Castle Doomsday 2 - Doomsdays Dungeons
By Tina Barrett
This walkthrough was downloaded from the author's web site.


Opening cutscene shows where you have to proceed first. The switch you see opens an inner doorway to a poolroom. Before doing this, however, look behind you to find a torch that can be lit using the fire and used where necessary within certain parts of the level. You can drop it at any time by drawing your weapons.

On the opposite side of the window where the fire is, you will find a grenade launcher.

Find your way to the other end of the large hallway until you get to the portrait of Doomsday's former wife (some say it was the trauma of losing her that made him the way he is) and as you approach, spikes will automatically raise and lower at each of the small hall entrances. The portrait will then seemingly come alive. You will also notice some flares by the portrait so if you can stop shaking, pick them up. First use the door to the right, carefully timing the run over the spikes and make your way through a long gallery. The switch you need is at the other end, and as already pointed out, opens an inner door to the poolroom, however you will not have access yet. As you approach the switch, a skeleton will emerge from one wall and pass into another, however you need not concern yourself with this one. If you accidentally pass through the same wall as the skeleton did, you will be burnt alive by the same energy it requires to pass through walls.

Find your way back to the portrait, and this time, make your way along the other gallery. You will have a spectre to kill here. Once dealt with, go to the far end to find the first secret. You will see a small opening in the wall to the right at the end of the gallery. Jump and climb into the space and turn, and drop down into a small pool of lost souls where you will find a small health pack and shotgun shells. Climb back out and go back along the gallery until you find a balcony with a missing barrier. Here you need to make a diagonal jump and grab and then shimmy along and climb up onto the centre support in the large hallway. It is a difficult jump, however it is possible. Activate the jump switch and a door will open down to your left. Jump down and enter this room to find two more doors. One will be open the other closed until you approach it. Now enter the large poolroom and the door will close behind you.

If you walk and then swim straight forward when entering the large poolroom, you will see the 'Golden Vraeus' under the water; collect this and make your way back. Two floating corpses will appear but just ignore them.

When you reach the same door that you entered, you cannot leave this way as Doomsday has other plans for you. Turn right and go over to the other side of the large poolroom to see a doorway. Through this doorway you will see a wooden door that is closed. As you approach the doorway it will burst open (Change underwear at this point) and a ghostly figure will head for you, so kill it and then enter the room from which it appeared. You will see a door to the left, however it is still closed, so go through the doorway to the right where a door will open and then close after you, you are now at the entrance to the 'Pentacle' room.

If you look at the floor carefully you will see pentacles arranged throughout the floor, however there is one pentacle in each row that is different from the rest in that row; these are safe areas. You need to follow the safe route across the floor. If you step on one of the other areas you be toast. You need to step on all 5 of the safe areas in order for the next door to open. Once across, save your game, before going any further.

The next room, the room of lost souls, is particularly bad for your health. There are only three safe areas, the entrance, the exit and the plinth in the centre of the room where the jump switch is. As you approach the entrance, a flying enemy will start to attack. The best way to defeat it is to use your 45s and forward tumble as you shoot, however if it stings you, then you will have to use a health pack for the antidote. Once killed, take a running jump onto the plinth and activate the jump switch, this will open the exit door and open the door that was originally closed, that led back out to the large hallway. Now take a running jump over to the exit and as you leave another apparition will attack, so finish it off and then go back to the large hallway.

The next thing to do is go over to the stairway that leads to the upper floor. As you enter the stairway, you will be attacked by four skeletons, one of which will attempt to run up the stair to get you later, so go on, let them have it with your trusty grenade launcher.... suckers!!!. Now make your way to the next floor. As you enter the upper floor Lord Doomsday, who is a little upset about the destruction of his source of power, will give you a good talking to, but just ignore him and collect the key from one of the window sills and a small health pack from the floor whilst shortening the demonic life of two blood bats.

Go back down the stairway until you reach a door with a keyhole next to it. Use the key to enter the tunnel. Make a dash down the slope, as a huge rolling cage will follow you down. At the bottom you enter another room, from here you can do the next two things in any order. The first, enter through a door that will open as you approach and close behind you. This room contains the shotgun in the lower floor, so slide down and drop into the lower room. Once there, pick up the shotgun and extra shells, at which point spikes will come up. Work your way around the room destroying the bones in each of the four alcoves with your pistols, until a raising block allows you to climb back into the upper room.

You may come across another skeleton at this point so use the grenade launcher or shotgun on it to knock it to the lower floor. Now leave the room and head for the stairs that go down, carefully minding the hole. When you get to the bottom you will find poles that you have to jump between to get to the room on the other side. You will also notice an alcove that has a pentacle (all upright pentacles are useful). This particular pentacle will open a door on the other side. However, it is timed, so you have to work your way across pretty quick. Once you leave the pentacle the timer will start. When you get to the pole with the steam move to the front and jump back and save your game here but in another save slot. Now run and jump onto the swinging axe pole before it gets to the pole and then a single jump onto the safe area the other side and then sprint through the door before it closes.

In the sorcerer's library you will find another pentacle. Standing on this one will move a block out of the wall in the lava room which will allow access to another pentacle. Leave the library and turn to the left and carefully enter the lava room. Jump down on to the solid water block and work you way down to the pentacle killing another of Doomsdays atrocities on the way. Standing on this pentacle opens a door to a small poolroom. Climb back up and leave the lava room and walk over to the room opposite. You will see a switch in the corner, however there is no way of reaching it, if only it were full of water and that packing case would float just at the correct level to reach the switch...hmm.... Walk back over to where the swinging axe is and turn around and drop backwards and grab, then drop and grab once again and pull up into a small room with a switch, activating it fills the other room with water. Now light a flare and walk to the edge and look over to the right where you will see a ramp. Take a running jump over to the ramp and back flip back up to the room above. Now enter the small poolroom, swim over and activate the switch. This drops a trap door back in one of the rooms off the large hallway. Make you way back the way you came. To do this walk to the edge and face the swinging axe and do a standing jump onto the pole, you will land on the other side of where the axe is swinging. Walk to the edge of that pole and jump backward when the axe is up and immediately run and jump to the steam pole. Run and jump to the next pole and then standing jumps on the rest of the poles until you get back to the stairs. Go up the stairs and make your way back into the large hallway... phew!!.

Now make your way back to the large hall through the now open door. Go down the stairs toward the lower dungeons, when you get there both doors will be shut, however a trap door in the ceiling is now open. Climb up into the new room and climb out of the lower part of that room to find a shelf containing a large health pack and a guardian key. This key will allow access to the lower dungeons. Climb back down through the hole and insert the guardian key. Enter through the doorway. You need to be careful in here as the flowing blood is lethal. Jumping from side to side, work your way down to the end and enter the dungeon on the left, here you will see the remains of Tony; impaled. A thorough search of this dungeon will reveal a key hidden within the straw on the floor. You do not need to enter the other dungeon as it only contains another of Laras adversaries. Leave the dungeon the way you entered and use the key to open the door on the other side. Enter this room to find it partially flooded. Wade through the water to the end and save your game. Step onto the pedestal and retrieve the key that lays there. However, Doomsday is not going to make it easy for you. As soon as you step onto the pedestal, you will be engulfed in flames, so pick up the key and back flip twice into the safety of the water; for a moment there, Lara really was hot stuff.... . Leave this room and go back up to the large hallway once again.

Use the key in the only keyhole left (facing the portrait, it is to the right, down near the stairway you just came up). Enter this room and prepare to defend your honour against another ghostly figure. Once killed, enter the room with the red mist. Now stand at the entrance and look down to find some grenades (guess what, you WILL need them). Drop down and retrieve the grenades, and then walk over to the other side where a guardian will appear (and he is pretty angry). Let him have a few volleys of the grenades until destroyed, then climb up into the next room. On entering this room a cut scene will reveal a taster of what is to come.

Now carefully walk towards the outer doorway and drawbridge as two traps fall from the ceiling revealing sharp blades. Crawl beneath them and go outside into the cemetery. On doing so, Doomsday commands his guard to rise up. Use the shotgun that you got from the spike room (you did go into the spike room right?) and shoot the skeletons into the moat. When done, dive into the moat and get the crowbar that is hidden under the drawbridge. Climb back out.

In the cemetery, you will notice two trees, under the smaller of the two you will see a hole, this leads to a large health pack that cannot be retrieved (you could try though.... Bwahahahaha!!) It is one of Doomsdays last-ditch attempts to thwart your plans. Back to the cemetery then. In the cemetery you will see three pentacles, which you must step on to raise the floor in the tomb vault (well you expected tombs did you not?) by the large tree, to allow access to the Sun talisman, which is the key to Laras escape. Go and collect the talisman and come back into the cemetery where another skeleton will harass you, just shoot him into the moat with the shotgun if you have any shells left or if not run back into the castle and crawl back under the traps and run back to the red mist room. On climbing down, another guardian will appear (such a hectic life). Either kill him or run back over to the other side and climb up out of the misty pit. The door in this upper room is now open.

Go through the door and down the slope and then down the stairway, being careful to avoid the gap left by a missing step. At the bottom of the stairwell, insert the Vraeus and another door will open along a wet tunnel. Proceed along the tunnel then swim under the water to enter a series of submerged rooms. Be extra careful to avoid falling traps. You will need to open a couple of doors on the way (no keys or switch required) until you emerge into a chamber with steps. Climb out of the water and turn 180 degrees to find the second secret, a small tunnel up above you that contains a large health pack.

Now for the final showdown. Doomsday has now mustered the last of his powers in the form of a dragon in the next room. Use the jump switch to enter to room. When the door opens you will see a caged gangway, run along this gangway to the end and dive into the water. Now swim with your head above the water, this way, the fireball cannot harm you and neither can the swarm. Swim around to the other side of the room avoiding the charred remains floating in the water. Here, you will see an opening to a blue-lit room. You have to time your climb out of the water so as not to be burnt. Once out run into the blue room and insert the talisman........ Doomsday is no more!!!

Thank you for playing this level, I hope it was entertaining. If it goes down well, I will do another.