Level by Christophe LePage

Walkthrough by Cher

You begin standing next to your jeep, go into an opening to the right, around to the right and over a block to pick up a Gate Key, return outside. The center opening leads to a closed underwater gate so go into the 3rd opening and use your key on the black door, climb up a ladder. A guard shoots, kill him and also the crocodile that attacks.

We are in an area with 2 pools, one with a closed gate. There are also some locked black doors and a couple of areas we can go higher to. Jump across the water to the far side and climb up to the wall there. As you get to a room, 2 guards attack, shoot them, one drops a Gate Key. You are in a room with two levels of vases, climb to the top level and shoot the vases, in one of them is hidden the Revolver, shoot the vases now on the lower level if you wish, although they are only hiding red scorpions, but you can see a clear panel with half an eye piece behind it.

Go back outside and from the ledge, jump to a ledge left between 2 columns, the door as you approach. Inside you see a place where you need a Hand of Sirius or Orion. Go back out and across the water to the black door, use your key. Shoot the vase, a guard enters the room, shoot him and take a Small Medi. As you enter the room the guard came from, another attacks from behind, kill him and take the Flares he drops, continue into the next room and climb the ladder. As you enter, there are 3 blocks near the door, the center block is burning, go around the left of the central structure, shoot some bats, head around the front of the room, there may be one more bat. Iím not sure what triggers it but if you run around some, the fire on the middle block near the doorway goes out, hop up and pick up some Revolver Ammo. Climb up the inside of the central structure, notice an opening with a gate around it, weíll come back here later. Back down near the statue, push a floor lever, return outside and below where you used your key a grate has moved underwater, swim down into the opening, left, and right to climb out by some stairs, turn and shoot the crocodile that snuck in behind you. Pick up another Gate Key and a Small Medi. Return to the water and swim right, straight past the entrance and right again to find some Flares, turn and left and right to return into the door.

Pull the statue out to the center black tile, with the fire burning below, go around to the right side and push it onto the left black tile, to around the back of the statue and jump to the longish block in the left corner and from there to the block with the Hand of Orion. Naturally, this is not the Hand you need in the opposite door in the pool area. Instead, crawl through the space you opened by moving the statue, follow the passage and slide down and come out on a ledge, where you are attacked by 2 guards. Get to full health and jump to the ledge below, jump across into a dark opening and use your gate key, the door behind you opens, jump back across and enter.

Save your game and hop up onto the ledge. This is a nasty little jump to a rope; as you start moving forward, the boulder ahead starts moving down, you must curve right and jump to catch the rope. Then I swung to the high ledge where the boulder started, saved my game, did a standing jump to the slope ahead, slid down and ran with a left curve to catch the 2nd rope. Save while hanging from the rope (F5), swing to catch the 3rd rope and over to the ledge. There are 7 holes in the wall, from the right, #2 has a Large Medi, #3 has a switch to open the double doors. Save your game, run to grab the nearest rope, press F5 to save again and set up the swing to the 2nd rope, then swing into the doors, kill some bats. Light a flare and find the receptacle on the left to use your Hand.

Enter and climb the light colored block on the right, jump to catch a shimmy crack ahead and shimmy all the way right until you can stand. Turn and look below at the empty pool, push the button to start the water flowing and fill the pool and jump in, following the passage to pick up the Hand of Sirius. Swim through the open door and out, watch out for the crocodile, pull up and a ledge and shoot 2 of them, itíll make you feel better. Climb the ladder from the ledge on the West wall to the top, jump back to hang, and shimmy left to enter an opening. Climb into a crawl space and draw your pistols to shoot the 2 scorpions coming at you, crawl through and down the other side. Jump to the rope and swing across to the other side, climb the pole, remember the cage that was around an opening, this is where you are now, climb down the ladder into the burning blocks room and go out to the pool area once again, killing a guard on the way and another one when you reach the outside.

Jump across now and place the Hand of Sirius, you see a door opening in the pool area where you just came from. Go back to the crawl space behind where the statue was to reach it. Enter and the door closes behind you, go to the right and find a button to push, you see the 3rd and final door in the original pool area open, turn left, straight, left again and right, save your game and from the 2nd tile, jump over to pick up half the Eyepiece, the floor will drop out where you jumped over, if you land in the water, you are stuck forever. Monkey swing back across, and up some stairs, left and up some more stairs to push a button. Watch the cutscene to know where to go, notice another push button. The door behind Lara opens, go there and up some stairs, ahead a guard attacks, finish him off and another attacks from behind, shoot him, continue on, grabbing the Revolver Ammo the 1st guard dropped. Climb a block and pick up the other half of the Eyepiece you saw so long ago behind the many vases. Another guard attacks as you jump off the block, dropping a Large Medi when you kill him.

Return through the courtyard, past the wall button and up the other set of stairs, as you look down you see a lava pool below. Jump down left to the ledge. Maneuver the statues out of the way of the crawl space, which is behind the last one. Light a flare and crawl through, go up into the room, shoot a bat and pick up the Flares and push a button. You see a trap door open in the courtyard area, another bat attacks. Crawl back through the crawl space, jump across the lava to ledge and into the opening to the left, climb up the black lattice wall to return to the original 2 pools area and the 3rd open door.

Kill the guard waiting for you, jump into the water and out the other side, climb up into the open door. Push the floor lever and immediately jump over it and run ahead and into an alcove on the left to avoid a boulder. Pick up a Small Medi and go up the passage, climb up and continue follow a passage to slide down, jump off the ledge and jump over the door openings to get both Cartouche Pieces, fires will start in the doorways, you must jump back over them, jump into the pool, left to pick up a Large Medi then left and left again to emerge in the original pool area. Kill that crocodile that follow you or heíll follow you on land too.

Go back into the door with the 2 statues on either side, turn right into the patterned hallway, climb back down the black lattice wall, over to the ledge and use blocks to grab the monkey swing to exit this room. Down the stairs and up the stairs opposite to return to the courtyard, swim into the hole and follow the underwater passage to place your Cartouche Piece.

Watch the fly by, youíll see where to go. Jump into the water, mind the crocodile swim through, returning to the mummy room and the water. Enter the door on the East side and follow the passage to climb a ladder and enter the Upper Rooms.

Upper Room

Follow upwards to a room with double doors, jump down and shoot two vases. In one is some Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Small Medi in the other, the Shotgun. The door opens as you approach and you are attacked by a horde of scorpions, kill them and go through the room and jump over water to a ledge with a floor lever, as you push the lever a guard shoots from behind, take him out. Go through the gate that opened, push another floor lever and go through that gate. Notice in the pool, the black grated floor. Draw your shotgun, as you enter a many switches room a skeleton attacks, if you donít want to be pestered, blow him into the holes at the left end of the room. I honestly cannot tell you what happens when you push these levers, just be careful of 2 boulders dropping down the slopes. I pushed levers until I got into all 3 colored halls, each time an earthquake occurred. Behind the center wall between where the 2 boulders rolled and landed, is a ledge, jump back there and pick up a Small Medi, climb the ladder up.

As you enter this upper room, another skeleton appears, lure him back to the opening you just climbed up from and shoot him off. As you start walking across the ledge, rumbling starts and boulders will start dropping, I sprinted across, the door closes behind, on the right, pick up some Flares and Revolver Ammo. Head up a small brown slope, as you go around to the right, another skeleton appears, further on thereís a ledge you can blow him off of. Now carefully return along the other side of the boulder falling passage, this oneís a little trickier, if you sprint, youíll get crushed. All this earth shaking and boulder dropping has made the grate in the pool by the 2 switches fall in so go for a swim now.

Combine your two Eyepieces and open the door, follow the passage, there are some gas vents and some scorpions.

Enter a new room, 3 guards attack, there are poison darts all over. Kill the guards, jump across to the other side and on a ledge, pick up some Flares and a Large Medi. Note on one end, closed doors and a wall button you cannot reach. Jump into the water, thereís a swim passage to find. Climb out of the water, in the Southwest corner is the way out for later, for now, jump into the other pool of water. Jump onto a block and pick ups some Flares, have a look through the windows, looks like fun huh? Thereís a skeleton wandering around, he doesnít pose much of a threat but I still blew him into a hole with my shotgun.

Now you have a difficult swim, there are clear blocks, jump into the water and firstly, look on the ceiling, if you follow the brown bits, swimming upwards, youíll get to the top and a switch, on your way, notice the black closed gate nearly at the top. Push the lever and watch the cut scene of the door at the bottom opening. Jump across to the ledge, look down and notice another lever, then jump around right to pick up some Revolver Ammo and a Large Medi. Now you must swim back to the start. Drop down where you opened the gate, find the ledge with the ladder and climb up, here is the lever you saw from above. Jump across, push the lever and Lara watches the gate rise in the water passage above. Go back to the water and swim there, this oneís a little more difficult but you are heading down for another corner to find a dry room. Jump up to catch a crawl space and down the other side, this area looks familiar to a previous one, so donít get confused. Hop down and walk through a clear tunnel, over a huge lava area, at the end, turn around and notice a wall button above, you cannot reach it so climb down the ladder. Walk along the translucent tiles, look carefully ahead, some of these fires are burning on similar tiles, when you jump to them, the fire goes out. Make your way across to the building entrance. Jump to grab the ladder on the right, climb up and step over to more clear blocks. Make your way over to the button and push it. Make your way back to the ladder, when you nearly reach the bottom, back flip to the entrance and go into the doors youíve just opened. Grab the Amulet of Horus, watch the cut scene, when you jump on a ledge to pick up some Flares and a Large Medi a guard attacks. Leave the building, water has doused the lava lake so walk across, up the ladder and through the clear passageway to find your way through the swim passages to where you found the skeleton.

Back in the area of large stone structure surrounded by water, jump onto the ledge and push the button, a rope appears, swing into the opened doors. Climb the ladder and carefully enter the new room.

When you enter, fires start burning under some clear tiles. The safe tiles are the ones with fires under them. Head forward and right to get to the first block, pull up into the opening and have a look around, shoot some vases, pick up some Revolver Ammo in one and notice the locked black door. There are 2 openings in front of the door, the first is a trap, you must slide down, face front, the second opening and jump to land on a ledge before the bottom. Light a flare, as you turn the corner, there is a skeleton, I was not able to blow him into the pit so I just knocked him out for a few seconds to be able to jump up and catch a ledge above. You are in a similar area from the one you just left, with more vases, there is a Small Medi, some Revolver Ammo and the Hand of Orion. Taking the Hand causes some rocks to cave in, watch the cut scene. Climb back down, and down again to the skeleton, knock him out again if you like and find another ladder to climb, then jump to grab an opening ahead. You can jump back down to the block you came up from, or the next. Work your way over to the door between the 2 raised fires blocks, go through the crawl space. Climb up and thereís another skeleton, find a lever, watch the cut scene, see where you need to go? Make your way back through the burning blocks room, down the ladder, jump over to the left to exit the area, through Eyepiece door, into the water and back to the 2 lever gate ledge.

Push the lever, and return to the many switches room, behind the column to the ladder again and climb up. Continue on to the double falling boulders path, thereís a brown ledge to go up, follow it to a hole, drop down and place your Hand. You see where you have to go, the gate above the burning fires room you just left. Head through the gate and you find yourself once again in the Temple of Qena.

Follow the passage to a pit, shoot some vases on a ledge to the left, drop back and shimmy right to the ledge and pick up a Large Medi, drop and shimmy right again to the ladder. Before climbing down, go into the craw lspace above and down the other side to push a button, the large underwater door in the original pools area opens. After climbing down the ladder, follow the passage to find yourself back in the courtyard, kill 2 guards and exit down the stairs and up the stairs across, jump onto the 4 moving statue platform, across to the block and to the opening in the wall to climb back up the black lattice wall. Head left and outside, shoot a couple of crocodiles, dive into the water and make your escape with a couple of crocs on your tail. Head for your jeep, the doors open and you exit the level.