Swim inside and follow the passage leading to a shaft that takes you to an archway and some stairs.As you go up the stairs you'll awaken a skeleton, so put that grenade gun to good use.Continue up the stairs and you'll come to a couple of ahmet pens.You're safe for the moment.Pull down the NW wall switch to lower a rope in the center of the room.Use the rope to swing S and jump off to activate the high jump switch.This is much easier to say than it is to accomplish.What worked for me was to wait until Lara was actually going back from the peak of her swing before jumping off the rope.Both of the ahmet cages are now open, but you need enter only the W one (where there's a switch in the N wall).Unfortunately, there's a blade trap beneath the switch, but if you're quick enough you may be able to back flip after pulling the switch and avoid health loss.Pulling down the switch has opened the gate in the N wall.If you want to brave the other ahmet for the small medipack in its cage, do so before exiting this area.


Go up the stairs and come to a room with a central trench flanked by two sloped ramps.It looks like a perfect spot for a boulder trap, and so it is.Jump to either ramp and start jumping back and forth across the trench, working your way downward by using the arrow keys.You'll trigger the boulder when you near the bottom of the ramp, so when that happens simply continue jumping back and forth in place until the boulder comes to a rest.Then hop down into the trench and go back up where the boulder dropped down.Jump up to grab the ladder and climb up.Back flip near the top into a passage, turn around and shoot the crate to expose a HORSEMAN'S GEM (first of three).Get back down, retrace your steps back through the ahmet room and down the stairs, jump into the water and swim back to the main lake.


Lower N passage


Locate the nearby passage at floor level in the N wall and swim through the narrow passage and up the shaft at the end.Pull out into an underground cavern.Go to the edge of the pit and take a running jump NW onto the adjacent ledge.Hop down N, turn right, go to the end of the passage and pull up to your right.Climb up onto the block on your right for a small medipack, then return to the ledge where you jumped just now.There's a ladder surface there, so use it to get down a bit, then release to drop onto a block.The shootable vases in the room are empty.Enter the dark NE corridor to draw out an ahmet.When it's dead, go back further into the corridor and trigger a blade ball.Crawl underneath it and pick up the flares and the large medipack.Pull down the wall switch to raise a block in the previous room.You can either go back the way you came or continue forward to trigger a second blade ball.Back in the previous room, use the raised block to access the ladder you used earlier.


Climb up and take a running jump SE back to the cave floor. Face W and take a running jump and grab to the ledge (no need to use the slope at all).Pull up and climb down N as far as you can.Release to drop down onto a ledge next to a lava pool.Pick up the revolver ammo at your feet and climb up N to the top of the pillar.Turn to face SW and take a standing jump to the shorter pillar down in the lava.A gate opens in the S wall, so locate the lion's head mounted in the alcove and shoot the gem in its mouth.You can hear another gate opening, so turn around and find that a second lion's head is now exposed in an alcove high up in the N wall.Shoot the gem in its mouth as well and turn around to find that a block has been lowered.Jump to the S ledge and claim the second HORSEMAN'S GEM.Take standing jumps back along the block to the ledge where you found the revolver ammo, climb the ladder to your left and take a running jump and grab left of the ramp, pull up and run forward to the water hole.Swim back to the main lake.


Upper W passage


Swim up and locate the opening about halfway up the W wall.Follow the winding passage and up the shaft at the end.Pull out into an enclosed glen, loop around to come to a deep pit, and look down to see a blue gem at the NW corner.The ivy strip you can see running along the right side of the W wall is climbable.Go to the S wall and find the crack in the wall.Jump to it and shimmy across the pit, noting the three wart hogs you've attracted below.Pull up on the other side and run to the N wall.Use the ivy wall to climb down to the bottom of the pit, side flip immediately to the left to avoid the boulder and dispose of the wart hogs.Reverse roll into the NW passage to trigger a second boulder and quickly run back out to safety.Go back to pick up the third HORSEMAN'S GEM, then climb back up the ladder.Go toward the N wall to alert two jackals, then pick up the large medipack.Use the crack in the S wall to get back to the other side of the pit, jump into the water hole, swim back to the main lake and go up for air.


Lower E passage


Swim down to the lake floor and locate the open gateway in the E wall near the NE corner.Swim inside and follow to a tall room with flame blowers ahead and the sound of swinging chains above.Turn around and jump to the ladder in the W wall.Climb up and shift right or left to drop down onto a ledge.Watch out for the swinging chain and get into the nearest corner.Take a running jump E and grab the ledge in the opposite corner.Pull up and insert one of your Horseman's Gems in the receptacle.Jump to the other two ledges in the E wall and repeat.Safety drop onto the ramp below (the flames are gone) and slide to the floor.The E door has opened, so go inside and draw weapons as you enter the large room.Run forward and shoot four jackals that come out at you from all sides.


When all is quiet, explore the room for flares and shotgun ammo near the S wall (note the nearby wall switches, three of them), shoot three more jackals as you roam about and continue your exploration for a small medipack near the middle of the N wall and revolver ammo near one of the central pillars.Go back to those wall switches and pull the first one in the SW corner.It's timed, and it opens the door immediately to your right in the N wall across the room.Take a couple of running jumps, then dash the rest of the way there, using the sprint key, and you'll make it with time to spare.Activate the jump switch at the end of the passage to raise a block in a room you visited much earlier.


Go back to the wall switches and pull the middle one.This one is also timed, and it also opens the door to your immediate right.Jump and sprint over there and pull down the wall switch at the end of the passage to raise another block in the same room.Time a run past the flame blower and run back across the room to pull down the third timed wall switch.Same thing, turn right and jump/sprint across the room and into the opened doorway.Activate the jump switch to raise a third block in that room you see in the cut scene.


Before leaving this room, look for a lion's head mounted high up on a pillar near the NE corner.Shoot the gem in its mouth (of course), standing with your back against the E wall.This raises a block in an alcove near the SE corner, so go there and climb up onto the block.Climb about halfway up the ladder and back flip onto an upper level.You can see a jump switch on one of the far pillars.Activate it to open a door in the S wall behind you.And guess what?There are three lion's heads mounted on the near row of pillars.You know what to do by now, don't you?†† But it's not as easy as it sounds, as you have limited shooting room.For the ones on the E end and in the middle, jump into the opened S doorway and take aim from there.For the one on the W end, stand at the corner of the floor hole near the SW corner, with your back to the wall.


Select one of the bridges and cross over to the N side.The shootable vases on the bridges are all empty.Collect three GOLDEN STARS on the back faces of the pillars, then cross a bridge to the other side, jump into the open S doorway and jump into the water hole.Swim down, then up a long shaft to pull out into a wood-lined passage.Step forward and the door opens automatically.Step out onto a ledge in that familiar room.Climb down the E ladder and use the raised blocks to insert the three Golden Stars in their receptacles.When you've inserted all three, the fires go out in the E trench.Go to the NE corner and pull the stone block back onto a tile next to a gray tile in the wall with a gingerbread man design.A cut scene shows an underwater gate opening.


Before leaving this room, enter the passage made accessible by removing the stone block.Eliminate the skeleton, shoot the crate at the end of the passage, pick up the grenade gun ammo and beat a hasty retreat as a fire wraith gives chase.Leave this room via the SW hallway and climb the N ladder.Pull up and head right along the wooden walkway.Jump into the water to extinguish the fire wraith and swim across into the opened gateway.Pull out right, run forward toward the closed door and the level ends abruptly.


And now, here is the outline contributed by Monika Pietsch:


Ynys Witrin
Part 2
Monika Kunze / Miss Kroft

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
It has all the important pick-ups and items mentioned.
It will not contain all pick-ups, all enemies and maybe not all the secrets.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.


Start with some beautiful music.

There is a room with water. In the water is a tunnel. You come to a room with fire. Get a large medic-pack.
Climb up the ladder. Run over breakable boards (underneath are spikes).
On the right side is the Lasersight and on the left side is a switch.
Jump down over the fire. Swim back and on the left side is a door open.
Pull out the damaged block. Shoot the crate on the left side > switch.
Careful when stepping back there is a knife trap.
A dog appears. Shoot the 2. crate and take the Revolver.
The 2. door is open now. Behind it are a water pool and blocks with swinging chains.
Look for the lionís head and shoot the gem in its mouth. The door underneath opens up.
Avoid the swinging chains using standing jump and transverse around the block. Pull up and repeat with the next block.

Lara comes to a room with a yellow/orange floor. The door closes behind her.
The music sounds sinister. Shoot first 2 vases and get the ammunition.
Then climb a ladder up to the fire room. Careful, because 2 iron balls with knifes fall from the ceiling.
Drop down behind the 2.iron ball to a wall switch. Pulling it opens a door next to the entrance.

You see a boulder on a rope. Climb up the wall at the right and far end. Do a back flip.
Stones are falling down and can hurt Lara. Go to the other side and jump in to the opening. Climb down the ladder. The music is fast now. Kill 2 Ahmets.
At the left and middle column is a climbable wall. Use it and do a back flip. Pull a switch.
Repeat this on the far middle column and right middle column.
Now is a door at the bottom open. When Lara enters an iron-ball with knifes drops.
On a pedestal is a torch. Take it with you but drop it again. Climb up the front middle column. The switch up there opens the other door at the bottom. Go there with the torch to light it. There is a knife trap on the floor.

Now look up and shoot the lionís mouth at the middle column in the middle row.
This opens the exit door. Take the burning torch and use it at the rope.
The dropping boulder opens the door. Behind it is a room with fiery liquid and sloping walls. Use the monkey bar. On the square before the last one, drop and jump and grab the next monkey bar. At the end of the monkey bar use the climbable wall till you reach a switch.
Jump over to the opening. Kill the 3 wild boars from above.
You come to a big lake.
From here you have to find 3 Horsemanís Gem and the exit.
Hint > the different openings are marked with plants.

Start with the opening straight ahead. Careful there are spikes traps.
The crowbar is on a pedestal and when you get near spikes pop up.
Push the movable block into the next passage. Go through and climb a block.
You enter a room with lava. Trigger 2 boulders and then pull the 2 wall switches.
This will stop the spikes from popping up.
(The only secret of the level is supposed to be in this room. I didnít find it)
Go and get the Crowbar.
Pull the movable block back and jump over to the balustrade on pillars. Kill 2 dogs and pick up the Grenade Launcher and some goodies.
Jump back and leave this area avoiding the spikes.

Swim down to the left side to another opening. Eliminate a skeleton. Pull the switch and a rope will drop. Use it to pull the high up wall switch. This opens both doors of the two Ahmetís cages. Actually Lara has only to kill the one where there is switch in the cage.
Careful! There is a knife trap in front of the switch. This switch opens a door.
If you kill the other Ahmet you will find a small medi-pack in the cage.
Jump to the side and transverse till a boulder rolls by.
Pull the switch at the end and the boulder will drop down in to the pit.
Go back up to the entrance of this room. Jump up and climb till you reach a crate. Shoot it and collect the 1. Horsemanís Gem.

Back in the pool go down and behind a water plant is another opening. Swim in and then climb down. Kill an Ahmet. Go around the corner. Careful there are iron balls with knifes. Pull a switch. This raises a block. Go up and first to the dark area and collect goodies.
Do a running jump to the room with lava. Use the blocks. Stand on the middle block. Shoot the 2 lions mouth. Collect the 2. Horsemanís Gem.
Get back out again.
Look for another opening in the pool. It is on the left side more in the middle.
You come to garden and a deep pit. Deep down you can see the gem.
Grab the crevice on the left side. On the other side are 2 dogs. Climb down the climbable wall. Drop and side flip to avoid the 1. boulder. Trigger the 2. boulder and then take the 3. Horsemanís Gem.

Go back to the pool and swim down to the right side and through an open door. You will land in a room with the 3 receptacles for the Horsemanís Gem. Watch out for the swinging chains.
Use the gems and the door below opens. The fire there has gone.
Kill 5 dogs and collect some goodies. There are switches and across the room doors.
1. door is timed and leads to a wall switch. It moves a block underneath a Golden Star receptacle.
2. door leads to a wall switch that moves a block underneath a Golden Star receptacle. A fire and a dog appear.
3. door leads to a wall switch that moves a block underneath a Golden Star receptacle. A dog appears.

Shoot a lionís mouth high up. This raises a block and you can climb up.

On the other side over the bridges are the 3 Golden Stars and they are guarded by fire.
You have to shoot into 3 lionís mouth to stop the fires. The 2. and 3. from the left side and the 1. from an opening after having used a wall switch.
Collect the 3 Golden Stars.

Leave this area through the opening.
When you are in the room with the 3 Golden Star receptacles use them. That will stop the 3 fires below. Pull a movable block up to where there is a grey tile on the side with a man on it. This opens the door in the high up pool. Eliminate a skeleton.
When you go round the corner a fire wraith appears. There is some grenade ammo on the floor. You may come back later to get it.
Dash along, climb the ladder and jump in to the right pool. This will stop the fire wraith.
Now you can collect the grenade ammo.
When you swim through the door and climb out of the water the level is finished.