Level by Alexander Babicz w/Juttae (XXenofex)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

This level is much easier and shorter than either segment of Junior Level 2/3, so it would make an excellent starter for any beginning raider of tender years.

An opening flyby takes you through a playroom and lingers at a mathematical equation emblazoned on the wall. When camera control is restored, go down the stairs to the block ahead of you, the one with the sleepy fox design. Solve the mathematical equation and push the block onto the square with the number of the correct answer. This causes the door in the east wall to open.

Before leaving, go up the ramp next to where you pushed the block, light a flare and pick up the flares and extra compass in the dark NE corner. Hop down and go across the room to the other ramp. Pick up the flares in the SW corner and the binoculars and additional flares in the dark SE corner.

Now go up the steps to the open east doorway. If you wish, you can shoot the large vases on either side of the doorway, although they're empty. Hop down to the pathway and turn left. Follow the pathway until you reach an intersection. Keep going forward and turn right into a little outdoor room. Climb up onto the block and pick up some more flares. Turn around, hop back down, run over the small hump in the ground and turn left to continue following the pathway.

When you reach a dead end where you have to turn either right or left, turn right and then turn left to go up some steps, and right again at the bottom of the steps. Go forward and push the nearby floor lever. A cut scene shows a door opening, followed by a flyby of the next room that shows you what to do next.

Reverse roll and run east past the opening on your left and over the little hump in the path. Before you reach the bottom of the hump, turn to your right, jump up and grab the edge of the hidden passage. Pull up and run forward to the ladder. Climb up the ladder and pull up into an indoor pool area. The vases in the far corners are empty, but if you jump into the pool you'll find the REVOLVER in one corner for SECRET #1.

Pull out of the pool, climb back down the ladder and hop down to the path. Continue heading east all the way to the end of the passage, then turn left and make another quick left, then take the first right turn you come to. Continue following the path, and you'll soon come to the open doorway you saw in the cut scene. Go up the stairs, hop down into the SW corner and pick up the large medi-pack. Then enter through the open doorway into a pool area.

Jump into the water and swim around to your right. Enter the opening in the south wall of the pool and continue until you can swim up and surface. Pull up into a small room and locate the floor switch on the block in the SE corner. Climb up onto the block, throw the lever and you'll see a flyby taking you through the pool and ending at a closed door somewhere outside.

Hop down to the floor, jump into the water and follow the tunnel back to the pool. When you get there, turn right and swim into the opening in the east wall. Locate the shaft where you can swim up and surface as you did before, and pull up into an outdoor courtyard. Locate the floor lever in the NE corner and throw it. You get a repeat of the previous flyby, only this time the door is open. Shoot the empty vases if you're feeling aggressive, then jump back into the water and follow the tunnel back to the pool. Make another right turn when you get there and swim into the opening in the north wall where you see the giant snail. Swim up through the shaft and surface, then pull up into another outdoor courtyard.

Note for now the vase perched high up in the east wall opening, then climb up into the passage in the west wall. Run to the other end and step down into a large room with a number of similar vases scattered here and there. Turn to your right and shoot the vase near the doorway in the NE corner, and you'll hear the chimes of SECRET #2 as a flyby takes you back to that vase outside that you looked at just now. Pick up the laser sight that was inside the vase, and go back outside to the previous courtyard.

There's a way you can shoot that vase up in the east wall without using the revolver and the laser sight, but it's not easy. Stand on the higher ledge surrounding the pool, with your back to the vase and facing the pool and the west doorway. Draw your pistols and take a twisting back flip (hit the Alt key and the up arrow and the End key, one right after the other). While you're in the air, fire your pistols as fast as you can, and you should be able to shatter the vase if you do all this just right. If that doesn't work for you, however, simply combine the revolver and the laser sight and shoot the vase.

When the vase shatters, you'll hear the chimes of SECRET #3, and the configuration of the east opening changes so that you can now pull up into it. Do so and climb up the next block to pick up the large medi-pack for your trouble. When you do that, the configuration of the opening returns to the way it was earlier, so just hop back and you'll slide down to the floor of the courtyard.

Go back into the west opening and return to the room with all those vases. Shoot them all, even though they're empty, and the door on the other side of the room in the west wall opens. Go up the ramp and through the open doorway. Run through the passage into the next room, and the large doors in front of you will open as you enter. There's a small medi-pack in the dark SW corner of this room, hidden in the palm fronds. After you pick it up, leave this room through the west doorway and head into the next room. Run up to the top of the stairs and pick up BA CARTOUCHE from the pedestal. When you do so, Lara will say something to you in German as the level comes to an end.

Many thanks to Sutekh and her kids for pointing out to this old dodderer the location of the first secret.