Level by Renato Wanser (August, 2002)

You start in front of a sign and at the back wall are three doorways. I think that it says that you can only choose one. The left doorway has three shotgun shells, two large medipacks, two small medipacks, and the shotgun. The middle doorway has four revolver boxes, large medipack, small medipack, and the revolver. The right doorway has four Uzi clips, large medipack, two small medipacks and the Uzi's. Pick the weapon you like and hop to the back ledge and the gate opens. Enter the passageway and go the right and slide down an incline. Enter a large open area and kill three wild pigs. There is an opening into a tunnel in the South-West corner. Spikes pop down from the roof so run through them to reduce damage. In the next open area, kill a wild pig. Go to the North-West corner and behind a plant is a water hole. Swim into a room and go to the upper right. Go left through a crawl space and towards the left to pull up onto the shore. Turn and kill the crocodile that was chasing you. Go forward to enter an open area and kill four wild pigs. To the right are a wall and a hole leading to a closed gate that needs an item. To the left is an open passageway so go there.

At the end, enter an open area to kill a dog. There are two lion statues and an opening at the South wall. Go there and kill two wild pigs. You are in room with steps and columns. Go up the steps to the opening in the middle of the ledge. Look North-East and you see the item that you need lying in a ledge. Step to the right, look North and you can see a short column behind the tall column. Run/jump to that column and kill two bats. Grab the obvious climbing wall to the North and shimmy left to an opening. Kill a bat and go down the tunnel to a water pit. Dive and swim around to collect two crocodiles. Swim back to the ledge where you entered and kill them from safety. Dive in again and swim to the middle to get a small medipack from the floor. Swim East to find an opening and pull up. Go to the right and up some stairs. Enter a large room with steps and kill four dogs. To the West is a closed gate needing an item. Run up the stairs to a passageway in the North-East corner. Go to the end and see a pit with a block. Approach the rear doorway and fire ignites in it, of course. I never made it through without catching fire. However, on the other side, you can run left into some water and pick up a large medipack. Go to the other side and pick up the Hand of Orion. One flame goes out so you can jump out and back to the pit area. Go back to the outside steps room and to the gate in the lower corner.

Use the Hand of Orion and the gate opens. Run down the tunnel to a ladder and climb up. This seems to be a timed run but I did not find where it started. Sprint to the right side of the block far ahead of you. Pull up and turn while crawling to the opposite corner. Continue turning and drop down to the other side before the block catches you on fire. Kill two dogs that attack you. Go to the other end and go up the steps. At the top, give yourself full health, turn around, and safety drop onto the Hand of Sirius. You will need more health now as the drop loses a lot of health. Drop down and go to the gate in the hole you passed when entering this area.

Use the Hand of Sirius and the gate opens. Go inside and pick up shotgun shells from the floor. Go though the leaves in the center but not too far or you run off a cliff. Immediately go to the left as a spike ball drops into the valley below you. Notice an item on a column in the valley. Turn your back to the valley and side jump to the left. Slide and grab and shimmy to the end and when can go no farther pull up and back flip. You land on a ledge with plants. If I release and drop to a ledge, I could not get past the first plant. Side jump over the next plant and make you way to the end for shotgun shells. Run/jump to the block on the other side of the waterfalls. Run down this North wall ledge and at the end jump into a hole for a switch. Use the switch and jump into the valley. A block has risen near the column. Kill three crocodiles and go to the column to pick up the Hand of Orion. At the side of the pool you can get on a slope to pull up onto the East wall ledge. Go to the waterfalls and jump into a well-hidden hole at the bottom just above the sloping base.

Use the switch there and exit the tunnel. Go South and see that a crawl space has appeared in an opening in the South wall. Pull up and get to the other side of the crawl space. Drop down and kill three scorpions. Run up the hill to a room with sloped blocks and kill two bats. Climb on a short column to the South and kill two bats. To the West are sloped blocks and an opening in the upper corner with a closed gate. Look South for a crawl space and jump to it. Get down the other side and kill two scorpions. Step on the platform at the back of the room and the gate opens on the other side. There are triggers that close as you approach. So open the gate and go North. Turn West and climb the high block but do not shimmy around it but crawl to the other side. Drop and go the West wall. Walk around the stepped platform and not on it. On the East side you can stand on the platform and get into the opening. Place the Hand of Orion and the outside gate at the slope will open.

Go back there to jump the slopes and pull up into the opening. Pick up shotgun shells and go through the crawl space. Enter to an open space with enemies. Kill two dogs and a guard. Turn around and kill the guard on the cliff behind you. Go down the valley and by the first tree kill two dogs and a guard that appear. There are shotgun shells in the left corner. Continue and at the second tree kill two dogs. Go to an opening in the right back wall. Follow the tunnel to a gate that opens. Once inside, the gate closes and actually locks a guard behind it. In you area, kill two dogs and three guards. Run to the large door and it opens. Go inside and the gate closes, leaving you to face a large deep pit. Jump to the slope on the left. Slide down and grab and shimmy to the right. At the end, pull up, back flip, roll, and grab a column. Pull up as a demigod shoots at you from a ledge. You can kill the two demigods with pistols at long distance. Or you monkey swing over to the ledge, taking medipacks as you need them. Then kill them up close and personal. Afterwards run into the tunnel at the back wall and the level ends.