The Lost Temple

by Richard Leedy (EnterSandman) (April, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You fall onto a large crossbeam with four directions to get down lower.
Go north and drop onto the lower block to pick up a shotgun. You can see ninjas but they are out of range. Go further north into a tunnel and kill a ninja. You may be able to kill ninjas on lower ledges if you wait long enough. Go west and south and you pass a closed gate. Go east to a 4-way junction. Go north to climb a ledge for red shotgun shells. Then return and go south into the hole and climb down the ladder to a lower level. You are on the same level with ninjas so kill two ninjas. Run around the ledge and pick up blue shotgun shells. Run back to the entrance and find a ladder to climb down to the water level.

Go to the south-west and look to the south wall for a doorway. Follow the tunnel and onto a floor with water. Run, jump and grab the ledge in the south-west corner. If you fall in, there is a crawl space in he north that you can use to swim back to the main room to try again. Climb the ladder into a room and run west to use a floor lever. You get a cut scene of the gate that you passed earlier and it is opening. Turn and kill eight scorpions. Get down the ladder and into the water. Use a crawl space to swim back to the main room. Climb the ladder back to the tunnel with the closed gate. In case you forget, it is in the south-west corner on the second level. In the room, go to the south-west corner. Drop into a hole for secret #1 and a crossbow. Then go to the hole in the north wall and climb down a ladder. Follow the short tunnel to drop into a room. Pick up the Ba Cartouche from a pedestal. Fall into the hole in the middle of the floor. You land in the water again. Swim back out to the main room.

Go to the north side of the central column and pick up crossbow explosive ammo. Use the Ba Cartouche and the gate in the north wall opens. Get into the gate and follow the tunnel to a T-junction. Kill eight scorpions that appear. Go west and just the follow the tunnels that are just loops and not a real maze. You arrive in a large room with a statue at the west wall. Move the statue to the central face tile on the floor. You get a flyby through a crawl space to another room with a gate opening. The crawl space is in the north-east corner. Follow the crawl space and drop into the room. Blow up the mummy if you want. When you enter the room, the gate closes behind you. Go north into a tunnel and then follow the tunnel up a ramp to the west. Jump over the spike pit.

At the end of the tunnel, safety drop into another tunnel and go north. Go to the north-west and use the floor lever. You hear a door open. Continue north and go through the open door to get a flyby of the area. Notice the receptacle in the central structure. Go to the north side of the room and kill the three mummies. Climb the ladder and go to the end of the tunnel. Use the floor lever and hear a door open. Get down and enter the east doorway. Go east on the floor slopes and pull up into a short tunnel. Continue and at the end, climb the ladder down to the bottom. Drop onto the fancy tiles. There is a closed gate to the west. Go east and jump to a block to pick up the Hand of Orion. You hear the west gate open. Jump back and run and jump to the open gate before the spike balls get you. The gate closes behind you. Climb the blocks and drop into the room with the open door.

Go to the central structure and use the Hand of Orion. The door in the west wall opens. As you enter, you hear the usual theme music. Follow the corridor and slide down the slope as the level ends