The Hand Of Sirius

Level by Ian Smith / Marksdad

Walkthrough supplied by the author

You start in a street. Shoot the Ninja then go right into the Courtyard. Walk up to the block with the grey bricks. Climb up but stop before you reach the top (to avoid sliding down the other side), back flip, twist, grab, pull up. Aim for the sloping ledge on the other side of the Courtyard entrance; run, jump onto it and slide (facing forward); jump and, hopefully, land on the next block. Walk forward as far as you can and jump/grab to the platform. Pull up and pull the Lever.

Jump down and run back to the street, turn right and run to the opened gate. Jump over the entrance to the Sewer and collect the flares, then hang drop in to the Sewer, losing some life as you go.

Wade forward, ignoring the passage to the right (unless you enjoy exploring, that is). The passage on the left leads to some Shotgun ammo (useful later). Wade on to the end and take the left passage.

Run/jump (but don't grab) to the nearest column (you should land on its edge). The next two columns are on fire, but the flames will go out provided you hang from their edges for 2 seconds. Jump to the opening.

Jump up and grab the ceiling and monkeyswing right, then follow the room edge all the way to the boxes. Jump down into the dark corner and pull the lever. Climb the boxes next to the opening and jump back into the column room, then swim/climb your way out. Run up the opposite Sewer passage.

Jump over the chasm, then jump back, then forward again, all the while moving left. Shoot the Ninja while doing so until you can eventually jump/land on the ledge next to the room's exit. Jump back and climb down for the Uzi Secret.

In the next room are some stacked boxes and a locked gate. Run/jump diagonally to the top of the nearest stack and the gate will open. QUICKLY jump across to this before it closes (this will probably take some practice; it helps if you avoid one of the boxes and run/jump over it onto the next, but there are several different methods), run through and shoot the Ninja.

Turn right into the room with small water pools. Dive into all of them (some have pick-ups). One has a small swim-through passage. Swim into a small room and pull the lever. This opened a gate in the first passage back in the Sewer. Run (and occasionally jump) all the way back and pull the lever in this room.

Now retrace your steps again as far as the stacked box/timed jump room. You'll notice they have been thoughtfully re-arranged so as to prevent another bout of frustrating jumping. The facing door is still timed, but much easier to reach in this instance. Now turn left and run down the sloping passage, dropping down and jumping to the right to avoid the rolling ball. Climb up and into the opening (you will probably have to hang drop/pull up to do this - an unavoidable bug!), then climb into the room. The door should be open (if it isn't, don't blame me!).

Run down the steps, shooting the two Ninjas, and run into the main Square of San Marco. Eliminate the Ninja standing on guard in front of the Basilica. By all means go inside and have a look around, because it's a lovely interior if I do say so myself, but there's nothing to do in there at the moment. Then go back out and run down the dark alley next to the stairway you entered the Square from. At the end of this(cunningly obscured by an arty camera angle)is a crawlspace leading to a Lever. Pull this and return to the inside of the Basilica.

Now run forward into the passageway ahead, avoid the two boulders and run up the stairs to the upper level. Look, there's the Hand of Sirius behind the door. But it would be far too early to acquire it yet, because you haven't killed enough people. Pull the lever and drop (or run back down the stairs) into the lower level and drop into the newly opened doorway. Slide and crawl to the entrance to the flooded Crypt. There's a medi-pack in the water in the far left corner if you want it.

Now run/jump/grab to the metallic Monkey-swing and proceed forward (shame about the Ninja shooting you from behind). The camera angle shows you from a distance, but as soon as it cuts back let go. Fall onto the broken column beneath. Shimmy along to its other side and jump to the dark exit. Shoot the Ninja on the stairs, avoid the pit and pull up and jump (over the alleyway) into the doorway on the side of the Basilica. Now you can grab the object of your quest.
Run through into the upper level of the Basilica and shoot, shoot, shoot! Drop down, run into the street and show no mercy whatsoever.

Run down the large alleyway to your right (as you exit the Basilica)into the opened doorway. Run forward down the slope but jump into the water before you reach it (so as to avoid the rolling ball) and quickly swim forward into the passageway. Turn left at the end into an adjacent passage and pull up. Slide down the slope. Three rolling balls will land behind you. Immediately after the third one drops, jump and jump again to avoid them.

Now jump to the opening with the large Medi. Pick it up, drop into the next room and shoot away (careful of the boulders). Have fun! Climb up and slide down with a boulder on your heels and a Ninja in front, shooting at you. Jump to the right before you reach the foot of the slope (to avoid the pit), dispose of the Ninja and climb up into the street.

You have come full circle, so go back into the Courtyard, enter one of the Houses and take your leave of San Marco.