Level by StormChaser.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Lara must recover the five pieces of gold armour stolen by an evil warlord. To do this she must enter the forbidden Temple Of The Dragon.

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, jmp =jump, UW = underwater, Have fun!

Sliding into a valley next to a Volcano, you will find a ½ MP on the ridge to the R, then go down to the lava-flow and jmp round the N side and find some Ammo on the rock near the building NW. Jmp around the corner to the ledge S of here in the building and get the ½ MP, jmp around the next corner to the S and reach the S side of the lava-flow and go into the Temple square W.

Temple square.

Coming from the steps there’s a Buddha picture on the block in front, push the button there to get some light into the place. There are some Scorps running around, so shoot those and check out the place, go through the pool to the NW corner and notice the closed door, climb the block to the R and get the Shotgun from behind the stone structure. Coming back to the S side, there are several gates, one W and 4 to the S, we’ll be back here later.

Go out the opening E and straight, past the R side of the high pillar and there’s a Tiger there, I could shoot it from a distance with pistols, as it didn’t go into hiding. Go into that valley where the Tiger was and Lara looks L???. Get the Ammo on the path and go R into that lower valley.

Lower Valley.

To the R is an opening in the wall (later), and go to the palm tree NE and jmp up the SE slope, turn L and go on over the rocks to see a Tiger below. When you drop down there, a Ninja and a Scorp will join the Tiger and you’ll have a nice battle. Pick up the MP in the corner and the Ammo the ninja dropped, go on through this gorge to reach another Ammo pickup and then climb up in the SW corner, go over to the crates at the wall and behind those crates are 2 Ammo pickups.

1st Guardian Key.

Now enter that opening in W wall and go into the 2nd L passage, shoot the Scorp and the Ninja, get the 1st Guardian Key and some Ammo, there’s a briefcase and a laptop, both will remain here as you can’t take them.

The Lasersight.

Go back out and R and R again, into that 1st passage and come to a murky pool where a Croc will be waiting for you, shoot it and swim into that tunnel S, go up on shore and get the Lasersight in the L corner. Swim back (the L tunnel is closed off) and get back to the Lower Valley, go L and climb the rocks to go past the volcano to the Temple square. Go to the SW corner to find the keyhole for the Guardian Key, the gate next to you opens, go into the Key room.

The Key room.

Inside go L and shoot the first vase you see on the higher centre structure, inside it was the 2nd Guardian Key, have a look around and see you have to place 4 Guardian keys and 4 Golden Vraeusses here. So you’ll be back.

As the read-me states you can place the key to open any gate you like now, I first did the SE Keyhole for the L gate.

Place the 1st Key in the SE key-hole to open the L gate on Temple square, you saw in the screenshot.

The Labyrinth.

Go outside and enter the gate, to the L is a wooden gate you saw in the passage where you got the 1st Guardian Key. A bit further is a button that will open the gate to the Labyrinth. The 1st passage L leads to a hop and slide into that pool where you shot the Croc, so no need to get in there, the second passage, to the R leads to a hole for a Guardian Key and a closed gate (later).

Go S and passing through the palm tree garden a Swordsman will appear, shoot him and grab the 3rd Guardian Key he will leave behind. Go W and pass the Tiger cage to the R, go L at the next crossing and push the button in that dark alley, gates open to the W area behind you.

Go in and straight W, shooting a couple of Ninjas sneaking up from behind, shoot the Scorp when you go R in the end and then L into that area with the 2 Lion Statues, in the back, past the little shrine is a low block in the corner, so you can climb the W wall and look for the hole to the R where you’ll find the 1st Golden Vraeus.

Climb down and at the shrine go R and into a room S, behind that black block is a MP. Back to the shrine and to the E, at the 2 Lion Statues to the L and climb the first low block you see, look W and spot the 4th Guardian Key on the pillar E, go get it and drop down the e side of the ledge, go back to the gate E and shoot the 3 Ninjas that will appear, get the Ammo, ½ MP and Flares that were dropped and go back to the palm tree garden E (there are some more areas back there, but they show you areas you can’t reach from here).

Go L and L intro that passage where you can open the gate to the Tiger cage with one of the Guardian Keys, push the button to the R of the next gate and shoot the Tigers. Go in to get Secret #1, the Breastplate from the block to the R. Head back out and to the L so you get back to Temple square, enter the Key room again. Place the SW Guardian Key to open the 2nd from the L gate on Temple square.

The Water labyrinth.

Follow the tunnel, swimming with your eyes closed (at least for the young) and come up to a Croc pool, the will attack immediately, shoot them and go look for MP, Ammo in the grass and the Crossbow along the fence. Then climb up into the opening in E wall and follow to another Croc pool, runjmp to the centre ledge and jmp to all corners to get MP’s and the 5th Guardian Key, then go into the SE passage to a Croc pit. Nothing down there, so just jmp over and go on to a water hole, there are Crocs in there, jmp in and get out, try to shoot them first before you go in and straight, follow the tunnel to where you can swim up to a room with pillars.

You could go jmp around here, but you can also go NE and pull up on the sloped block on E wall, then backflip to get the 2nd Golden Vraeus from the pillar, go back to the water and swim into the first R and follow till you hear the Secret sound while swimming over a hole, in the hole is Secret #2, the Right Greave, head W again and follow to the hole up, go jmp back over the Croc pit, over the Croc pool and dive into the tunnel at the first croc pool to swim back to Temple square.

Go place the next Guardian Key NE and the R hand gate opens. Follow the looong passage to the Caves.

The Caves.

Slide down into a valley and shoot the Tiger, enter the caves and get a MP. Go on and go R at the cave-in, hop over the small mount and shoot another Tiger, head into the small opening S at the next crossing and go over some mounts to the W, shoot the Scorp and jmp/grabbing L over the corner of that pit, notice the CS and jmp over the next pit to shoot the Tiger S and get a MP there, return to the CS between the pits and head in. Get the 3rd Golden Vraeus from the pit in the end and return outside, jmp back W over the pit and follow the caves back to that 1st big crossing way N.

Go R and jmp over the mount at the cave-in. You’ll end up at a lava pit, to the L is a ½ MP and from the highest point of the ledge next to it you can runjmp to the ledge in front of an opening in W wall, jmp/grab the pillar N of it and get the 6th Guardian Key. Jmp to the block to the R (in the centre of the lava pit and runjmp into the N cave, in the end is a pit with Secret #3, the Left Gauntlet. Return to the lava pit shooting the Scorp and jmp to the W ledge again to go into the passage there, open the door in the end and go on. Follow to where you cab climb over the lower rocks and finally safety drop into a dark valley, go N to that palm tree and climb the NW ledges to come back into the Lower Valley, go to the climb over the rocks N side and return to the Temple square.

Go place the last Guardian Key NW. The gate 2nd from R opens on Temple square.

Go in and climb the block L to jmp/grab up into the hole in the ceiling up into the W passage and follow to a slide down into the dark Crypts, to the R at the crossing is a stationary Boulder? And to the L is another crossing with a view to the Tiger cage L, so go R and follow to a high corridor, get up on the block in the room at the end and jmp to the higher wall S, get the ½ MP on that wall and drop into the other side’s passage, go on to a room where Dart traps start. Crawl or just sprint through, climb up in the end to come to a treasure room, there is a ½ MP in one of the boxes and take notice of the one vase there, then go up in the S passage. Drop into a room from the end, there are a bunch of pits here, only the NE corner one holds Ammo, then head W and shoot the vase for the ½ MP, go N into a red room with Darts, go into the hole in the floor to get Secret #4, the Left Greave.

Go out to the corridor S and into the S green passage and go L, stay close to the wall as there are dart traps here, climb up in the end and just before the crossing in the next passage is a hole up in the ceiling, go up and into a pit to get the 4th Golden Vraeus. Drop down into the lower passage again and go into the E passage, from the block there you can climb up even higher and go to the end where you can safety drop into the Key room. From the pillar a runjmp to that central block where the 4 Golden Vraeusses can be placed, 4 gates open W, go in and push the button there to open that door N on Temple square, go to the R to get the Revolver and a MP and in the other side passage is a MP. Wait a bit and hear footsteps coming, 3 Swordsmen storm in, now you have the right equipment, so…

Go to the N side of Temple square, shoot those waiting Swordsmen and go up to the door, R into the passage and grab the MP on the block, go L into the next lower passage and then R again, sprint to the other side of that square and shoot the Native Horseman, before he climbs the horse (if you’re lucky) then finish him off and get the Guardian Key he drops. Look for a brown block in front of the hut and jmp/grab up to the roof of the hut, jmp/grab into the opening in the S wall and follow to the next square, drop and shoot the 2 Swordsmen, get the ½ MP and place the Guardian Key in the other end of the square.

Enter the next place and go to the NE corner, grab the sloped pillar and pull up. Backflip to the one behind and go climb up to the S ledge go around over the ledges or runjmp-grab the rope and swing over, go R and climb up to the NE corner to drop into the next square. Look around the R hand corner to spot the final 5th Secret, the Right Gauntlet on a pillar you can jmp to from here. Drop to the ground and don’t get too close to that fountain, you will mysteriously burn. In the SW corner is a button to open the door, go in and come to where you left the Gondola, only problem is the gate won’t open, so dive into the water and swim W, follow to where you can climb out, Climb from the block to the upper floor in the next room and run through the Darts, get a 1/2 MP to the R and jmp over the pit at the lions to push the button for the gate. Return to the Gondola and swim out, go up L and follow the road back home…..