Level by Norman Scherke (Lexx)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Lara starts in a red Oriental room. Get into the underwater maze.
There are only two ways to swim. First, take the right way, swimming to the end, and pick up UZI CLIPS, turn back to the beginning, take again a deep breath and do savegame. Start swimming left, avoid the poison darts, keep swimming directly, then take short right into a small niche and pick up MEDIPACK. Turn out and keep swimming left, then right and you are out of the maze.

Look around, you see two ladders, take the left one, climb up into crawlspace, pull the lever wall, flyby shows you've opened a gate and how to get over there. Climb down and go to second ladder, climb up and do backflip onto ledge, turn right, run jump and catch the edge of the crack, shimmy right and pull Lara into the doorway. Run fast toward closed gate to avoid those smash blocks, pull the lever wall, enter the Oriental room. From both sides is a closed gate (will come back here later), proceed through open gate, light flare, shoot the bear from where you stand, then jump down, pick FLARES and CROSSBOW AMMO, go around and pick up CROSSBOW and climb up ladder, proceed straight to corridor and slide down. Pass the drill traps, enter the big room with pool and dragon head above.

First go into the space between the two big cogs and pull lever, climb out go where you lowered block and find SECRET PLACE, pick up GOLDEN SKULL. Get in a pool, swim ander the head, pull underwater lever, swim into those holes, pick up MEDI-PACK and SHOTGUN AMMO, be careful of moving blades. Pull underwater lever, the right head dragon cage lowers. Swim over there, climb out of the water and pull the lever wall, get in pool again, swim into second hole, only one gate open there, pull the underwater lever. The left cage lowers, again get out ot the water, pull lever wall to open the second gate in same hole you just came from.

Swimming through this open gate into short maze, swim straight, turn right, pick up SHOTGUN, turn back, keep straight, then turn left and pull underwater lever to open gate, turn back swimming to other side and get out of the maze. Run as fast as you can to cross the wooden bridge crash, find yourself in lava room, in front of you are three ropes, use them to pass to other side, pick up MEDIPACK and UZI. Use ropes again to reach left side, pull lever wall to open gate, use rope again to pass to side with open gate.

Take a few staps and enter room with seven levers wall, each lever opens a door but you really do not need to open all of them, in some of them there are monsters that will attack. Here is the way I did it, pull the first lever from right, pick up MEDIPACK and UZI CLIPS, go to left side, pull the second lever, from here you proceed, but wait pull the third lever and pick more MEDIPACK and UZI CLIPS. Now it depends on what you want to do with other levers wall.

Proceed in the corridor to big room with rolling spikes wood, do savegame, in the right moment run and cross to other side of room. Come to Oriental hall with four closed gates, pull lever, wall at entrance hall shows the flyby (angry dragon shows up). Run to open gate from right, push lever, you see closed mesh floor, leave it while run to other side hall into open gate, pick up MEDIPACK, push lever. Run again to other side and pull lever to open the last gate, run over there and push lever, the mesh in the first room is open now. Run faster to first room and fall down through open mesh.

Light flare, proceed in the passageway, do savegame, pass the moving smash block but immediately turn back and pass again the block as spikes wall comes from left. Again pass the block, light flare, run forward but when you turn left into the corridor, do it faster now two spikes wall closing on Lara, climb ladder up and pull lever wall.

The gate opens and you come back to Oriental room, follow to other open gate, push the double red door. At the center room there is red object on pedestal, picking up this object causes the level to END.